Love Powers

Jung observed
Where animus PowerOver dominates,
empirically reigns,
there lies anima’s yin-LoveShadow.
Positive to negative,
and double-binding negative to positive.

dominating mutual power flowing with and through
each healthy relationship of EgoSelf with Other.

For some, this PowerWith agape feels sacred,
yet also cooperatively natural, organic
like what we have always most appreciated
as nourishing hands and face,
light and feet and voice,
taste and sound and feel,
heart and embryonically regenerating humane mindbody.

PowerWith others,
with Earth,
with nurture co-arising Time regenerating Presence,
but not with PowerOver empirical dominance,
competing Win to not Lose monopolistic life and death emotions,
mistaken beliefs about this animus AND anima
eco-shadows co-arising
Basic Attendance Revolutions,
great and small transitions of ecoconsciousness.

Some speak of climatic and aggressive PowerOver
in contrast to reverence,
substituting Jung’s LoveShadow
with a sacred shadowing
poly-teleological polycultural
multicultural WinWin equivalent
nature/spirit nondual evolving balance.

Yet, Yin emerges a binomial yinyin notnot
shadowing WinWin conscience
synergetic intuitions informed by DNA sacred scripture
love-with-health regenerating mutual compliance,
contenting resolutions,
cooperative relationships with mutually co-incarnate
economic balance of nutritional values,
expecting loving hand and face outcomes
for all Earth’s Tribes,
grateful for evolving mindbodies
surfing through octave-wave co-arising functions
of ecoconsciousness.

For me,
power and love together are reverence
most fully accessible to each and all
maintaining cooperative nutritionally-motivated Basic Attendance,
free to explore ego’s curiosities,
yet free from overly-cynical ruminations
about how to control mysteries and stories
recovered and discovered
uncovered and unfolding,
reweaving yet again together.


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