Shrouded Clouds

Shrouds mystically cover
sad shadowed environmental things
as clouds hover
over ego/ecological glad relationships,
Earth empowering,

Heaven enlightening
like outside’s natural winds
of evolving tradition
and inside’s spiritual breath
of revolving

In/ExFormational BiCameral Systems
of prickly thought things
and gooey
binomially felt co-relationships.


Searching For MysticPowers

My inside mystic still searches
for my strongest and best
omnipotently higher all-embracing Power
of unchanging monotheistic Truth
and Beauty.

My outside voices
still long for deeper Power
through widely multicultural EnLightenment
of changing
flowing spanentheism
in-between Earth’s ecological Nature face
and my own ego-identity’s theological SpiritPlace

Of greatest
and smallest,
and deepest,
and narrowest Win/Win
ComPassion Way
Healthy Truth
Democratic Trust
inside choices.

Without my anthrocentric highest
most supreme sense
of omni-autonomous power loss
I might become able to accept
beautitudes of poor spirits
inheriting healthy green
regenerating passionate Earth.

To accept deeper powers
and wider lights
more readily than impatiently tolerating
higher powers
silently waiting
witnessing unspeakable
unface-able effacing suffering
of innocent children,
their mothers,
of indigenous EarthTribes,

Sacred acceptance,
curious courage
invite a communion found in weakness,
remorse for competitive discommunions
when cooperative GreenBlue Boat Home
communions feel more highly
climate non-violent

Accessible compassion communication
through our vulnerability,
our cooperative trusting transparency,
our insufficiency,
our weak integrity,
opens compassion with sacred EarthMother
experiences of past power
reflections for future enlightenment,

Logos with Mythos
religious impulses
of Awe-taking breath away
in Wondrous Green Communion,
inhaling slow-grown
emerging cosmic consciousness

Recalling Maslow’s highest integrity
of ego-peaceful belonging
within EarthSystemic synergy
in pleasure’s safest resilient Paradise
awesomely healthy,
wondrously safe
from inhumane win/lose
to eventually lose/lose
ego’s EarthTribe prime relationship

Soil healthy resonance
empowers my natural worldview
Soul wealthy resilience
enlightens my spiritual view
and hearing,
sense of fragrance
and taste,
and touch of sacred
mystical EarthTribe love.

My highest and best PassionStory matters
and vocally splatters
richly resonant powers
and dancing lights
of a gospel choir
in sacred liturgical events
evoking religious cultic theater
in natural events
invoking deep and wide spiritual experiences,
rapturously regenerative
and evilly degenerative

Subject to physical corruption
like all natural world bodies
not unchanging objects
of metaphysically impassioned spirits

Stepping into Other’s worldview
power Universe
of Unitarian inside light experience

ing chi horse empowered
deep and wide social justice
doing spiritual peace
green communion
song and dance events

Embracing acceptance
of kindness,
win/win kinship intent
even if too often win/lose
competitively practiced.

What do I do
when I disagree with someone’s values,
when I am discomforted
by what another person believes in
and out,
up and down,
inhaling and exhaling,
before and after,
causes and effects,
spirits and natures?

Together encompassing MotherEarth’s
vast ecofeminist resources
of enlightening co-empowerment.

When I was GLBTQ young,
I thought poor in spirit
inheriting the Earth
my best beatitude
mystical longing gratitude
gospel promise.

I didn’t understand it,
and probably still do not,
but I highly
and deeply
and widely
felt power and multicoloring light
in this vast right
longing for more multiculturally valued Spirits
to inherit full-spectral
octave multiculturing colors
communication powers
in and out of nurturing light circles

Breath spiraling
in/ex-spiring spirited
peace revolutionary
GreenBlue Boat
rapturous EarthTribe power
inheritors of deep
and wide-hearted gratitude

When my inside mystic
gave up autonomously searching
for my personal straight-linear
strongest and best
omnipotently higher all-embracing Power
of unchanging monotheistic Truth,
sometimes punishing
divesting away from,
EarthGrace Beauty.


Daddy Dreams

Strange dreams last night
include gathering enthusiastic consumers
to shepherd and possibly own
cheaply decaying properties,
ghettoes of hopelessness,

And, later,
an all male bacchanal
of real estate agents,
toned agencies for commercial acquisition,
surrounded by witnessing properties
of no sensory interest
to any realtime guy,
straight or gay
or in-between.

Gathered to teach their purchasers’ desire
and demise
while getting naked
in a boorishly unsexy way,
while dispassionately watching
in time’s eternal mirror.

and our witnessing
and witnessed properties
nakedly longing for resilient sensuality
and settling for this brief
spasmodic climax
of Time’s young adult male supremacy
over realtime commodified markets

Iconic of mass mediated
male mattered

and, at best,
marginally sensual

Inviting touch without true feeling,
sight without warm hearing,
natural taste without spiritual fragrance,
being without belonging,
mass without energy
yang without yin
space without sufficient time
to dream,

Breathe in
as out
invites Earth’s new dawn

PostViral 2020

If I were to shamelessly indulge what should remain hidden in 0/0 mystery, and boldly attempt to interpret this dream, which, of course, I would never publicly admit, I would timidly guess these dreams could be about defining patriarchalism as a world view in which sensuality could not remain connected  and valued as an ecologically and theologically relevant form of intelligence, perhaps even ecofeminist wisdom of profound ego/eco-therapeutic merit.
strange dreams last…


Family Health Assessment

I have watched my youngest son
while nurses give him baths
using diverse models of health optimization
ranging from PositivEnergy Promotion,
restorative ego-eco
I-Thou therapies,
to lower not too much NegativEnergy concerns
for hygienic technology professional management,
anger and fear commercialized insurance
consumer protection assurance,
in which their client,
my youngest son,
tends to disappear
from competitively BusinessAsUsual
reductively disengaged
solipsistic view.

I could say the same of parents
and older siblings
reading a story elite professionally,
but not nonelite co-passionately,

And of teachers
not actively listening to our own best and curiously paradoxical lessons
on living within more cooperative aspirations
for health abundant
fertile wealth.


I have an eldest son
addicted to his outside search
for inside self-esteem.

He would be a Loyal Taoist Soldier
if he had not grown up and out
among secularized angry yin-suppressors
of Beauty’s rich creolizing values.

He would African-American be
a somewhat hyperactive
yet WiseElder Mystic
if he had been raised by Taoist Sisters
rather than a yin-fearful,
supremacist patriarchal
Yang-dominant LeftBrain
-eccentric lack of Yang-Yin
Left-Right bilaterally balancing
deep sacred learning
cooperatively-owned culture.

I have an eldest son
who strongly prefers
to not go an entire day,
much less a week,
and a month would be eternity in empty hell,
without his Muse-THC.
stoned into rhythmic musicality.

Just as he was not to go through his best day,
and week,
and month of early school development
without feeling stoned
by his invisibility
as a person who mattered,
has noble and righteous and sacred potential,
gifts of mystic yin-rooted cooperative value
for singing and dancing
drumming and beating
expressing Gaia’s Wondrous EarthSoul

Creolizing rhythms
Beat with syncopated
Mystic Warrior Values.

I have three sons,
one demented daughter,
born midst YangLeft Industrializing overshoot,
Tipping Pointed
to expose premillennial prejudice
of Yang as value rich
and Yin as matriotic under-valued,
hearing later millennial Revolutions
against Yang overconsumption
of Sacred Mystical Earth
and concomitant bloated human over-population

As measured by my nonelite sons
and one demented sacred daughter
who know this threatening pathological climate
already depresses their basic special humane yin-value
as icons of MotherEarth’s beautiful
sense of polyculturing humor.

Someday my eldest son
may read pre-millennial prophets
forecasting ZeroZen WinWin Fusing Dipolar Economists
re-centering his true and beautiful
Yin-Mystic sacred value
African-American creolized
in Western restoring therapeutic
Yang/Yin Resilient Justice.

He may yet read
of postmillennial healers
restoring PositivEnergy Democracy
double-binding notnot NegativEnergy
mystical dualdark values

He will see himself
as an ego-ecosystemic cooperative producer
of healthier nature-spirit food,
absorbing WiseElder creolizers
embracing bilaterally balancing disciplines
harmonic sacred education
provoking deep rich secular bicameral Yang-Yin
Ego-WiseElder Eco deep-listening

I have an eldest son
who will remember
what he must have always pre-THC known,
YangCultures are nutritionally healthy
only as they are also not YinClimate pathological,
demonizing WiseElder Mystics and Matriarchs,
haters of Yang-Yin polypaths
polyphonic rhythms and patterns,
bigots against WinWin music and full-octaved color
of our best and healthiest
resiliently multicultural selves.

I have three sons
and one demented daughter
watching Yang too-extractive fuel-empowered
destabilizing GoldenEra possibilities
for Yang/Yin fractal synergy
internal-external integrity
of ego-eco systemic bilaterality
for regenerative creolizing society,
restoring Left-RightBrained resiliently
climate and landscape brilliantly
mindbody Yang wealth of Yin Mysticality

CoArising NonDual Health,
ZeroZen bicamerally certified
for polyculturing abundant secular-sacred wealth
of Egos in
co-operating resilient Ecos out,
breathing together in,
then out,
refolding creolizing in again.


Broken Family Pilgrimage

Broken hearts
neural systems
heal in a profoundly broken,
sometimes revolutionary,

Almost 18 now,
youngest son Yin speaks no domesticated,
marketable language,
only primal syntax of saintly glory,
heroic internal/external story
without distinction between “life” and “love;”
he can only know life/love as co-arising NOW,
inviting his perfect insight,
eco-self thru interdependent-other consciousness
flowing through DNA-engorged neural norms
of autonomic karmic grace
and Presence-Centered beauty,
ZeroCentric YinYin polydextrous
mind-body flow
primally rooted in
“love-as-happy” snaptic
dipolar correlated with
“loss-as-absence” aptic
polycultural faith
in Time’s unfolding harmonic abundance.

Teacher of Mystic
full-bodied mind-dreams
in sea of child naivete
of Win-Lose evolutionary revisionism
of his Earth Host’s
rainbow revolutionary evolutionary re-membering
of what only human language has exegetically severed.

Sainted SunSon
with primal gifts
to smile with intelligence of good-reiterative humor
to dance with feet and hands
with skin and ears and bones,
to sing bicameral balance in neural-cranial vibrating septum,
dia-hemispheric vision
voice of all Earth’s bicameral livings
and minds
and hearts
and legs
and arms
especially stereophonic ears,
echoing eco-resonant deep sound,
co-gravitational nondual voice.

Mystic Son
resounding fractal-octaved crystal memories
of primal forested seasons
with reasons for Heaven Dawning
Golden Rules Upon Earth’s
Bilateral In-Formation,
I is You is Me.

ego/eco double-binding
buddha body consciousness
rich in healthy wealth nutrition.

Perfect son.
Perfect co-mentor.
Perfect neighbor and family member,
sometimes rather verbal family contract renegotiator,
bus always right and true,
noble and good and just,
good-humored contentiousness
about our collective cognitive dissonance,
thinking we are healthy and he is not,
as usual,
half-ass backward.

Perfect co-messiah
of regeneratively full life.

Perfect icon
of low anxiety
grows low neural synaptic activity
emerges (0)-centric ego/eco Angel-not-so-manic Syndrome,
silent siloed saints
of cooperative ecoconscious conscience
regenerativity as beauty with good humor.

Excellent zen-guru,
tao transducer,
in our dipolar incubator,
regenerative nest
floating in our polycultural timeless sea
where seasonal syntax
speaks bicameral reality.

Yin-sun knows “family”
only as ballast
toward regenerative kinship
“we cooperatively
eco-culturally are
and ionically share”;
without shadow of
ballistic weaponed
“you’re not family”
eisegetical creed
deductive reductive dominating
exegetical greed
to cooperatively feed each other
nutrients of healthiest wealth
regenerative open-optimizing
reverse hierarchializing
in-formating full-health function.

Yin-son’s family
means you are loved
with dignity and co-respect,
co-investors in Earth’s tribal gifts,
and cellular intelligence,
octave-harmonic frequency
Midway balancing
between hopeless tumor
and faithful humor.

Our Yin-Sun
who teaches me everything
I need and want to know
to love and care for him
is to learn love and care for self.

Broken hearts
neural systems
heal in a profoundly broken,
sometimes revolutionary,
world turned rightside down
deeply transitional and climatic,
even clinically chronically decommodifying
degentrifying, decompositional
yet still-inceptual
wavey wu-wei way.


Therapeutic Justice

When passion plants a permacultural seed,

then justice flourishes a polycultural flower.


These two words, permaculture and polyculture, grow holistic significance for our physical, and mental, cultural and spiritual health.


Permacultural, as I intend it this morning, refers to Yang’s power for cooperative sustainability of natural systems; power that is universally comprehensive consciousness. Permacultural wisdom is rooted in ancient Golden Rules and Ratios as balanced proportion and right relationship between ego and eco, between self and partners, family, tribe, environment.


Polycultural gardens and landscapes,

whether natural-exterior or human natured-interior,

are positive outcomes anticipated,


beloved by Permaculturalists.


The opposite  of  polycultural paradise

we might describe as:

  1. monocultural (not multiculturally therapeutic)
  2. monopolistic and dominating (not mutually cooperative governance, economics, or ecologic)
  3. monochromatic (not polymorphically natured, gened, generated, evolved, not full octave frequencies of color and harmony).


Permacultural development is to Yang’s force and power.

as Polycultural outcomes are to Yin’s therapeutic flex and flow.



And so it is that in this our permacultural parable, we reach back to through all Four Seasons in our UU ReGenesis Community’s polycultural co-passion story.

One winter of discontent, about 1000 years from now, and more, and less, the Universalist Prophets of Justice turned rather coldly upon the Unitarian Mystics of Warm Compassion.

“What happened to Truth, Justice, and the American Independent Way of Freedom; low risk, high yield economic and political life? Why do you overheat all your passion and love and ecological empathy, then serve it wholesale to every suffering, angry, self-medicating, felon and victim of violence and poverty, every socialist and sexual deviant, and those relentless feminist tyrants of chaos and public self-flagellation?”

“You Unitarian Mystics are way over the top, placing too-soft mercy where we need a more tough-love prophetic universal truth voice for justice. As much as you don’t like to hear this, may we most prophetically remind you that justice, like investment, trickles down from entitled power authorities and wealthy depositors from whom more is expected.”

So, as was their practice, these suffering ReGenesis Community Yin-Mystics of too-great compassion went off to hibernate this harsh dark justice, to decompose this permacultural puzzle of the thrival of the economic fittest, and yet also fattest. How could it be that competing weapons of bloated wealth are more powerful than our compassionate Gaia Goddess of ecological “why can’t we all just play cooperatively”  wisdom?  How could an omnipotent benign Unitarian Hostess give birth to litters of runtish parasites without giving them at least a flat playing field for winning more positive outcomes than the dinosaurs?

Having posed their question, the yin-mystics sang their langorous liturgical prayer:

[sung slowly and quietly first verse, building toward passion, second verse]

Twinkle twinkle litte star

how we wonder when you are.

Did you used to be more bright?

Is there still time to touch your light?

Twinkle twinkle too small star,

how we wonder when you are.


Twinkle twinkle shining star

how we wonder who we are.

Are you us when we are light

Are we you when we shine bright?

Twinkle twinkle shining star

How we wonder who we are.


Following gratitude for winter’s metamorphic suffering and chronically stressed tough-love teachers,

Grandmother Moon responded with polycultural wisdom of waxing and waning hope for spring’s new life:


“When winter’s suffering composts in each person,

compassion grows more inclusive and diverse,

richer, more fertile root systems,

arguing with rather than arguing against,

struggling with rather than struggling against.


Composted in the family,

co-passion will optimize wealth of nutritional values for all senses, feelings, awareness;

Composted in the neighborhood and your local cooperative economy,

and political platforms, policies, plans,

co-passion will positively slow-growth multiply;

Organically composted throughout the nations,

cooperative ownership and lifestyles could optimize economic and sociotherapeutic regenerativity,

recreating cooperative Win-Win cultural assumptions

from that old-school pre-millennial Win-Lose competitive economics,

permaculturaling our wealth of nations;

Composting Earth’s natural systemic information,

co-passionate comprehensive consciousness grows Universal Justice.”



According to the individual’s compassion, the individual practices integrative justice;

According to the family’s compassion, the family practices inclusive justice;

According to the Beloved Community’s investment in downstream cooperative compassion,

the community practices ecological justice with and for communities

both upstream and downstream.

How do I know Earth Rights and Wealth of Justice evolve this way?

Earth’s natural flow and function is my compost,

as Her regenerative flow and function is your Elder.”


During the subsequent long warm summer days

of maturing gardens and wisdom,

the ReGenesis Community’s Universalist Justice Prophets of the Unraveling Future

and Unitarian Compassion Mystics of Reweaving Cultural Herstory,

stewed this steamy stone soup compost.


Each prophet and mystic, Yanger and Yinner, Universalist and Unitarian,

shares his and her struggles with injustice and need,

we sing our segregating sexual, racial, ecological, economic, political, historical and cultural hurt and disappointment,

we dirge our painful risks of exposure,

and anger about harm and violence to and with all Earth’s nature.

including every “my nature matters” message and slogan and sign of impending flying apart, rather than investing in flying together.

We decompose our chronic sub-optimizing economies of impoverishment,

our wants and hopes with literally evaporating faith in anthrocentric future prospects.

We grapple for life fully lived in the future,

at least as well as now.


These are gratefully shared

within our families and cooperative residences,

within our diverse ReGenesis committees and projects,

commissions and vocations,

within our PTA education-as-if-life-mattered consumer co-ops,

and our public policy production and vocation industries,

our homeless shelters, prisons, rehab centers, and asylums.


Our Autumn Perennial Harvest Report begins, “True justice is no more anthro-centric than ego-centric. No more ego-centric than Left-brain dominant.


“Perhaps our permacutural justice opera is sung in a difficult and challenging key, but it cannot be a song if there is no full-octave key accessible within each, and equitably shared by all.”


“Compassion seeds suffer and burst, struggle and strain, first within our dark winters,

toward ego-Left and eco-Right balanced root systems,

seeking peace-filling integrity of justice for ourselves,

and then others,

our interdependent co-passionate mentors and messiahs,

and then Earth Herself, with all nature’s species and Tribes,

within all revolving time,

advocate for all generations of life.


Universal Justice expands up and out Yang from Unitarian compassion roots,

Yang from Yin,

mutually consuming and productive cycles of becoming fit to thrive together.


Universal Justice flowers from Unitarian bicultural yang/yin balance,

as Left to Right hemispheric balance,

as West to Eastern cultural wisdom,

as space from time’s unfolding,

rhythm from rhyme’s iconic order,

rational logic from eco-logically informed systemic function,

deductive reason discerned from inductive,


reconnecting wisdom.


Left from Right

as regathering nature from regifting Elder spirits,

as belonging grows from longing to reconnect,

as July’s bloom emerges from January’s gloom.



“Communication of justice,

to be communication at all,

must be a cooperative enterprise;

not a competitively punishing exercise in dominatrix.


Information about rights and wrongs,

to be informing,

to be formational at all,

to have integrity,

to become integrative,


must be a transaction between cooperative subjects with a shared nutritional growth objective.


Life, to be fully lived,

and not decadent, diseased, dissonantly restrained, victimizing and violent,

to avoid rushing madly toward flat-line economic segregating death

while still breathing bad air

and beating bad blood;

This polycultural kinda “beloved” justice emerges from cooperative co-passionate vocations

with and for and of all Earth’s Tribes, species, trees and forests and oceans.

Polycultural justice equivalently loves all Earth’s mutually grateful, resonant, seasons and generations,

including summer’s heated gratitude for the suffering sadness of winter,

Polycultural justice invites all Earth’s Past and Future Redeemer Regenerations to Universally Permacultural Life.”


And, so, with this Great Transitional season upon us,

all Beloved ReGenesis Unitarian Universalists said:





May we breathe out more fully Unitarian co-passionate light.

May we go forth full-breathing in Universal Light of Justice.

May we add our UUs together, to resolve this hot mess of compassionate Win-Win justice  for our ecosystemic bodies and soils, souls and minds.

May we suffer and forgive with gratitude each of Earth’s generous and lovely mutual mentors and messiahs,

transgenerationally revolving back to the beginning of Time’ Universal Integrity and Beloved polycultural consciousness.


Note: Remarks and Benediction prepared for USH, Hartford, CT, July 12, 2015.


DiaLiturgical Dance of Time

We dance with the dreams of grandfather Sun,
we dream with the dreams of our grandmothers.

Spiritual practice shapes liturgical rites and steps of day,
Creative natural intent shapes linguistic flow and function of night,
invested with Elders emerging
from DNA’s RNA EarthTribal Codex Memory fields,
and atmospheric sea of swimming time.

Dreaming death without sting,
seeing creative system structures and forms
within and without
evolving and revolving.
Grasping recreating function,
reconnecting yet longing to hear recreating frequencies,
fearing dissonant force,
competitive Win-Lose shallow economic ecologies,
hoping and faithing and loving ReGenesis each new day of opportunity
and risk,
coincidentally karmic cause-effectiveness,
mentoring cooperative co-regeneration,
from when we each emerged,
back to densely nutritious diastatic Beloved Community
organic seeds of time’s eternal bi-directional unfolding
of appositively relational informating space.

ReGenesis does not speak before acting;
Genes only speak without knowing time.
Fill up Solar System’s silent apertures,
Close Grandmother Moon’s open systemic doors,
Dull Her smooth-structured double-boundaries
and limned edges,
Untie Her double-knotted tangles of power,
Soften Her polyculturally bleaching light,
Decompose, submerg Her dissonantly contentious periods of turmoil,
–This is compassionate Mystic Unitarian Seasonal Universal Intelligence.

Then love and hatred cannot change ReGenesis dancers and dreamers.
Profit and loss cannot overwhelm Ecological Cooperative Economics.
Honor and disgrace cannot change ReGenetic Time’s pace.
Therefore ReGenesis Age and Time is the eternally sustained
powerfully self-optimizing regenerator of both worlds,
Positively Polynomial Physical Universe,
and Not-Not Poynomial Metaphysically Ecological Universe.

Paraphrasing Rumi,
Casting off disdain for death and cognitive dissonance
we see that purgation is not the end
but only camouflage
for a ReGenesis dense organic decomposing womb,
eternal diurnal time of Future mutually grateful
to at long last belovedly embrace our past potential integrity of grace
as race’s well-worn synergetic enculturation,
spiraling back through revolutions of Yang/Yin balancing diurnal
liturgical time and spatial dance.


Timeless Mystics

The true mystic respects the value of time
and never puts anything off till tomorrow.
Rumi, M. Mafi translation

Truth Sages respect value
by always living fully in the present;
“tomorrow” incarnates a projection of time’s memory.
He who knows the Eternal Law is tolerant;
Being tolerant, he is impartial;
Laotse, Lin Yutang translation

Eco-logicians tolerate non-primal dissonance
and confusion and dismay and pathology;
while primally confluent, centered, content,
in this eternally present (0)-centric Moment.
Eco-redeemers remain prime relationship balanced
with multisystemic ecotherapeutic practice
climaxing and sustaining
Polyparadigmatic = Polycultural
Beloved Ecological Economic Communities,

Within this Ecologian’s soul
holonically shared without
throughout each EarthTribe event

Life is what happens:
while you are planning other things, (J. Lennon?)
while taking those endless photo opps,
while racing future and clutching memories,
while following our Orthodox map
without internally harmonious eisegetical freedom
of thought, feeling, expression, discovery, learning.

Now-absorbing life hunts Ecotherapists with overwhelming ubiquity,
while permaculture designers hunt synergetic peace
with abundantly ambivalent compassion;

The passionate strength of loving full Climax Community life,
while listening to mindful double-binding flexibilities
within potential Paradise
mutually bowing from past events
toward each moment’s not-not future promise.

Timely death,
and fear thereof,
coincidentally and mutually resolve
this paradox of fearing fear,
knotting not,
redeems next generation’s spacetime opportunity
to regenerate our cooperative Tribe,
while listening for Elder permacultural wisdom.

If your future were mine, could my future not be yours?
If you were mine, then could I be yours?
If you were me, then would I be you?
If I am yours, then could you be mine?
If I were you, then would you be me?
If we are each other then
maybe you can see
there is no sense in “coincidence”
unless we speak truth to
our prime relationship together.

If I am part of you, and you are part of me,
If you are my reflection, and I am your reflection,
then maybe we can each rehabilitate
growing free essentially

and even binomially and globally coincidental forever.

Ecologians respect value
by always living in the Tipping Point of Presence;
“tomorrow” incarnating our full-flow function
of time’s beloved memory.

Note to STEM readers:

In ecological paradigms, love (aka “synergy”, B. Fuller) “therapy” is dipolar related (negatively correlated with) toward/away-from fear and dissonance, toxins, pathology.


In economic-transactional paradigms, optimally live-trending Win-Win systems and cooperative logistics are dipolar related (as positive to negative, as Yang to Yin) to decay, evil, loss, monocultural trending systems, monochromatic, monopolistic, competitive Win-Lose Game Theory logistics and strategies.

In both cases it can be helpful to recall that one double-negative is equivalently balanced with one positive, in any P=NP (0) sum metric and thermodynamically balanced 4-dimensional prime system.