Political Beliefs as Economy of Feelings

Could what a political scientist would call
deeply held belief
also be what a psychologist could identify as a
feeling of affinity or aversion,
trust or distrust,
confluent familiarity or cognitive-affective dissonance?

“I deeply believe Tasteless Trump
is the logical conclusion
so richly deserved by the Republican Party.”

Is this position rooted in a belief system
or an empathic feeling of trust/distrust system
or are these dualistic ways
to speak of one nondual feeling-belief mindbody system?

If our political and economic choices
evolve out of our complex sensory networks
of health v pathology,
both ego-internal
and eco-external,
both endo- and ecto-symbiotically evolving,
then how do I know
that what you believe
is not what I experience
as a feeling of trust v. distrust, dissonance,
basic aptic contentment,
or stressful stretching
to find co-empathic commensurability,
as something nondually in-between
your evolving belief systems
and my evolving feeling sensory-rooted systems?

For political party planning,
community organizers have a useful iconic principle:
Highest and best original investment system
will generate the most widely replicable positive community outcomes,
but only for those well-spoken,
within the original highest and best co-investor system.

Or, something like that.

Permaculture Designers have a similar system design principle:
Greatest effect with least loss, least effort, least suffering, least dissonance.

Combining these may reproduce a new-old Golden poli-economic Rule
of ReGenerative Systems Development:
Optimize systemic belief/feeling integrity
by learning holistic loss of love management,
given current co-investor potential.

Given current poli-economic co-investor potential for
freedom toward health, as freedom from pathological anger,
freedom toward love, freedom from fear of fear itself,
freedom toward learning trusting truths of co-empathic beauty,
as freedom from dissonant terrors
of self and other hatred,
fundamentalist monocultural elitism,
sociopathic anthrocentric suprema-cynicism,
suicidally hypnotic addictive self-idolatry
of LeftBrain ego-predative dominance.

More holistic current feeling/belief learning potential
evolves love/synergetics through inclusive deep listening
and then intentional practice
of co-empathic eco-compassion.

Deep learning our belief-feeling continuum,
noticing what were oppositions now feel like heuristic appositions,
slowly, integrally,
inclusively discerning our shared vision
for optimizing potential regenerative co-empathic trust intent.

Given my current
scientific research/spiritual development
situation and story,
my blessings and apparent curses,
resonance and poli-economic flat-line echoing silent dissonance,
I am trying to do my part to regenerate healthy ecosystems
biosystems of life and dying decomposition,
with least loss and suffering,
poli-economic death,
resulting in highest and best nutritional effect
for my,
and our,
and Earth’s feeling-beliefs,
both political and economic,
ecologically evolving systems
for health regenerating safety
of future generations,
our EarthTribal PostMillennial CoInvestment,
our vulnerable babies facing climatic transitions.

Would both political and psychological scientists
recognize an embryonic DNA/RNA scripted baby
as a deeply rooted belief/feeling system,
hopefully evolving toward political and economic maturity?

Like Republic Party Investors
giving birth to Donald Trump as their Favorite RelentlesslyWhite,
nonIslamic Son,
to re-present their most nutritional offering
and sacrifice,
a sacramental icon of political and economic monocultural elitism,
not recognizing the superior polycultural power of co-empathic trust
has already slapped them in the face;
but just to wake us up to our own naked absence
of basic trust
in double binding principles
of political subsidiarity to
economics of integral-dialectical-nondual complementarity;
trust beliefs form as well-fed feelings flow.


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