Time’s EcoRising Issue and Opportunity

I am a teacher?
That’s what you hope?

If a teacher
engages students learning what and why and how
the teacher intends, and practices,
e-color mentors,
co-walks the walk,
I suppose I am not a green teacher,
so much as grayscale multisystemic decomposer of psalms,
or I have too seldom been an effective teacher.

On the other hand,
I have known few teachers,
or other full-octave spiral lovers,
of my time.

I do believe ecological regenerative mentors
evolve Best Practice listening.
even better are co-mentoring agreements,
cooperatively derived covenants,
InteriorYang with ExteriorYinYin,
WinWin Health-Dialectic Syntax,
to plant and care for our organic gardens
as cultural languages,
polyculturally conversing together,
with Earth-regenerative intent.

might apply this full-wheel permacultural development process
to your field
your mindbody
of incarcerated over-commodified and –domesticated adult nutritional values
and negative disvalues
with collective mental health issues and concomitant opportunities
to balance our regeneratively spinning octaves
of nutritional enculturation.

maybe next year
this Polycultural DNA/RNA Inclusive Party might all agree
to teach others
how to cooperatively transplant and care for
our organic prisoner garden of economic neglect
and toxic political overpopulation of self-empowering fat deposits
reproducing Left-brain dominant sub-optimization,
lacking WinWin full color-circle light
and swimming in economic ecological health care challenges.

maybe next year
you would teach me
how to apply this rich organic-fractal compost
to my full four-seasoned work
within an increasingly autistic anthro-centric world
of peers and parents
chronically killing and bullying
polycultural DNA/RNA nondual co-arising eco-intelligence,
form and information as Yang Convex Positive,
midway balancing Yin-squared = Eulerian Prime (0) dipolar co-arising cross-fold-function
square root of light’s bionic dialectic transparent
revolution of light
as Tao-time’s light/dualdark emergent CoPresence.


Richard Dawkins’ Dilemma

Excuse me, Mr. Dawkins,
or maybe two,
if you please:

You say “we are survival mechanisms.”
which of course who could live to dispute?
from looks of me and you
and human natures more generally,
and bicamerally,
we are also health-thrival-relational
cooperative organisms
before we could ever get to all that
struggling with survivolution.

You call us, “Robot machines,
blindly programmed to preserve
the selfish molecules known as genes.”
To which I heartily add my

Amen, we are bionic bio-eco-systems,
bicamerally DNA/RNA programmed
to regenerate SelfAsOther
Folding and Unfolding temporal messages
through Time’s enculturing memory:
light’s 3D spatial structure
reverses dualdark co-gravitation
equivalently iconic and regenerative ionic
throughout bionic ecological
and binomial analogical/geological
(0)-soul temporal-neural bilateral dimension.

Photosynthetic incarnation
like polymorphic symbiotic transfiguration,
sacred self as othering,
while swimming in co-relational emergent health through loving synergy.

Not so blindly programmed
when bicamerally ecoconscious
of self-as-other health regenesis,
Permacultural Design for Interior as Exterior,
v. pathologically chaotic dissonance;
absence of cooperative co-arising relationship
with Earth’s EcoSyntaxed Universe.


Baby Talk

We learn our right from wrongs,
and maybe right from lefts,
as we go along.

Issues come up within developmental windows,
like stealing
emerges from touching your older brother’s stuff
and beginning to more wisely discern
what’s mine from what’s yours,
because when we are born,
we are born into everything is divinely
and diastatically nutritious us.

this too emerges even earlier,
this issue of distinguishing Ego from bio-progenetive AnthroMother.
When we are still in utero
we could not be Ego consciousness
decompositionally dissonant
from EcoEnvironnmental Diastatic(=,=)
CoGravitating Consciousness.

Each DNA/RNA ecosystem born into dialectical-temporal lobe risk
of death without ever having lived threshold
into waiting cerebral cortex,
vacuous EgoLandscape of diastasis-entity,
dipolar bicameral,
balancing health over/against pathology of You=Me
could not equivalently
healthfully flow and function
into and out of

This is a difficult Win for Ego
to surrender,
this loss of mindbody ecosystemic nest,
someday somewhere,
Time forgetting Ego’s diastatic EcoPresent
confluent former time
of pre-birth’s absent bio-eco stress,

except for sounds of screaming climate change
and great biometric transitions of chaotic sound and pattern,
except for lack of Mother Manna’s ecologically rich nutrients,
DNA prescribed for regenerative health,

to which we more positively return
to compost rich transparent ecosystemic soul of rich soil
mixed with clean abundant rivers of water,
nutritionally flowing movement’s of Time’s caress
over double-bound co-gravitating skin,
within as without time’s restraints
elating empathic eco-function,
Prime Relational Fractal-Dialogos Octave NaturalSystemic Frequencies
of Harmony and Folding and Unfolding
Flowing and Functioning Formed Balance.

Many of these moral issues begin enculturating
across days of syntaxed light as health
and nights of dual-dark transparent AngryStomach within
and FearFilledDark without
dipolarity pathology Lose-Lose,
before we ever realize
that these Anthros are saying language
associated with life’s rhythms
of positive and negative as warm v. cold,
light v. dark,
forgetting that in our RNA root iconic tradition,
it’s all good in properly explicated,
natural-system neutral MidWay
Loving Positve-Synergetic Psychological Order
of Total BiCameral Fractal-Ecology of Seasonal Reason.

But, the issue of bicameral gender,
appositional disorders,
dipolar imbalances,
deviances from polymorphic polynomial
WinWin cerebral cortex non-differentiated harmony,
emerge well after
we have developed the capacity
to imagine what we hope will happen
over against what EcoRight MindBody
co-arises as nutritionally luscious sexual identity,
in full-fractal frame,
Prime Relationally WinWin
as +,+ OVER (-,-),
ReGenerative OVER DeGenerating DeComposition,
with all the right-timed full-octave polycultural diversity
ecologically and analogically implied,
temporal-neural aptic as empathic,
ecosystemic bicameral gender-language function
Time requires for Earth’s global Rights of ReGenerativity.

When our Ego speaks positively
about what our Eco does not truly want,
or perhaps wants less or more of,
then Ego tends to loudly proclaim,
or more quietly and dissonantly repress,
influenced by cultural exegetical negativism
where EcoRight conscious eisegetical empathic intuition,
more dialectically polyfluent co-gravitation,
stretching ecoconsciousness of internal landscape’s
bicameral cognitive dissonance into semi-consciousness,
sometimes felt defensively as hypocrisy
for not becoming
whom Ego more nobly and nutritionally
already is right now.

No wonder, then
it has been said
to remember being baby
if Ego would find Paradise,
before talk could be distinguished from positive yet not-not walk,
and love’s embryonic Commons incubating peace
still belonged to all of us
AnthroTribal WinWin DNA-scripted Evolutionary Co-Messianic Players
of eco-normic cooperative Prime Political Universal Relationship
back to Original Intent Big Bang dense healthy co-gravitational syntax
as forward into (0)Mega MythicLogos PolyNomial Balance,
nutritiously CoPresent WinWin
healthy baby co-operative bicameral talk.


Let’s Talk Honey

Hey, muppet, how you doin?

It’s hard.
All this fear that I’m not doing my best
and that everybody else feels
hell-bent on doing their worst
to thwart my needs as wants right now.

Let’s build a new-old story together,
my lovely honey-bee.
A story of honeyed health and bees
who worship in nutritionally bountiful hives
homes and families midst a cornucopia of tribes
co-arising purpose in love with ecohoneyed becoming.

Might this story begin with an angry
and fear-filled bee,
feeling alien from her egocentric
and too-crowded
competing and calculating
and sometimes rabidly critical climate
beehive of a not-so-peaceful home-body?

Yes, very good.
I believe this story starts
as Time unfolds humming syntax
sounding and smelling of healthy honey development,
yet also,
another not-so-sweet angry swarming dissonant noise
upon climatic disruption-fear of losing honeyed treasure
when God reaches in to threaten death
and decay to all our busy bees.

Angry Bee hums climatic prophecies
like the boy who called “Wolf!”
but all day and night fearful Angry
chronically stresses her addictive need
for reassurance that death emerges
no more and yet no less dynamic
than embryonic birthing memories of promise
and healthy progress developing rich co-honeyed time.

Angry Bee needs a more cooperative nappy
dreaming elational honey-strings
spinning neutral-acidic bifolding fractal syntax
revolutions of EcoPresent honeyed fairies co-arising Time.

Angry Bee’s family and cousins
and Earth
and all Her many Tribes,
slumber cooperative economies
of divinely bicameral-bilateral honey-incubators
growing double-fractal octave-resonant co-buzzing systems,
landscape structures of dynamic eco-paradigms,
co-arising Earth’s consciousness of light/dark Time,
preparing once again
to find tomorrow’s honey together,
less angrifying fear
of both living and dying alone.

In her dream
Angry Bee learns to see
Safe Hands reach back and into Ego buzzing body’s
Anger and Fear Memory,
breathing a copresence pause,
palms up and out rather than struggling
down and in Others’ personal spaces and habitats,
while Kind Honey-Bearing Hands
reach out and forward
rubbing Others’ shoulders
with healthy life as honey-coredemptive love.

Is that how our story ends, muppet?

Well, maybe,
at least on Sesame Street it does.

Can you show me Safe Hands?
Good job.
Now, can we show each other some Kind Hands?

A little higher, please.
Could you do my neck too?
How about my feet,
could you spread some honey on my feet?

All in ripe honeyed BiLateral Time.
Patience is a virtue.

So is more cooperative honey.


Romeo and Juliet: The ReMix

Three voices required,
and two students:
Yang as Fr. Time
YinYin as Sr. Gaia

In a college classroom with Win-Win Game Theory written on whiteboard.

Today we are going to role play
a Win-Win enculturation game.

We will define enculturation as
‘the combination of political and economic reiterative relationships and transactions
within a communicating network
of choice-making.’

The absence of political-economic co-arising redundancy
generates systemic dissonance,
suboptimized positive outcomes, at best,
in which positive information is lost,
putting this enculturation game at risk of turning from Win-Win,
to Win-Lose.

This would result in a suboptimized and, to that extent,
polypathological outcome,
useful for recognizing opportunities to do better,
to do good and fair and justice,
to do Being, fully cooperatively eco-balanced consciousness.
We’ll see.

Fr. Time: [In an appropriately low gravelish slow-sucking voice]
I need to play Yang.

Sr. Gaia: [In a lovely round full-chested soprano]
I want to play yang as Yin.

Good, good. OK.

So. let’s imagine that Yang,
played by Fr. Time,
is Romeo Logos,
and Yin,
played by Sr. Gaia,
is Juliet Mythos.

But, this is a Win-Win Game,
so Juliet, of the Mythos family,
chooses to stay planted on lovely Earth
because she loves the Cinderella story,
so maybe she’ll just sleep on her decision about what to do with her life,
and see what happens later in the Prince Charming
as Romeo Logos
Department of her mythic romantic life.

With Juliet asleep,
Romeo Logos storms through life’s stage all blood and thunder.
Wakes Mythos,
and they are filled with co-passionate ecstasy for themselves,
each other,
and all of Earth,
and all of Earth’s Tribes,
and all of the above live happily ever after.

[pause] Why is that not a more satisfying,
story for every time our language and culture
our political and economic outcomes
trend toward a despairing climatic precipice?

Fr. Time: [speaking as gravelish Yang—2 packs a day, at least]
I feel so used up. My health, vibrancy, robust vitality fades.

Sr. Gaia: (as Yin)
All your over-heated competitive passions for violence and revolution have left me sore! So good riddance, we are finding our Midway, balancing our deductive language Logos family and our inductive autonomic Mythos Memory

of +Romeo-synapse = double-negative Juliet’s optic fractal message to disremember 50% despair = “lose”

as +UracilRomeo = CytosineJuliet, double-bound reverse-temporal Uracil (concave bilaterally equivalent fold).

Fr. Time:
Sometimes your Gaia Story is too negentropically dissonant with the Logos family’s Golden Rule.

Sr. Gaia:
Yes, but only when Yin as Yang and Yin as Yin are not in appositional alignment, and Yin always plays as a metaphysical future or past tense mythic noun, icon. Yin is never real-time, but half past time and half future time, working her karmic grace to keep these two together.

Fr. Time:
Left alone, you cannot yet speak?

Yes, my Romeo, I need both our co-gravitational “Yes to Life” enculturations,
your politically powerful Logos of permacultural history,
and our economically abundant flowing Mythos
of polycultural real-time double-bound Continuous Quality Improvement resolving outcomes.

Our Midway.
Co-Tipping Point of perpetually balancing harmonics.

Fr. Time:
You always were the more strategic Win-Win cooperative player.

Sr. Gaia:
Oh, Father, I bet you say that to all the girls, and boys,
but you and I both know and love
our co-arising eco-consciousness
of balanced Win-Win culture.

OK. Very good. So first, Fr. Time and Sr. Gaia,
how do you think that game was going?
Any concerns or insights about Win-Lose suboptimization?

Sr. Gaia:
It feels like Yang is too Left-brain dominant,
too competition-default.

I realize it’s Yang’s role to carry the dense, hot, close inhalation side of gravity’s bi-elliptical wave toward the future,
on which this Universe surfs in timeless eternity,
and I value those political and economic qualities and quantities,
forms and functions,
all those verbal dynamic kins of cultural incarnations
that must continue to emerge
for Win-Win outcomes.

Yet, I am terrified of becoming too thin,
too cool and shy,
too absent,
too chaotically dispersed,
disappearingly absent,
dead inside,
because I do so love this time as Earth.

I hope we can grow more accustomed
to unearthing together,
Logos with Mythos,
science with religion,
permacultural politics and procedures with polycultural outcomes
in bicamerally balanced sight.

Fr. Time:
Wouldn’t know what to add to our full-octave throated soprano’s resonant RNA-fractal ring of life’s four temporal seasons,
folding and unfolding her permacultural development Wisdom,
and culture,
and language of yangish verbs
as yinyin mythic nouns.

I followed you right up to the last part.
What is this Yang-verb with Yin-shadowy noun relationship?

Fr. Time:
Like ‘Earth’ is a yin noun
in PolyCultural language,
while ‘unearth’ is a yang verb.
If ‘UnEarth’ were used as a negative-polynomial noun,
then I guess that would be most everything we know nothing about
except perhaps through our imagined thinning,
dispersing future wave of not-yet gravitational absorption
into this great revolving wheel
of co-arising co-gravitational
Win-Win Being.

Well, thank you Fr. Tim and Sr. Gaia, Namaste.

So far, well done.

Let the Win-Win Game continue,
Time’s receding bilateral wave
greeted by Mythic 3-dimensional future-as-now space,
spinning on our mythic enculturating story of time as space,
gravitation co-arising function
as a 4-fractal RNA-seeded place
with 3-dimensional spatial forms
within each 1-dimensional mythic bicameral NOW
notch in Time’s evolutionary emergent flow.


This is to That

History’s regeneration is genetic culture’s re-creation.

Psychology’s positively rehabilitative health,
is political science’s and economic’s cooperatively repurposing wealth.

Philosophy’s metaphysics is systemically exegetical
polycultural outcome teleology,
as religion’s spiritual methodology
is super-ecologic
binomially nondual co-arising
autonomic RNA-syntaxed
intuitive temporal-spaciated intelligence.

Permaculture Design’s polycultural climaxing biosystem
is Community Economic Development’s Beloved Trade Guilds
and Historical-Cultural Communities
of regeneratively self-optimizing health and wealth.

Regenerative optimization is permacultural recreational vocation
as ego purgation fuels eco-normative sublimation.

Light is dark at night
as white is absence of black by day.

You are part of me right now
if I was part of you
when This became That
which you understand.

This revolution of gravity’s co-prehension
is that recycle of co-arising nonduality.

This is also That
as Yang’s empowerment explicates Yin’s bilateral flow of time
we regeneratively recreate.


Life’s ReCaying Loom

Hope for richly resonant peaceful warmth
wraps perfectly and mutually redeeming moments
correlatively weaving absorbent straining ropes
woofing full wefted tapestry
subtly suggestive tipping points
predicting dissonantly ruddered resolutions,
transitioning events,
prophesying regenerate Tree of Life RootSystems,
with eco-nomially balanced appositional branches
reaching up toward radiant light’s fuel,
stretching out for full-round octave sounds and sense
of redolent minds and chimes,
healthy harmonizing nutrients of karma-graceful
functioning flows of rich textured design,
faith threading resonant eco-echoing primal relationship,
bicameral balancing co-passioning minds
resounding dipolar pumping hearts
pulsing health-life energy
full places then empty spaces then repolarizing time,
summer then winter than fall harvest rhyme,
productive then contractive then regenerating enthymeme,
YangConvex then YinConcave then (0) soul balancing,
thick-loved then deconstructively despaired then ego-eco appositive,
hope to restore Earth’s tapestry of full-wealth days and nights,
seasons and recycling years,
repurposing lives and rehabilitating species,
memories of futures now passing merged together,
exegetically alive through endless eisegetical love
to hope for co-arising nondual peace fulfilling Earth’s justice landscape,
smiles redeeming mirrored fears with reassurance,
paradise ecstatically reprising purgation’s static loss,
creation reweaving Lose-Lose decadent ego-antilogical risk
absent holes within nature’s bilaterally unwoven syntax,
collective autism of competing Yang opposing Yin’s cooperative ecologic,
prickly vines mutually immune to our gooey interiors,
while permacultured Golden Rule
defines economic optimizing healthy order
and metric weaving logic,
our con-science long aware,
just now culturally revisiting,
transition time to slow grow balance Yang
regenerating double-binding Yin
reforming Yang/Yin’s long bicultural string of information
re-eco-prehending (0)-souled Yang Vertexial Tree of Life and YinDecay
sprouting and singing threading rings
YinYin’s permacultural Win-Win life,
regenetic genesis,
predemptively precessive emergent evolution,
not-not polynomially encultured
root-systemic zero-sum Universal AutoNomial Vortex
of co-gravitating dual-transparent Time’s Tapestry.

Co-arising peace sustains prime polynomial forming relationship
as unitarian relativity functions nondually cohering,
not-not dual boundaried, binomial bicameral time.