Conversations in ConScience

Welcome, friends, into this day.
I see we are wearing our Scientist hats today.

John Wheeler: We are the sun’s way of thinking about itself.

Wow, that’s truly cosmic, or kosmic; probably both.
I don’t disagree,
although I do feel slightly used,
and didn’t you leave someone out of our eco-identity loop?
Seems more like we are the sun and Earth’s ways of thinking about ourselves.
Planet Earth became one of the sun’s ways of decomposing it’s less hot self,
and we are Earth’s way of thinking about Her with His nondual regenerative Selves.

Robert Anton Wilson: the universe acts like a chess game
in which the player on the other side remains invisible to us.
By analyzing the moves,
we can form an image of the intellect behind them.

The intellectual image I see forming,
and how about you too maybe?
seems to be fractal-holonic dipolar appositionally structured
to co-arise continuous grace of ecopolitical flow
as ecological full-color-chemistry-fragrant-taste health temporal fold/unfold memes
designing prescriptions for language
as strictures (Julian Jaynes) for bicameral intelligent logos lenses
hoping to continue with more health and less pathology,
like RNA and DNA, for regenerate example.

Steven Weiss: The question ‘Do you believe in astrology?’
is like asking someone if they believe in art.’

Yes, and asking if we believe in the power of love, and health,
and prosperity.
To all the above,
where power of time invested
produces outcomes of happier healthier futures,
faith is not asked where evidence has already become forthcoming.

Rob Brezsny: astrology at its best roots us in the poetic language of the soul,
and isn’t blindly submissive to the values of the rational ego.
It’s here to liberate our imaginations
and encourage us to think less literally
and to visualize life as a mythic quest.

I know nothing about astrology,
but, with a few omissions of “the”
which is nearly invisible in my poetic language of soul,
and some possible additions,
I might also suggest:

Astronomy at its best
roots us in poetic language of ecoconscious soul,
not blindly submissive to LeftBrain’s deductive-reductive values.
The ecology of starlight
and dualdark cosmology
is here to liberate our RightBrain imaginations
and encourage us to think less thinly,
to visualize mythic life as light-quest,
already outlined in planet spacetime spirals
as our revolving
redundant, in function if not form,
recreation story.

Poetic language
is language of Left/Right cooperative discernment,
bilaterally conscient
dialectic souls
organically dancing-waving rings
of and for stardust’s famously bemused plasmatic light.