Good Earth Prophesies

Beware of those who would solicit your political or economic loyalty
by attributing to you
fear, anger, and/or hate motivations,
issues you presumably share.

potentially sustainable through multiple regenerations,
follows the lights and richer-hued darks of your positive motivations,
shared loves and hopes
and multiculturing beauties of healthier nutrition.

Shared pathologies breed merely mutual immunities.
CoMentoring, CoArising Loyalties
respond to shared empathic trusts,
roots of political and economic positive relationship,
rather than absence of relativity, integrity,
or even a decent sense of humor.

Encourage your parents to read this,
suggest thet kindly invite your more generously mindful loyalty,
rather than immunity of mutual-absence,
Business As Usual,
once again.

Expect your political parties
to remember parties evolve following invitations to share love,
not fear, not hate
and eventual pathological dismemberment,
financial marginalization,
and terrors of toxic monoculturing stews,
monopolistic supreme-designs.

Feed actively cooperating empathy,
to starve hyperactive competing fears
and angers
and hatreds reinforcing corporate/familial/tribal enculturing distrust.

Beware those who would use your fears
because they are not resourceful enough
to own and name and claim our co-empathic ecopolitical loves,
Earth’s optimally healthy-therapeutic wealth.

Beware of false Medicine Men.


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