All Growed Out

And EveryBody to Play With

Cognitive maturation,
that portion of “please just grow up”
evolving climatically large transitional lifetime matters
of choosing to grow up,
to not just act as if I am an adult,
but to also know I am always of an emergent adolescent species,
one of the new anthro-kids on the old-school regenerating block
of organic communities emerged from healthy Elders,
still playing cooperative-co-therapeutic mentoring and role play games,
speaking and sometimes even writing daily creation stories
preparing for night-time dream decomposition
co-evolving regenerative strings of years of intergenerational narrative,
but one self-transparent integrative moment in each day,
one day within each maturing egoconscious lifetime
of therapeutic mind
and nondual co-arising body

Of Basic CoEmpathic Embryonic Trust
growing up in an ecoconscious deep-learning bicameral process
and economic lifetime project environment
of organic historical-permacultural eco-systemic co-evolution
of dipolar TaoSpacetime 4D co-empathic
reverse-bilateral dream/imagination,
winwin polycultural Game Designs
focused solely on our (0) soul universal love through ReGenerative Elders
open-systemic evolutionary health insurance EarthTribal Group Theories.

Outrageous fractal-dipolar DNA/RNA waves of jazz-rooted
comedy-operatic drama creation liturgies
of trees co-mentoring life and dualdark death.

While our bodies cannot choose to age into maturity
of wise cooperative behavioral conduct,
our minds can and must choose maturity,
to follow what wisdom of our bicameral-bipedal bodies
rich harmonic humorously
and dramatically full-revolution co-arising co-operatively
reminds us,
reweaves us,
reconnects anthro with wild maturation’s wisdom,
longing for long-term affective and effective karmic-health,
positive medicine folding cards
through double-binding notnot dipolar grace
of ecoconscious empathic-egofractured enlightenment
co-arising political and economic choices
to cooperatively grow up.

What would happen
if all existing cooperative bodies
and businesses
and healthy-value Commons Ownership,
were to become mutually financed
within a zero-interest global on-line cooperative
and deferred loan guild?

Whose ego’s would grow healthier?
and who would lose everything that could possibly become pathological?
who would love everything that makes them happier?
through cooperative ownership responsibilities
and authority for ecosystemic maturing-network justice
and confluently sustainable,
regeneratively multicultural,
regenerating peace?

Just show up
growing out to-gather,
just show deep
grown wisdom together.


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