Congressional Editors and Translators

Congress shall make no laws respecting
[or disrespecting]
an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting free exercise
[orthodox praxis] thereof.

hmmm, who writes this stuff, anyway?

Religion and its healthy exercise
are exempt from acts of Congress.

What is this religion that needs freedom for exercise,
maturation evolving from what has become freely established?

I suppose religion might be multiculturally recognizable
as behaviors and beliefs,
absence of behaviors and disbeliefs,
motivated by grace,
especially if we might agree that positive grace
translates as positive karma,
as love,
as integral integrity,
as synergy.

Such encompassing grace could include EarthLovers,
Organic Gardeners,
and Permaculture Designers
establishing regenerative health of intent and orthopraxis
within this shared free exercise of reweaving multicultural grace
ecosystemically balancing double-negative notnot grace.
Political Yang power
balances religion’s freedom-to-love Yin-flow of nutritional wellbeing.

Multi/poly-cultural religious outcomes
nurturing political freedom to grow
and mature
and enrich globally inclusive love-cultures,
religious freedom to optimize grace,
sustainably regenerative healthy ecological karma,
positive balancing double-negative, coarising.

As Congress works on deep bicameral political problems,
they/we are not to establish barriers to grace,
developing, not stagnating, mindful loving cooperative karma.


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