Twelve Steps

Twelve step therapeutic environments
are probably as old as light and color,
measured in octaves,
and double-bound fractal half-octaves,
learning to listen deeply and well,
speaking after listening with integrating honesty,
compelling transparency, vulnerability,
open attendance.

Integrity includes accuracy and responsive gratefulness.
Because these are all optimal communication values,
PowerOver distancing strategies during gatherings
become diffuse
as this is a culture discovering shared success
through not trying to persuade others to do anything.

This is a therapeutic discernment program
to mutually support each other
in not behaving addictively,
out of anger and fear attractions and aversions.

Mutual noticing,
understanding empathic trust
celebrates this mutual right-now well-being,
the only goal of each therapeutic environment,
each meeting,
each morning,
each day,
each life and death together;
which is why 12-steps are often experienced as therapeutic,
for those who are vulnerable and wise enough
to embrace this simplicity of being.

Becoming accepted and accepting as who we are right now,
with all our scabs showing,
is therapeutic.
Wise evangelists,
therapists of both egos and ecosystemic environments,
used car salesmen,
used lives relationship marketers,
we all know this from some experience,
I hope,
as intrinsic to building a path from becoming known
to becoming intimately loved.

Our larger political and economic climatic challenges,
environmental threats,
highlight therapeutic urgency of building on this 12-step base
by learning how and why each of us is part of this family,
this vocational team,
this meeting,
this community
this moment,
this day,
this transaction,
this global socioeconomic network.

What is our optimally shared and inclusively valued vocation?
to fulfill who we truly are becoming,
with our scars
acknowledging our shared hypnotic addictions
to anthrocentrically dominant enculturation.

My 12-step daily moment-by-moment active hope
is for a family and community
where we are mutually invested in loving each other
for who and what we are already,
doing the best we can,
and for whom we are becoming together,
and loving how we are already evolving
politically and economically healthy ecosystemic networks
of cooperatively nested information,
invested in meeting space memories of time.

co-mentored trusting love
is our prime sustained confluent sweet spot
for sustaining cooperative relationships
of mutual self-definition,
interpersonal refinement of wisdom,
but also transpecies evolutionary definition and refinement of balance,
and transgenerational co-presence, DNA/RNA past informing
present incarnations, already carrying seeds of future regenerators,
reweaving and/or unraveling
our mutual poli-economic 12-step lives.

We are a 12-step Tribe of EgoCentric EcoTherapists,
cooperatively researching,
and developing
our Public Cooperative,
a WinWin ReGenerating System
toward our mutually defined,
much beloved,
Lake Woes-Be-Gone.


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