MetaPhysical Therapies

and perhaps all pedagogical traditions,
are variations on a creation story theme,
both rooted in, and feeding on, multicultural evidence
of faith in polyculturally evolving mental/physical health-integrity outcomes,
actively loving trusted truths as co-empathic beauty,
and or diverse more fundamentalist,

religious and scientific and aesthetically woven creation stories,
are bicameral enculturations
of humane supernatural faith
in Sun+Earth prime nutritional ecosystemic relationship.

Faith evolves an external landscape cultural projection
of an internal enthymematic landscape of political and economic gratitude,
and absence thereof.

is a Basic Attendance
aptic-empathic response
to the practice and experience of agapic love,
tribal integrity,
RNA/DNA synergy;
the Holy holistic gestalt
of becoming ReGenerate Issue-Identity Awareness;
original intent of deeply enlightened co-gravity’s bicameral listening
for healthy WinWin self-identity narrative opportunities
with diminishing LoseLose risks through decomposition of faith networks,
internal and external.

My problem is that I am not the center of my universe.

My solution is to permaculturally reintegrate
within our shared universal center,
each moment,
each thought within time,
each relationship between times,
each paradigm about the healthy development of EarthTribe’s regenerating time.


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