Timeless Mystics

The true mystic respects the value of time
and never puts anything off till tomorrow.
Rumi, M. Mafi translation

Truth Sages respect value
by always living fully in the present;
“tomorrow” incarnates a projection of time’s memory.
He who knows the Eternal Law is tolerant;
Being tolerant, he is impartial;
Laotse, Lin Yutang translation

Eco-logicians tolerate non-primal dissonance
and confusion and dismay and pathology;
while primally confluent, centered, content,
in this eternally present (0)-centric Moment.
Eco-redeemers remain prime relationship balanced
with multisystemic ecotherapeutic practice
climaxing and sustaining
Polyparadigmatic = Polycultural
Beloved Ecological Economic Communities,

Within this Ecologian’s soul
holonically shared without
throughout each EarthTribe event

Life is what happens:
while you are planning other things, (J. Lennon?)
while taking those endless photo opps,
while racing future and clutching memories,
while following our Orthodox map
without internally harmonious eisegetical freedom
of thought, feeling, expression, discovery, learning.

Now-absorbing life hunts Ecotherapists with overwhelming ubiquity,
while permaculture designers hunt synergetic peace
with abundantly ambivalent compassion;

The passionate strength of loving full Climax Community life,
while listening to mindful double-binding flexibilities
within potential Paradise
mutually bowing from past events
toward each moment’s not-not future promise.

Timely death,
and fear thereof,
coincidentally and mutually resolve
this paradox of fearing fear,
knotting not,
redeems next generation’s spacetime opportunity
to regenerate our cooperative Tribe,
while listening for Elder permacultural wisdom.

If your future were mine, could my future not be yours?
If you were mine, then could I be yours?
If you were me, then would I be you?
If I am yours, then could you be mine?
If I were you, then would you be me?
If we are each other then
maybe you can see
there is no sense in “coincidence”
unless we speak truth to
our prime relationship together.

If I am part of you, and you are part of me,
If you are my reflection, and I am your reflection,
then maybe we can each rehabilitate
growing free essentially

and even binomially and globally coincidental forever.

Ecologians respect value
by always living in the Tipping Point of Presence;
“tomorrow” incarnating our full-flow function
of time’s beloved memory.

Note to STEM readers:

In ecological paradigms, love (aka “synergy”, B. Fuller) “therapy” is dipolar related (negatively correlated with) toward/away-from fear and dissonance, toxins, pathology.


In economic-transactional paradigms, optimally live-trending Win-Win systems and cooperative logistics are dipolar related (as positive to negative, as Yang to Yin) to decay, evil, loss, monocultural trending systems, monochromatic, monopolistic, competitive Win-Lose Game Theory logistics and strategies.

In both cases it can be helpful to recall that one double-negative is equivalently balanced with one positive, in any P=NP (0) sum metric and thermodynamically balanced 4-dimensional prime system.


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