Give Me Music

“An’, as [music] blowed an’ blowed,
I often looked up at the sky
an’ assed meself the question–
what is the stars,
what is the stars?”
Juno and the Paycock
Sean O’Casey

Our sacred choir
prepares a new anthem
which, in summary, goes:

I have the deep soul blues today,
so Give Me Music.

This troubles me
because Music erupts from within,
more primal than a commodity to be delivered
upon command.

What is wrapped and presented from outside
we may hear only as voices with rhythm
and harmony
and unresolved dissonance–
but all these together
are not yet our enchanting music muse
fully investing
musing through us.

Choral inside voiced music,
resonate through all four voices,
sharing our deep-rooted muse,
blues soul longing to speak and dance
music of the stars,

To come home again
where we have always shared soul belonged
inducing peace.

Sacred choirs
do not usually demand of matriarchal Earth,
Give Me Music!

More likely we invite experience
of more resilient inside dancing muses
healing like anciently redundant starlight.

I feel angst in soulful mourning
that cannot be healed through commanding
Give Me Music
or anything else, for that matter.

But, loss does invite deeper experience of resonance
and small bits of creatively digestible resolving dissonance
to feel better
about absence of remembering

What is our starlight soul
but well-sung dance
enlightening solidarity?

If we are asking Earth
to heal us with the Muse of starlight mystery,
then, indeed,
Give Us Music’s full harvest
blowed an’ blowed.


An Amusing Music Muse

I suspect I’m more interested in how Sondheim writes music
than the Beatles,

Although I have no information
to support this paltry hypothesis

Much less could I justify to patient well-versed you
why I also suspect
this tells me something about who I am

And vocationally about who I am meant to be
as a gospel communicating person,
a transporting soul
sharing sung enchantments.

Does linguistic content
inform mystery’s melodic message?

Or do melody and rhythm
reign before shaping
unfolding ecological
theological lyrics?

Or all of these sacred ingredient voices
speaking with secular integrity

Deep love learning below


Earth’s Invitation

What would a muse or musician become
after singing and playing are gone?

Humor and
heart land
mind broken.

What is a dancer to be
after life’s last dance?

Unincarnate mime
and muse
without amusement,
deprived of sacramental rituals
for zero-balancing naked soul redemption.

What is a designer to become
when unable to conceive?

A blind
greyscale paint by orthodox scripted number
of technicians
required for screwing light.

What is a bicameral eye
unable to hear rhythmic soul,
or feel soullessness
a toxic mess?

What is productive soil to become
without globally consuming natural WaterSpirits
of regenerate mythic Earth?

What is a vastly creative fish
without water?

What does a dancing sojourner foot manifest
without becoming soiled soul destiny?


Prophet Break DownIn

The prophet spoke
until She broke

We are many uniting ecorealities
helping You unbecome
one universal ego-over generalization.

Yet, Universe is ZeroSum LeftBrain total
while united EcoLogians
rebirth Right WinWin
polypathic subclimate healers.

No healthy WinWin Ego
wills to destroy cosmic therapeutic law
of nature/spirit
primal ZeroZone mutual love.

Cosmic re-creative will
feeds on Both/And exercise
enthusiasms of heart yin-wisdom
over mindbody yang
Either me or Loser you dissonating
reflexive opposition,
hardness of mutually despairing hearts,
growing stiff-necked cultures
and subcultures
splinteringly anxious.
chronically stressed,
Win/Lose jaundiced
by bullying
and ego-neglect
thirst and starvation memories

In terminal LoseLose climate peril
Both/And will becomes RightHeart cooperative
with critical moments,
events to heal
LoseLose past climate disasters,

When RightBrain GoddessGais restores green cool muse,
WinWin practicing
Earth’s ecotherapeutic
organic nature/spirit rituals
of co-discernment.

Cosmic revolutionary will
is a Yang omnipotent muscle thing
with yin-energy heartflow
toward cooperative Both/And health options
within everyday competing ego-commitments
toward multi-regenerational
ego/eco restorations.

We are Left egoskins
worshiping Father EcoSky
And Right EarthTribe
eco-bilateral core ZeroSums
discerning HereNow together
what healing course to steer
downstream through revolutionary climate crises
confronting our Future regenerating lives

Loving secular patriarchal problems
with sacred matriarchal WinWin
inside implicit muse/spirit resolutions.

Prophets sang
as Climate danced
and back again…


Family Jazz Farmers

I am reading Wendell Berry stories

And notice
over these past several weeks
he unfolds two bipolar themes.

Berry is,
a cooperative Southern neighborhood farmer
of organic hospitality.
His protagonists grow on multigenerational farms
as Berry grows into writing while farming,
thereby farming readers
co-investing in cooperative

But Berry’s NegativEnergy tension
emerges against nationalistic
anti-productive family
automated military ballistics
reaping death harvests.

All forms of death
are terror
in and outside Berry’s local farm community,
Yet death’s most absurd forms
are international and civil wars,
tariff warts and tumors
against short-handed family farmers.

As any farmer
worth her compost
Everyone losing opportunity for organic life
risks isolating
de-commodifying death.

I hear an NPR commentator
this evening
remind us
Everyone loses empowering trade
in declaring wars.

Whether firing retributive ballistics
or tariffs
or both,
bleeding death and threat thereof
are the opposite of cooperatively farming
and feeding health

Wars are LoseLose Games
unto violent absurdity
while cooperative farming,
planting and harvesting,
culling and replanting,
seed sharing and mutual cooperative composting,
is WinWin traditional healthy economics
and family politics,
secular democratic trust
and sacred faith
in PositivEnergy ZeroZone communities.

I hear another NPR commentator say,
of an iconic Jazz Master,
whose primary instrument
exploring high and low extremities
of piano-fortes:
He performed cooperative jazz
THE Right Way.

This seems to smirch the Master’s reputation.
Music performed THE Right Orthodox Way
is not jazz,
without capital-hoarding over-investments.

Jazz is not ballistically force-fed at people
Music sharing is about cooperative RightBrain planting
and harvesting invitations into resonant life.
Jazz performance
at its organic ensemble creolizing best
is about several right and left farming ways
inviting us to muse with
our right sharing amusing ways.

THE Right Ways
are about competitive performance wars–
who gets the biggest and baddest button
and not at all about jazz forms
of cooperative improvisational farming,

Recomposing stories
about healthy forest
and ocean
and breath
and light major 7th
and dualdark minor diminished
octave sharing.

I was dreaming Wendell Berry poetry
again resonant,




Conversations in ConScience

Welcome, friends, into this day.
I see we are wearing our Scientist hats today.

John Wheeler: We are the sun’s way of thinking about itself.

Wow, that’s truly cosmic, or kosmic; probably both.
I don’t disagree,
although I do feel slightly used,
and didn’t you leave someone out of our eco-identity loop?
Seems more like we are the sun and Earth’s ways of thinking about ourselves.
Planet Earth became one of the sun’s ways of decomposing it’s less hot self,
and we are Earth’s way of thinking about Her with His nondual regenerative Selves.

Robert Anton Wilson: the universe acts like a chess game
in which the player on the other side remains invisible to us.
By analyzing the moves,
we can form an image of the intellect behind them.

The intellectual image I see forming,
and how about you too maybe?
seems to be fractal-holonic dipolar appositionally structured
to co-arise continuous grace of ecopolitical flow
as ecological full-color-chemistry-fragrant-taste health temporal fold/unfold memes
designing prescriptions for language
as strictures (Julian Jaynes) for bicameral intelligent logos lenses
hoping to continue with more health and less pathology,
like RNA and DNA, for regenerate example.

Steven Weiss: The question ‘Do you believe in astrology?’
is like asking someone if they believe in art.’

Yes, and asking if we believe in the power of love, and health,
and prosperity.
To all the above,
where power of time invested
produces outcomes of happier healthier futures,
faith is not asked where evidence has already become forthcoming.

Rob Brezsny: astrology at its best roots us in the poetic language of the soul,
and isn’t blindly submissive to the values of the rational ego.
It’s here to liberate our imaginations
and encourage us to think less literally
and to visualize life as a mythic quest.

I know nothing about astrology,
but, with a few omissions of “the”
which is nearly invisible in my poetic language of soul,
and some possible additions,
I might also suggest:

Astronomy at its best
roots us in poetic language of ecoconscious soul,
not blindly submissive to LeftBrain’s deductive-reductive values.
The ecology of starlight
and dualdark cosmology
is here to liberate our RightBrain imaginations
and encourage us to think less thinly,
to visualize mythic life as light-quest,
already outlined in planet spacetime spirals
as our revolving
redundant, in function if not form,
recreation story.

Poetic language
is language of Left/Right cooperative discernment,
bilaterally conscient
dialectic souls
organically dancing-waving rings
of and for stardust’s famously bemused plasmatic light.





Singing Soul Strong

Billie Holiday said
The artist of soul never sings a song the same way twice,
the artist never sings the same song twice.

This sounds good and right to me,
as soul artists and lovers,
great optimally effective researchers and scientists and articulators,
never live a day,
a relationship,
a poem,
a dance,
a sacred ritual or Orthodox Tradition
the same way twice.

As we learn to stay within our zones of mutual integrity,
we can never go home again
because we live through this fluid imagination place
where life’s articulating time
flows a bubbling nuanced stream
never sung as mere mechanical repeat,
each moment learning now’s new voice
from soul’s most resonant
strong-hearted space.

Soul ever sings songs of streaming true-heart voice.