Rigging a Zero-Interest Zen Game

If you rigged this evolutionary Game of Life
as if it were Win-Win Polyculturally Universal Love-Love
[so LoveSelf = Love Other is
Interior-Secular Ego = Exterior EcoEarth-Sacred
Identity = NotSelf SpaceTime-Other/EgoSelf]
then wouldn’t you tend to think of life
as a (0)-soul-Zen Basic Attendance polypathic
timeless ego-as-ecoholonEarth Way
to invite all participants
to arrive at our Climax of EcoConsciousness Advent
together, co-arising,
rather like uncovering that last turned-upsidedown card
in a game of solitaire
with a fully proximate-first-act self-optimizing Win-Win ReSolution,
when you suddenly comprehend
“We have won!”
because each card won one of the correct placement positions
allowing us to line up all our suits and paradigms,
as if with full intent and will
of each co-informing card
regenerating revolving order from what appeared to be random chaos.

No card can win alone
in right relationship with a full deck
each will declare Beloved Global Cooperative Community!!!
(at last…at last…our time turns!)
but only as all racing species resolve and resonate,
co-emerge our Advent
ReVolutioning EcoSolidarity
as one Earth Tribe of CoOperative Solidarity.


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