Winningest Political Economies

TranSpeciated GeNomial Code
emerges icons of regenerative poli-eco-normic syntax,
Earth nature’s kinder nurture
surrounded less primally by dualdark dissonance,
absence of Tao balanced polynomial Time
as 4-equidimensional Space Networks
potentiating WinWin on-as-off-line gaming grace.

Oh, your face,
what could this mean,
Bionic RealTime ecologizing Space?
Prime Relational Zero holonic sacred trans-actions,
diastatic bliss flowing through dualdark
nihilistic lack of opportunity
for life to know harmonic balance,
much less count
for purpose,
or teleology
or anything as pretentious
as god’s further healthy unfolding power
of polycultural cooperative might.

Why do (0)-sums
speak in Win-Lose empirically reductive economic language,
while (0)-souls
actively dance with WinWin multicultural dipolar nondual MidWay intention?

Why would brilliant economists like us
lose our cash to win more stuff
than Earth could birth through death regenerate
with full-optimizing integrity?

How do politically powerful relationships
survive winning campaigners
losing capacity to listen
to legislate losing AngerManagement EnCulturation
about LoseLose EarthBound Ultimatums,
globally exhausting disgenerative demise?

When will political power
achieving Earth’s eco-ravaging demise
through runaway competition for self-interest
show up as economic anathema,
where campaign budgets grow like hemorrhoids
while health investments shrink
from freezing-cold absence of cooperative interest?

Why will healthy political power
toward further wealth-defensive terror
become a permaculturally bicameral oxymoron?

ReGenerative SacredCode of Time
emerges icons of cooperatively healthy poli-eco-normic rhetoric,
Earth nature’s kinder balance
beauty’s bountiful (0)-soul EarthTribe nurture,
wealth of peer-to-peer network cooperative simplicity,
WinWin Gaming linear-spiral integral-unitarian Network
universal ubiquity of ecoconscious ego-ownership,
bilateral YangEgo/YinEco reiteratively self-balancing love
of Ego/EcoElder Earth-RNA Logic
EquiValent Left/Right Dominant
PolyPathic Paradigmatic
through ThermoDynamic CoArising Nature/Spirit NonDual Balance.

Regenerative times dark then light
unfolding Earth’s kinder co-revolving balance.


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