Primary Operas

All conversations,
like harmonic music,
practice rhetoric’s resonant enculturation
with mutual enculturation hope,
sometimes even love.

All evolutionary integrational spirals
practice nurturing encultured healthy trends
with spirited hope, intent, faith;
and within great evolution’s transitional climatic revolutions,
often even love.

All nutritional recycling events,
divinely humane co- as eco-repurposers,
nurture open-loop polyculturing regenerations,
emerging healthy local through global hope,
positive political intent,
economic cooperative faith;
and, PostMillennially,
balanced nurturing permacultural love
of organic nested root system landscape development networks,
both on- and off-line,
with arts and craftsy ZeroEgo Optimization Zones.

All discernment practic’s languaged enculturation,
with enculturing hope, active love,
faith in Gandhian wealth of nondually co-arising healthy JudeoChristian ZenTao outcomes.

All prime information strings within networks practice syntax flow
as rhetorically YangPositive AND YinYin double-negative
temporally and neurally aptic,
mutually inductive dipolar bicameral function,
with hope for less noise as dissonance
and pathological absence of primal Left-Right communication.

All love practices communication
enculturing healthy faith in wealth of active regeneration,
EgoLeft as EcoEarth’s Right
to live Tao balance proportions of RNA/DNA symmetry,
Tipping MidWay Points of poli-ecological solidarity,
gleaming sunlight’s reflection through Earth’s transparent skin
toward (0)-soul Alpha through Omega Primal Points
ecoconscious bicameral lights
displaying Ego’s big stage for song and dance
rhetorical campaign events,
each interdependent aria
comprising EarthTribe’s Opera.


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