Romeo and Juliet: The ReMix

Three voices required,
and two students:
Yang as Fr. Time
YinYin as Sr. Gaia

In a college classroom with Win-Win Game Theory written on whiteboard.

Today we are going to role play
a Win-Win enculturation game.

We will define enculturation as
‘the combination of political and economic reiterative relationships and transactions
within a communicating network
of choice-making.’

The absence of political-economic co-arising redundancy
generates systemic dissonance,
suboptimized positive outcomes, at best,
in which positive information is lost,
putting this enculturation game at risk of turning from Win-Win,
to Win-Lose.

This would result in a suboptimized and, to that extent,
polypathological outcome,
useful for recognizing opportunities to do better,
to do good and fair and justice,
to do Being, fully cooperatively eco-balanced consciousness.
We’ll see.

Fr. Time: [In an appropriately low gravelish slow-sucking voice]
I need to play Yang.

Sr. Gaia: [In a lovely round full-chested soprano]
I want to play yang as Yin.

Good, good. OK.

So. let’s imagine that Yang,
played by Fr. Time,
is Romeo Logos,
and Yin,
played by Sr. Gaia,
is Juliet Mythos.

But, this is a Win-Win Game,
so Juliet, of the Mythos family,
chooses to stay planted on lovely Earth
because she loves the Cinderella story,
so maybe she’ll just sleep on her decision about what to do with her life,
and see what happens later in the Prince Charming
as Romeo Logos
Department of her mythic romantic life.

With Juliet asleep,
Romeo Logos storms through life’s stage all blood and thunder.
Wakes Mythos,
and they are filled with co-passionate ecstasy for themselves,
each other,
and all of Earth,
and all of Earth’s Tribes,
and all of the above live happily ever after.

[pause] Why is that not a more satisfying,
story for every time our language and culture
our political and economic outcomes
trend toward a despairing climatic precipice?

Fr. Time: [speaking as gravelish Yang—2 packs a day, at least]
I feel so used up. My health, vibrancy, robust vitality fades.

Sr. Gaia: (as Yin)
All your over-heated competitive passions for violence and revolution have left me sore! So good riddance, we are finding our Midway, balancing our deductive language Logos family and our inductive autonomic Mythos Memory

of +Romeo-synapse = double-negative Juliet’s optic fractal message to disremember 50% despair = “lose”

as +UracilRomeo = CytosineJuliet, double-bound reverse-temporal Uracil (concave bilaterally equivalent fold).

Fr. Time:
Sometimes your Gaia Story is too negentropically dissonant with the Logos family’s Golden Rule.

Sr. Gaia:
Yes, but only when Yin as Yang and Yin as Yin are not in appositional alignment, and Yin always plays as a metaphysical future or past tense mythic noun, icon. Yin is never real-time, but half past time and half future time, working her karmic grace to keep these two together.

Fr. Time:
Left alone, you cannot yet speak?

Yes, my Romeo, I need both our co-gravitational “Yes to Life” enculturations,
your politically powerful Logos of permacultural history,
and our economically abundant flowing Mythos
of polycultural real-time double-bound Continuous Quality Improvement resolving outcomes.

Our Midway.
Co-Tipping Point of perpetually balancing harmonics.

Fr. Time:
You always were the more strategic Win-Win cooperative player.

Sr. Gaia:
Oh, Father, I bet you say that to all the girls, and boys,
but you and I both know and love
our co-arising eco-consciousness
of balanced Win-Win culture.

OK. Very good. So first, Fr. Time and Sr. Gaia,
how do you think that game was going?
Any concerns or insights about Win-Lose suboptimization?

Sr. Gaia:
It feels like Yang is too Left-brain dominant,
too competition-default.

I realize it’s Yang’s role to carry the dense, hot, close inhalation side of gravity’s bi-elliptical wave toward the future,
on which this Universe surfs in timeless eternity,
and I value those political and economic qualities and quantities,
forms and functions,
all those verbal dynamic kins of cultural incarnations
that must continue to emerge
for Win-Win outcomes.

Yet, I am terrified of becoming too thin,
too cool and shy,
too absent,
too chaotically dispersed,
disappearingly absent,
dead inside,
because I do so love this time as Earth.

I hope we can grow more accustomed
to unearthing together,
Logos with Mythos,
science with religion,
permacultural politics and procedures with polycultural outcomes
in bicamerally balanced sight.

Fr. Time:
Wouldn’t know what to add to our full-octave throated soprano’s resonant RNA-fractal ring of life’s four temporal seasons,
folding and unfolding her permacultural development Wisdom,
and culture,
and language of yangish verbs
as yinyin mythic nouns.

I followed you right up to the last part.
What is this Yang-verb with Yin-shadowy noun relationship?

Fr. Time:
Like ‘Earth’ is a yin noun
in PolyCultural language,
while ‘unearth’ is a yang verb.
If ‘UnEarth’ were used as a negative-polynomial noun,
then I guess that would be most everything we know nothing about
except perhaps through our imagined thinning,
dispersing future wave of not-yet gravitational absorption
into this great revolving wheel
of co-arising co-gravitational
Win-Win Being.

Well, thank you Fr. Tim and Sr. Gaia, Namaste.

So far, well done.

Let the Win-Win Game continue,
Time’s receding bilateral wave
greeted by Mythic 3-dimensional future-as-now space,
spinning on our mythic enculturating story of time as space,
gravitation co-arising function
as a 4-fractal RNA-seeded place
with 3-dimensional spatial forms
within each 1-dimensional mythic bicameral NOW
notch in Time’s evolutionary emergent flow.


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