Blue Bloods of LovePower

Reading this.
Right now.
Proof you have descended
from an unbroken powerful line
of politically and economically successful

If we define “powerful Elder”
as those who have had political and economic authority over another,
responsibility for at least one or more dependents.

So, with this definition,
parents become political and economic leaders
with mentoring authority and requisite responsibilities
to listen for our healthiest-available nutrients,
to derive our loveliest “doing the best s/he can,
bless her heart” summary revues,
leaving the devils in the details unjudged,
respected as life happens,
especially when you bother to show up,
politically and economically nurturing
those who are to follow your co-mentoring path.

Whether you have had these leadership powers
of economic authority with political responsibility
for healthy socio-economic outcomes,
not just do what I say,
but do as I do,
do as we do, together,
that kind of committed listening love
and authority
and responsibility,
in this incarnation, or not,

reading this
and all others who have read
and will read it,
and this one writing these thoughts with fertile intent,
we all come from a mutually-held unbroken heritage
of political and economic PowerElders.

We each had a birthmother who had a mother
with nurturing embryonic authority
at least during her time of DNA-scripted biosystemic development,
speaking exegetically through natural systemic co-arising dialects,
primally etched in eco-political PowerElders past,
dipolar balanced lineage,
transregenerational power authorities,
transgenderal love responders, absorbers, consumers
transmutational agapic synergists,
transcultural evolutionaries,
co-incarnators of Earth’s SpaceTime Origin Story.

As children and peers and/or parents of ecopolitical leaders,
what do we plan to do,
to co-mentor,
to plan not to do
between this now and when we could theoretically die out,
for lack of willing leaders co-learning shared intelligence.

CoOperator’s Contractual Vows of Loving Synergy,
echoing through premillennial weddings:

I will continue loving to learn about you,
and from you.

I will continue creating our unique mutual regard for each other.

I will continue developing, emerging, with you.

I will always want to grow and die with you;
but I will avoid pushing agendas to grow and die for you,
but not for me too.

I will always stretch my comfort zone half way
toward your equally outstretching comfort zone.

I will do my very best
to always be aware
we are in and of this together,
and we are doing the best we can
with whom we are right now.

I will continue to communicate as truthfully,
richly and deeply,
clearly and wisely,
mindfully yet with good humor—
absence of malignant bad faith,
as possible
in the words I choose
in the way I deliver them
in the way I live
and in the way I deliver my life
into your life.

I am grateful that my Elders are your Elders,
and yours ours;
for this most-treasured hope of mutually regenerative memories
and language,
paid forward, co-redeeming, gifts of health enriching culture.

All our generations of evolving species wait within each humane heart and mind,
lurking shadows within feelings and language,
music and narrative,
hunting and gathering multicultural communication,
vocation as self-perpetuating poli-economic value functions
of healthy Earth evolution,
root systemic for community building,
regenerative balance listening for social eco-communications
inviting health,
divesting of Win to Lose next generation pathology
by investing as Win to Win PowerElders
mentoring Young regenerational ecologists,
poet warriors of peaceful love
absorbing angry pasts
predicting future ancient fears,
all engaging together here as PowerElder now
deep learning our diversely similar Creation Stories.


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