Competing in ToughLove Markets

We often think of how best to compete in a very tough love market.
How to look
and smell
and sound our healthiest and highest commodified use
to attract the interest of others
with both similar and diverse sight
and hearing
and fragrance
of trusting radically profound beauty;

A hot package
but also with a warm compassionate
and curiously nimble heart.

Love’s core of becoming
co-arises truth with nutritional trust,
but with vital thrust unfathomably deep listening enthymeme,
echoing Earth’s co-evolve from tribal co-empathic Elders,
licking and munching
on light flights
of horny stardust.

I call my universal Hot Package “Yang”,
why not?
where others have used
Convex (B. Fuller)
Explicate Order (D. Bohm)
Prickly (A. Watts).

Let’s call Yin, then
warm co-empathic trust-nurturing healthy heart
after all
knowing what we always say,
the longer the title
the less competitive our functional value.

Unitarian Yin, whom others have ConCaved,
Implied, rather dialectically,
generally Gooified into a spiritual metaphysical
notnot polynomial
mystical kind of a double-binding humorous mess,
apparently the opposite of anything
one might analogically or ecologically consider equivalent
to The Hot Packages of EarthNature.

When we were babies,
and even more so prior to this incarnation into grace,
we could not distinguish between Yang’s fertile Hot Package
and Yin’s CoPassioning Heart.

But, as we approach looming adolescence,
we have become more LeftBrain Yang dominant,
a lustier search for Hot Earth Packages
of natural regenerativity
polypathically preoccupies our minds
as maturing anthrobodies.

Now what happens as we age?
into more remembered balance of Yang/Yin maturation,
rediscovering our co-arise nonduality
of not too hot and not too cold Earth Body
blissfully content within a warm compassionate
and curiously nimble mind
as healthy bicameral EarthLover/Loved Hearts.

In this sense
grace’s continuing evolutionary journey
invites our re-ascension into Earth’s embryonic YangYin womb
of Hot Fertile Packages
swimming and surfing
through CoOperatively Healthy Hearts
fueling BiCameral MindBodies
toward Future’s (0)Mega ReGenesis.

[Note from non-languaged Yin,
transliterating reverse of above as below:
Cool Empathic Fragrant Flows
of notnot cameral BodyMind,
without nutritional boundaries of imagination,
from Elder’s (0)Riginal DNA/RNA Genesis.]

[Commentary from Hot Fertile MindBody,
RE: Note above, as below:
Notice absence of health/wealth hoarding,
absence of political-economic unnaturally competitive, rabid motives,
with their nondual co-arising paranoid
disecological absence of healthy purpose
fading off into long-term devolution
of what had been embryonically rational ecoconsciousness.]

Nature abhors a vacuum
of healthy
trusting truths as beauty

As do we all,
hunting and gathering within HealthyWealthy Hot BiCameral Packages,
paradigmatic markets descended from nature-spirit bilaterally root/branched communing trees
in WinWin love with polypathically enlightening
notnot love-systemic cooperative market optimization,
both fusion of in-formation and decomposition of not-so-lovely smelling noise,
swollen absence of listening, glistening grace-filling poise.


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