ReGenerative Stretching

If love is healthy
perhaps health is a form of love,
like synergy and elational god-events,
witnessing ecoconsciousness
of bilateral co-arising time
as love
as healthy function.
All, or at least most, circuits and systems functioning.

So hatred would be pathology,
dysfunctional circuits and systems.

But, what about apathy?
Apathy and hatred,
a pathology spectrum?
as passive peace and active love
emerge a healthy polyculturing system
of eco-nesting systems.

God, then, as love
emerges divine healthy outcomes,
Time’s Source of peace in darker denser rest,
more diastatic activity co-arising love,
therapeutic relationships and transactions
of eco- and biosystems,
finding peace for quieter nights,
establishing patterns of ergodic love
for daytime romance,
creation stories
unfolding one day
one season
one fractal-bilateral fold of Sacred Memory
as Medicine Becoming.

Going back, then, to love as health
and apathy through hatred as pathology.
Could health inspire a divine comedy eco-logic of cooperation
as pathology is a double-negative economy
of Lose to Lose competition?
absent brakes of thermodiastatic relief.

Earth emerges chronic need
of human nature’s transformation
from anthrocentric competition with other bio-systems
to health-centric cooperation
of Yin’s peaceful endosymbiotic circuit flow functions
emerging Yang’s polyculturally harmonic
ectosymbiotic open-systemic
fractal-polysyntax forms,
together co-arising time’s balancing cooperative,
political systems
as economic nutrition-flowcircuits ecobreathing enhealthing culture.

ReGenesis Design is health-benefit rooted
in polycultural systemic development outcomes,
structural systemic integrity,
synergetic perpetuity,
eco-facilitating, co-arising internal
communication nutrition circuits
of healthy wu wei flow,
Bodhisattva lifestyle as polypathically skilled carpentry
and gardening as co-messianic investment by day,
deep ecological peace by dualdark root-systemic night.


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