Fire’s Fertile Advent

We are fire.
We fire.
We consume and produce warm memories,
and colder dissonance.
Where were we before first flicker of flame?
What were we before our time?

After our last flame expires
is our dialectical distinction
now extinction?
Or this same where of form
and what of function
now revisiting a discontinuous ribbon of warm identity?

Although flames leap to change,
consume and exhale into recessive waves,
are we this same fire
from first consuming flaming entity
through last expiring rest?

Other than our spacetime frame
of universal wavey-rational
places as spaces,
how are we not the same fire
I watched expire last night
as moonlight folded ecoconsciousness inside out?

How do we,
as fires and tornadoes,
tsunamis and hurricanes,
earthquakes and landslides,
parasitic over-populations and monotonously prolific weed patches
measure life’s self-identifying,
double-binding, neither past nor future,

Are fires and aggressive viruses
all the same
in some ways,
yet different,
in other times and places,
spaces and species,
with other political-economic ways and means,
toward emergent cooperative trends,
or more despairing ends,
monocultured Trees of Life and Death commingling
Reverse-Tree Inductive
GoodHealthWin-Investment v. EvilDoubleBoundaryPathology-Risk?

Is this how our flame of life
is sacredly our same
yet secularly
more sedately domesticatedly academy-certified
more uniquely identified and labeled?
And sometimes even hatched without regenerative seeds,
a collectively-spreading history-ectomy
denying Time’s future generation.

Flames co-arise toward healthy balance
of eco-progenitive cooperative continuation trends,
and yet co-gravitate up and down to up and out evolve again
another day,
another season,
another breath,
another spaciating Advent toward
ReGenerate MultiSystem PolyCultural
Prime Relationship
of Yang political emergence
as YinYin co-arising/co-gravitating
Zero-Soul Bicameral Permaculture
as ReGenerative Teleology of Interior/Exterior EcoSystems.

All firing incarnate lives
are for and from each Other
just as all flowing functions
ebb toward embryonic recession
to flow-emerge BiLateral ReGeneration
worshiped by each holy-holonic cell
as RNA-Icon, ionic, bionic
temporal-syntax memory of life as synaptic/aptic Time.

Wavey flames with fuel
form co-arising ecosystemic
Prime Relationship
ZenCentered dipolar co-gravitating interest
between Yang full-power form
and YinYin fertile flowing function
of double-binding eco-therapeutic
RNA iconic
AnthroCentric ironic
InFormation/ExFormation N(NP),
Cytosine BiCameral-DoubleBinary,
Win-Win Correlational Balance.

We are revolution’s soaring fire
of FusingFlame PreGenitors.


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