Surfing Sanity with R.D. Laing

“True sanity entails in one way or another the dissolution of the normal ego..; the emergence of the ‘inner’ archetypal mediators of divine power [struggling with others; not against], and through this death a rebirth, and the eventual re-establishment of a new kind of ego[eco]-functioning, the ego now being the [co-messianic] servant of the [co-redemptive] divine, no longer its [relentless] betrayer.” R. D. Laing, pp. 144-5, “The Politics of Experience”

Could we be co-messianic children of SunGod
struggling with Earth Time’s
resonant co-gravitational spiraling flow,
balancing Real-Time P=N(NP)
universally communitarian open systemic
optimal CQI regenerative RNA balance-trend
(+U = (-,-)C-squared)
holonic rhythmic dipolar
co-arising function,
reverse temporal in our right-brainbodies
co-gravitationally causal, implicate order (Bohm),
dialectically polypathic bicameral mutual decomposition
of ZeroInterest = ZenCentric
Home/Earth ReGenesis
Fractal (0)-soul
Prime FlowPower Relationship = +Yang/(-,-)Yin-squared
4-dimensional spacetime Commons-squared,
Eulerian Prime Relational
P/NP linear bilateral function
in short, Yang/Yin dialectical dipolar ecoconsciousness?

This ecosystemic string of dialectical nondual co-arising philosophy
spins our story line of WinWin Gaming cosmological regenerative history-making
scientific and holonic languaged mythic revolutions,

ReGenesis as cosmological TransParent
ionic co-gravitational wavilinear Universal energy
balancing future time’s non-polynomial exforming flow
with optimization balancing polynomial past,
exformation’s encultured RNA-syntaxed history
of polycultural life and regenerate systems,
co-arising in this left-brain dominant world,
syncing messages of “regenerating healthy life”
and “degenerating toxic death,”
dialectical ecotherapeutically logical
heuristic health outcomes
in Time’s fractal folding+Uracil,
predicting unfolding (-,-)Cytosine,
prefolding Adenine’s Yang springing forth precessive inhale,
refolding Guanine’s regenerative closure
right-brainbody’s mythic reverse-temporal,
cause precedes effect,
pre-language translating images and constructs
of decompositional analysis,
+/-,-Zero double binary Zeroism
echoing reiterating Gaia as troubled Earth,
eco-natural systemic,
consort of SunGod as Heaven
ProGenitor of PhotoSynthesis,
fluffing the feathers
of Earth’s green cooperative industrial plants.


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