ComPassion Fatiguing Questions

Why do ecologists
and theologists
and neurologists
see and hear,
touch and feel,
smell and taste
ReGenerating Trust
as Positive Communication?

Why do multiculturists
disvalue active DisTrust
as DeGenerative
Negative Apartheid DisCommunication?

Why are all these
polypathically together
Cooperative + more win/win empowering
as contrasted with Competitive (-) MisTrust
Mis-UnCentered lack of Integral Communion’s
full whole non-zero-sum systemic
non-leftbrain dominant potential?

As win/lose networks
of health/pathology co-arising ambivalence
leading to suboptimizing fatigue and dissonance
in-between Earth global win/lose pandemics
and EarthJustice win/win compassion

Noticing systemic wounds
and loss
and suffering
migrating toward LoseLose
nihilistic fatigue
denying ego-eco-systemic
left-hemisphere nonegalitarian
and right-hemisphere anti-synergetic,
monoculturally leftbrain privileged,
anthropocentrically pathological feelings

Of fear and anger
co-arise universal narcissistic
red waves of overpowering Hate

Lose/Lose Ego/Eco-Climax Events
within anthropocentric DeathCulture

Violent UnCommunicating
straight white patriarchal privileged
left-hemisphere dominant
critical neurological,
political events,

AntiDemocratic empowerment/enlightenment,
segregated absence
of bicamerally healthy,
not bilateral apartheid fatigue

Of ego/eco-recentering
systemic intelligent design,
commitment to Win/Win re-education

About thinking/feeling
polypathically resilient
communication ego-theo-neurosystems,

Y Spiral Dynamic
organically regenerating
Earth Restoring Justice,
bicamerally healthy
secularized-commodified ego-natured
sacred souls of timeless
regenerating health/wealth consciousness.


See also “Spiral Dynamics: mastering values, leadership, and change” by Don Edward Beck and Christopher C. Cowan, kinda like ghost transliterators for the bicameral systemic healthy redevelopment thinking of Clare Graves, restructuring Earth-Contextual Intelligence as spiral ing dynamic fractal/octave/bilateral/trilateral polymetric multiculturally revolutionary DNA-iconic structure for cooperative planning, compassionate communication, designing polyculturally healthy EarthRegenerative outcomes. 

There is also a helpful synopsis in wikipedia.com, if you search “Spiral Dynamics.” My own work with this creolizes (attempts to co-acclimate, in a Gregory Bateson cooperative define/refine kind of way) Spiral Dynamics with Integral Permaculture Design principles of compassionate EarthCentric planning for healthy redevelopment of radically democratic, non-anthropocentric cooperatively-invested, resonant and resilient design.  Which, indeed, does sound very much like either a Clare Graves sentence, and/or a Bucky Fuller paragraph page-long sentence.  Which is probably why I tend to write prose in poetically licensed horizontally blocked disguise, in some form of left/right internal communicating, guiding guise.


In My AlphaTown

In our wildly indigenous
western town
we have a notorious Ancient GoodWitch.
Like GrandMother Moon,
she seems to emerge with a new, yet old,
community healing process
about once a FullMoon month.

I heard she would like to co-facilitate
a Future HealthWealth Community research project
using a STAR green-economy WinWin development process
for 2.5 days,
or weeks,
or months,
or years,
or millennia,
whichever our town Republicans
care to co-invest in
long-term healthy-wealth,
both secular left
and sacred FireCircle right.

This was among GoodWitch’s most notoriously green offers
inviting mutually gratuitous co-investments
through a co-facilitation contract
to pay eco-loving life forward

From and with
for and of
all residents of GoodWitch’s un-privileged
and privileged
and in-between WinLose longing for WinWinning
healthy communal community.

She teaches a Sacred Ecology class
using Bucky Fuller’s synergetic ZeroZone
breathing in and breathing out
womblike dualdark shadow Bubbles
OpenLiving fractally developing regenerative systems
ecodanced at her GoodWitch CoOperative Spiraling EcoSchool
Wednesday evenings
after vespers
at the Permaculture ZeroZone Cafe.

So, I figured I would catch her for an interview
right after class,
regarding her latest Left with Right cooperative brainstem

Tonight’s topic is a discussion
of Beck and Cowan’s spinal Spiral Dynamics.
she has already four-dimensionally spiraled
and spun her WinWin web
through Beige automatons,
like cooperative bees and ants
and bacteria,
and Purple matriarchal organic egg-nurturers,
and was just about to finish

Red patriarchal anthrocentric absolutists
remain reactionary zealots
pursuing violent survival technologies
for short-term building LeftBrain universal empires
ruled by perpetual bully-pulpit EitherWin/OrLose bullshit

Taught at RealEstate Business Development Schools
as nakedly exploitive WinLose evolutionary economics
and personal Either/Or egoprivileged politics
against healthy-wealth
of Earth’s ecopolitical cooperative
green reforesting

Moving on to Blue,
more of a young adult
awareness of notnot Lose inside
as also notnot Win eco-outside
bilateral time-shadow valley spaces
recovering bicameral double-binding mindbodies
still too often seduced by WildWest Red’s WinLose
universal absolutistic structures
both patriarchal dominant hierarchical
and matriarchal unprivileged reverse
forward to cooperatively WinWin Blue re-unhierarchical
way back through Purple
and Beige innocently hatched NewBorns.

Now, if we can get through maturing Orange and Green,
then the last WiseElder bilateral pairing of Sacred Historical Octaves
are penultimate YellowYang
with unitarian Turquoise YinTegrity
resolving ultra-violet holonic
healing AnimaMundi
under Her creation story timespace root system
for and of MotherTrees
speaking in Ancient GoodWitch nutritional voices.

So, Orange
is patriarchal egocentric
Here and Now in Western dominating
ecopolitical structures.

Inducing polycultural cooperative thinking
is chaotically multiplistic
yet new-patriarchal/matriarchal WinWin
technological ContinuousQualityImprovement strategic.
Remaining competitive BusinessAsUsual hierarchical structures
increasingly delegate autonomous responsibility
without RealTime longterm community health-wealth authority
of cooperative ownership
and reverse-hierarchical management.

Matriarchal Greens
are prime relational
ZeroZone cohorts of health-wealth ecotherapists
like (0)Mega Good Witches and Wizards
and not so much like colonizing vampire bats
and parasitic pirate ego-starlings.

Green cooperatively invests with Red self-privileged
to share health care with those ZeroZone prime relationally under-privileged,
scorched by FatherSun.

Green deep learning ZeroSum
ecopolitical bilateral-binomial structures
are also bicamerally egalitarian
using Prime Zero Relational
consensual polypathic-left
with matriarchal polyphonic-right
organic polycultural health-wealth strategic together
WinWin longterm ununprivileged DNA-confluent
health/wealth outcomes.

Our (0)Mega WiseElder HealthCare Agenda
derives from YellowUracil
Ego/Eco systemic
bicameral LeftYang health structures
with TurquoiseCytosine resonating ultra-violet holistic octaves
double-bound dipolar integrity polystructures
emerging from bosonic ZeroZone integrity.

But, basically,
these are refinements of Green
beloved GoodWitches and Wizards,
yin-flowing karmic grace parents and teachers
and yang-sacred ecological love preachers,
If I must speak as a matriotic community theologian
community cooperative health care giving
and receiving
with ego-eco bicamerally co-investing politicians.


Eventually I had a chance to ask GoodWitch
what she is up to now
with her Ancient FutureSearch offer.

As predicted,
she said her only unprivileged agenda
is green forward,
restoring Turquoise Ego/EcoJustice
reweaving PositivEnergy Yang/Yin Democracy.

I returned home
wondering how to spiral all that
into a resonant sound-bite.


Fishy Science School of GeoMetric (0)-Soul Economic Arts

Math speaks through us
within us
of cognitive landscapes
imagined still and/or moving.

Primal metrics are rational and symmetrical,
good as true as straightforward,
complex creation story problems
unfolding with precise answers,
right as at least not not ecologically wrong,
ecopolitically suboptimal perhaps,
yet at least not full-blown subclimate of depressive pathology,
no irrational remainders of wasted paper and trees and days and decades remaining.

Tidy, if somewhat empty,
zero-sum metric loving souls.

But scientists need to understand
how we climatically feel about these metric bicameral functions
of cognition’s agape through terror
of dissonant irrationality,
exterior landscapes of joy with some considerable unknown as yet dismay,
empathically felt interior erotic-sensual trust
fertilely opposing toxic hate of chaotic landscapes and lifespan dreams and meta-unphysical paradigms
and ecological as ecopolitically correct global multicultural climates
of and for not-so-much pathology.

This appears to become our bicameral fractal spiral
of three dimensional spatial landscapes
with one bilateral temporal summerish-mature Yang climate
of ecoconscious
Left/Right Balancing consilient polypathy,
bicamerally (0)-soul invested ecopolitical resonance,
octave-crystal holonic harmonies of RNA/DNA Revolutionary EarthRights Solidarity, HistoricCultural ReWeaving,
evolving rainblown spirals of metric scientific enlightenment.

Math erupts interior ecologic of healthy landscapes
while science is about exterior ecopolitics
evolving healthier climates
of polypathic Left/Right optimal-health comprehension.

This politics of science unveils economic health
perhaps even co-opting YangDominant capitalism,
co-operating ecologically positive climates,
of co-empathic trusting
fully-democratically accessible
co-messianic power
as opposed to decomposing pathologies of static distrust,
swelling toward LoseLose games and lack of passion displays,
climatic disempowerment of EarthTribe’s Common Rights.

Politics of knowledge power,
both positive and negative,
economically competitively ruined
unwilling to share and play Golden Rule through Ratio nice,
static monoculturing, repressing, self-oppressing,
paranoid ecopolitical isolation,
petrification, terror, fear of future times,
anger about losses from potential regenerations past,
negative psychology shadowing Positive Psychology
becoming bicameral politics.

All of us infantile deep learning scientists
begin bilateral walking through nurturing climate landscapes.
Some learn to bicamerally struggle
with flying through days and most especially nights
of health v pathology regenerate/decomposing climates,
feelings of straightforwardly true
and too often not so much lifting off co-gravity’s ground of becoming.
Few remember to swim erotically in our anciently sacred sea
of Agape’s implicating bliss
ecoconscious self-governed kiss,
kicking and revolving not too hard to soften
old rememories of our ecologically graceful old school
for/of co-empathically trusting fish.

EcoPolitical Science as GraceFilling School for fish
begins far back before graceful bipedal walking,
on back to beginnings of wave-linear metric bilateral time
swimming radiantly Yang with Yin
prime relationally entrusting
incarnating dualdark Elder Yin’s implicating procreation
born of Sun’s Yang sperm
waving warming embryonic Earth
regenerating healthy cooling information
of ecologically swimming bilateral identity,
revolving resonant light,
rainbow’s metric timing.

Where Father Sun greets Earth’s primal rain
there we scientifically engage
our Elder metric strains of harmony,
not merely cognitive-mechanistic predictability
of constant boring reiteration,
but profoundly politically embedded
in organic love and lust networks
of continuously revolving life through death functions,
adding days to subtract nights,
multiplying families to divide
empathic trusting schools of ecopolitical fish
spirals around and through coral boundary reefs,
reflecting ultra-violet resonance
of moon and star filtering almost light,
bounding heartbeat dreamy landscapes
and climates of septically bifurcating emptiness,
zero-centric ecopolitical scientists
still swimming toward bicamerally balancing identity.

The scientific life is not all full-swollen fertile summers,
not all hibernating depressive
monoculturing, isolated, hopeless winters of mistrusting discontent.
What co-arises in adolescent springs of life
will again co-gravitate in Elder’s Harvest
about what all those regenerative days and decomposing dialectic nights
of summer’s most Yangish WinWin outcomes
were all notnot about,
double-deductively as double-bind predicative,
positive MEME-Yang as notnot negative MEME-Yin balancing,
LeftDominant as RightBrain EcoPolitical/EcoLogical Climate
DNA-health-nurturing yet too-repressive,
non-elite. nutritionally undervalued,
yet healthwealth optimization regeneratively (0)-primal
Eulerian-spiral thermodynamic Prime Dipolarity
(co-arising as co-gravitating, reverse-4D temporal)
[as translated by Bucky Fuller’s speed of light as geometric-fractal/fusion-holonic/sacred-prime (0)Core],
Perelman-bilateral function Prime Relationship unfolding Tipping Point Universal Optimization,
[with 4 prime dimensions, Thurston, Group Theorists et. al.]
TaoTime WuWei= MidWay WinWin Gaming Theory
reiteratively profound enthymematic communication
(bilateral cooperative prime-septic (0)-sum
Positive=ReGenerative Health aptic-bicameral-internal-assumption
[Julian Jaynes, BiCameral Ethological/Ecological Theory
of LeftBrain language-dominant
as landscape/climate regenerative value),
resonantly-harmonically eco-light,
polypathically bicamerally still speaking
health v pathologies of ecopolitical science.


Conserving Healthy CoOperative Historic Climates

so less pathological cognitiveLeft/affectiveRight dissonance.

Genetic, so therefore regenetic, conservatism
of DNA and this fractal function’s Elder RNA-rooted ecosystemic
political psychologies,
ecologies of empowerment,
and not so much;
and notnot historic enculturation
of Business As Usual LeftBrain ReIterative Dominance
of deduction-reduction-redaction,
yet still dipolar-dialectal ecosystemic health
through (0)-sum-core-centric ecopolitical conservatism.

This ecopolitical conservatism
of DNA/RNA health-solidarity
is sometimes humorously intended
judgments, choices, cooperative exegesis
about how to sustain balanced-harmonic distinctions
between what has been exegetically proven
to produce helpful outcomes,
therefore ecologically as ecopolitically self-regenerative
fusing polypathic integrative possibilities
for value-laden allegorical analogies
speaking RightBrain nature-spirit ecoconscious integrative conservatism.

RightBrain YinYin
as LoseLose too-nurturing for evolutionary,
much less revolutionary self-regenerating survival,
what was pathologically,
yet also more eisegetically, suppressed,
Yin-Empty-implied more than Yang-Explicated-Interdependent Synergetic Paradigms of Time’s EcoPolitical Balancing Values, Norms,
NatureLeft-SpiritRight Ecological Revolutions,
Multiculturing Climaxing Health v Pathology
for EcoEarthCentric RNA Climates.

RightBrain omnipotent fertility
appositionally co-arises implied dualdark anger/fear futures
with increasingly deadly climatic outputs
of other-condemning and self-condemned LeftBrain Ego Identity
as anthrocentered repressor and suppressor
of RightBrain’s regeneratively multicultural
polypathic freedoms from/for languaged enculturing expression,
feelings and intuitions,
chemistries and clouds and cultures of Elder species’
inherited DNA/RNA functional regenerative conservatism;
multiculturally nurturant YinYin,
notnot WinWin
fractal-dialectical-developmental-fusing freedom
toward polypathic bicameral ecoconsciousness
of optimally divinely-humaned health means help,
and pathology speaks of self-condemning hoarding
of LeftBrain anthrocentric
egocentric self-conserving
ecopolitical cognitive-affective Negative Psychology Dissonance
about economic wealth of DNA
spelled differently than ecologic health of RNA.

We are of a long Boddhisatva-CoMessiah regenetic dipolar line,
called to and for cooperative vocations
of sound ecologically empowering judgment,
not to condemn ourselves
or become condemned by future failing regenerations,
but to regeneratively help
and thereby become,
more polypathically regenerative
of health v pathology bicameral deep learning intelligence
that ecology of self-preservative Left
prefers ecopolitics of Earth RNATribe Conservation-Nurturing Right
wu-wei balancing younger-anthrocentered DNA Left ecopolitical
positive psychology as
dipolar regenerative (0)-sum ego/eco-systemic bilateral-temporal ecopolitical climate co-operation,
prime Eulerian function E-squared
is prime relational temporal square-root function C-squared,
is Fullerian UniversalConvex-Empty (0)-soul LEFT
Integrative-Interdependent-Unitarian DiPolar Concave-BiCameral (0)-sum RIGHT,
WinWinning toward Left/Right Bicameral Ecoconsciousness
of Nature/Spirit as Yang/Yin as +1PolyNomial/(notnot) PolyPathic (0)
Primal Fractal-DoubleBinding TemporalSpaciated 4D-octave-frequency dimensional-seasonal-sensual-sensory-neural-psychological-ecological-economic-politically Interdependent DNA/RNA Solidarity Network
for Healthy v Pathologically Trending Climate Relationships.

Perhaps the only way to escape decomposing death
as notnot fear and angry total lose to lose fully healthy living
physical interdependence
may become our mutual embrace of dying together v dying apart,
and why are we so sure this makes no difference
to our multiculturally shared ecological Golden Rule.

Perhaps fear and anger about competing egoistic
total death of internal climate,
ongoing organic chemistry
between subclimates of mutual nurturance more than disturbance,
is our remaining collective ecological-political empowerment issue,
nondually continuing to co-arise
from DNA’s threatened future loss of healthy Earth-Home Climate,
with ecopolitical subclimates
doing our best to balance
healthy-life v pathologically trending
notnot future-fractal-dialectal decomposition,
irrationally not polynomial
only when forgetting that not always double-binds time’s flow,
notnot polynomial most optimally regeneratively
healthywealth equivocates health/pathological ecological humors,
where good-kind climates always lead toward Paradise.

In other Gaming words for Creation Reiterating Stories,
dipolar appositionals of WinWin regenerativity
are LoseLose decompositionality,
within either of these two extreme hypotheticals of sustainable healthy balance
v pathology,
from Earth’s centric DNA/RNA ecopolitical Solidarity perspective
we are all in life together for our mutually health-promoting judgment.
Life invites helpful ecopolitical cooperation,
while death’s LoseLose face
betrays self-and-other condemning terror of nihilism,
fly apart self-condemnation
when we also judge ourselves more rationally to help,
together capable of flying regeneratively
choosing healthy Left/Right ecopolitical lifetimes over
continuing LeftBrain Dominance.

Your Holy Spirit cannot fully enjoy Positive EgoPsychology opportunities
without a ProCreator
with fully cooperating Positive Political Empowermental Trust
and a RightBrain Messiah
co-redemptively (0) eco-normative to gift life forward,
ecologically Positive Redemption Economizing
life’s collective conservation
bringing multiculturing balance through ecotherapeutic co-investments.

It is because we see 8 color octave frequencies
within ultra-violet/dualdark cosmological 4D light
and hear these same octaves as resonant sound waves,
that RNA, and then DNA,
have become deeply fractal etched learners
through double-elliptical octave temporal rooted functions,
evolving spirals.


Prime Spiral of Climate Health Dynamics

Beck and Cowan, with Graves,
wrote the Spiral Dynamics of memes,
or cognitive-affective enculturation climates
of Left-Right as Yang-Yin spiraling equivalence,
or maybe not,
I’m still not quite sure
how much I am seeing and hearing into their words.

For example, from page 56,
I was going through their evolving octave of historical colors
of humane-divine time,
beginning with
“Beige-a state of nature”
“Purple-[spiritually dynamic] mysterious [sometimes enlightening] and frightening”
“Red-[LeftYang dominant] tough and dangerous like a [WinLose revolutionary] jungle”
“Blue-directed by a higher [healthy regenerative v pathologically degenerative, decompositional ecopolitical as ecological] power”
“Orange-full of viable [optimally WinWin cooperative-integrative] alternatives”
“Green- shared [climate health v pathology] habit[at] of all humanity [within, as all of Earth’s nature-spirit ecosystems without]”
“Yellow-at risk of chaotic [climate health] collapse [into further climate pathologies]”
“Turquoise- a single living [0-sum octave PrimeMetric ecosystemic] entity”
an opportunity for complex multicultural
network evolution development,
where ‘yellow’ paranoid yin-repressed RightBrain depressives
“learn how to be [pathology of anger/fear] free
but also [regenerative-health] principled
seek[ing] the [bicameral turquoise Tao] order
beneath [and deeply within, and above, both out and in, midway,
inbetween, wu wei] Earth’s apparent [cosmological dualdark notnot co-gravitational] chaos.

Maybe there is something in the water
I take with my inhaled herbal medicines
producing such rich resonance of healthy fragrance
with spiraling ecopolitically developing multicultural color strings of remembering
co-empathic trust’s evolution
through regenerate humane/divine enculturation
emerging Ego/Eco nurturing timelessly co-present ecoconsciousness
of Tao-Tipping Points of nutritional v toxic climate experiential times.


ReWeaving Ta(o)ist EcoPolitical Health

On what metaphysical, natural yet spiritual, principle
might agree
an ecologist,
a Christian fundamentalist,
and an Islamic terrorist?

Earth’s enculturing history has been, economically and politically speaking,
more nutritiously regenerative
than pathologically degenerative,
or we could not have become recreative regenetic bicameral identities,

Yang-Uracil-Left EcoPolitical Landscape
(0) Tao-Sum Temporal
Yin-Squared-Fractal Prime Relational Cytosine-Right/Left Ecological

light=health ecobalancing thermodynamic 4D
health dominant-nutritional-light redundancy,
exegetical convex OVER concaving/co-arising pathology-recessing
dual-temporal dark past/future egocentric Left
exformational cognitive-affective climate/culture =InternalInterdependentOrganic/External Physical Landscape dissonance memory strings back through Elder Right,
toward Empty Set Universally Aptic cloud appositional nomials,
organic neural-tissue chemistry networks, subclimates, subnutrient-economies,
holonic mandala fractal-4D regenerativity prime (0) soul rooted
nutritionally reiterating information Prime (0) Relationship
enthymematic bilateralYang=binomialYinYin sensory experiential normative sacred eternal nurturing balance,
bicamerally languaged
as Left/ElderRight EcoLogical Health EnCulturation Balance.

And, in the above respects,
Earth has remained ever-confluent with our solar systemic open interdependent Potential-Paradise universe AnthroCentricMythosLeft/EcoLogos CoCreatorRight,

And if we add the further premise
that on ecosystemic Earth,
as in logic and linguistics and math,
positive is equivalent to a double negative,
then Earth’s polynomial patterns and trends,
positively regenerative, resonant, resolving,
most and best maintain (0) sum thermodynamic balance
with notnot degenerative cultures and climates and concomitant gestalts,
and other ecological nature/spirit open nondual co-arising systems
of cooperative organically communicating co-empathic trust networks,
observed with LeftBrain regenerative health languaged DNA
interdependent symbiotic ecoconsciousness
doing our organic best to remember and deep healthywealth learn
Elder Right Brain’s notnot decompositional pathologically unraveling,
yet polypathically accessible (0) soul Empty CoPresent
YangExteriorLeft/YinInterior Elder RightMemory and Temporal Storage,
neural double-binding Prime Relational BiLaterals
Reiterating Developing DiPolar Revolving Spiraling Boundary Embryos
of light’s evolution through dualdark cosmology’s quietly amusing understory
gardens of light trinitarian lattices
full octave-enriching LeftBrain climatic
yet multiculturally sustainable RightBrain polypathic delight.

Or maybe its just the more agnostic Nyquil.


Fuller’s Ecological Memory Bank

I remember my mindbody would tense
then relax into confusion
while non-consiliently reading Bucky Fuller’s “Synergetics 2.”

I also remember,
and too often reweave,
Fuller’s stream of thought ecoconsciousness
as I read Beck and Cowan on the well-timed subject
of improving/transitioning temporal climates,
cultural memes with both healthy and pathological faces.

I began adding to ‘meme’
other words that felt familiar
like time and Tao and climates
balancing both interdependent integrative left brain
and right brain nondual co-arising empty-notnot zen sets and organic networks
of seasonally nutritious rich resonant time.
Tao became time became rememory climates reweaving each time Beck and Cowan used this (0)-soul placeholder noun/verb
in our octave-evolving theory of Earth’s anthro-history.

Fuller spoke not of memes but memory banks of speciating
cooperatively intelligent time.

“Children conduct their spontaneous explorations
and experiments
with naive perceptivity.
They have an innate urge
first subjectively
to sort out,
find order in,
integratively comprehend,
and synergetically memory-bank their experience harvests
as intertransformability system sets
[transubstantiating nutritional-digestive

they eagerly seek to demonstrate and redemonstrate
these [cause-effect robust interdependent-organic-ecological] sets
as manifest of their comprehension and mastery
of the synergetic realizability of the [Earth’s] system’s
[nurturing] physical principles.
Consequently children [of any species] are the only rigorously pure physical
[ecological v toxological] scientists.
They accept only sensorially apprehensible,
experimentally redemonstrable physical
[health v negatively deviant] evidence
[of feelings with their belief systems about our feeling-belief exegesis].”

This brings a much more pronoiac [less paranoid pathology] climate
to the perennial wisdom that we must each be reborn again as children.
In other words,
especially our political and economic leaders,
but no parent of any species is exempt,
we are born to be for health and against toxicity,
for becoming more ecopolitically cooperative
as multiculturally polypathic memory banks of ecological wisdom.

It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

A bird now
is worth the two that you future see
with the one you shadow remember
shyly waiting in that bushy ecoconscious memory.

We want ourselves
but also our economic and political leaders,
all creatures with diverse resources and powers
to influence, with our active cooperation,
our internal and external climates,
to remember, notice, focus
where our personal and our public health meet,
co-arise nondually for WinWin ecopolitics.

Those who have become too enamored
with our overly-Yanged competitive reaction to Earth’s natural limitations,
it is past time to turn around,
visit with healthier alternative directions,
more cooperatively rooted in nutritional sensory outcomes
for health,
and truly prosperous abundance
of regenerative WinWin wealth.

Those who are more enamored of RightBrain arts and crafts,
with a tendency to remain linguistically stuck talking about Turquoise jewelry and wise wealth,
that’s all find and good
beautiful and true,
but we will never overcome LeftBrain dominance
without learning to play more nutritionally-strategically
on behalf of ecopolitical LeftRight bicameral cooperation.
LeftBrain can understand and appreciate the inclusive multicultural difference
between WinLose evolutionary assumptions
and WinWin synergetic revolutionary evidence of enculturing history,
to date.

Turquoise spiralist revolutionaries
can use our polypathic Left Brains to laterally deduce and declare
ultra-violet thru red with blue Right Brain created nematic nurturing feelings
of (0)-centric co-gravities
within fractal climate regenerative seasons,
organic structures revolving Earth’s Time,
etching exegetical DNA/RNA 4D Prime Relational SpaceTime thermodynamic balance
across dipolar co-arising hearted bilateral bodies
with enspirited bicameral minds.

I notice my mindbody spiraling cooperative revolutions
while rereading memes as bicameral memories
banking then networking Fuller’s Timeless Synergetics 2 ecopolitics.


Memes Revolve EcoPolitical Health History

I recently revisited a fruitful redundancy conversation between Richard Dawkins’ on ‘memes,’ conjoined with Spiral Dynamics, by Don Edward Beck and Christopher Cowan. During this reread, I noticed connections between Clare Graves’ evolving spirals, Julian Jaynes ethological theory of bicameral mindbody development, perhaps the more nutritional behavioral-neural roots of Positive Psychology.  Mapping all these together as one interdependent ecopolitical evolutionary empowerment of ecoconscious Right with ecologically language and deductive Left, Spiral Dynamics looks both newly refined, but also disturbingly redundant of Buckminster Fuller’s Synergy, informed by William Thurston’s and Gregori Perelman’s (et. al., Group Theorists) 4 prime bilateral dimensions of spacetime and  (0) soul dipolar co-arising theorems, respectively.

However, the esoteric octave an fractal rhythms of nature and math beg for more immediate Climate Health and Earth Rights economic, ecological, and political empowerment. In Spiral Dynamics speak: How do we fast-forward into Turquoise, the land of Milk and Honey Enlightenment of (0) Zen Interdependence, balancing holonic empty-null universally diastatic sets of memes, or nomials, binomials, polynomials, health regenerative trends, refining less economic-ecologic-political-social-cultural-psychological-biological pathology, as we progress, develop, more maturely optimize our regenerative-integrative polypathic DNA/RNA  folding/unfolding climate structures.

Memes, like genes, are regenerative, self/other nondual replicating nutritional patterns. In Buckminster Fuller’s terminology, genes are about convex-physical universe, while memes are their concave-metaphysical ecopolitical-ecological co-arising nonduality. Genes produce physical things that can be nouned, labeled, nomialed. Memes produce metaphysical relationships of  health-regenerate power-with cooperation and/or power-over competitive monoculturing pathologies of nutritional imbalance, climate imbalance, landscape and paradigmatic relational imbalance, cognitive-affective dissonance. These operate at the individual, species, and meta-cultural interdependent exterior ecopolitical climate levels of endo/ecto-symbiotic evolution, within as without, concave metaphysical as convex physical ecologies of mindbodies.

Memes have integrative viral reproductive potential for health and for appositionally bilateral pathologies, not enough, too much, too soon, too late for resonantly redundant mapping onto global ecoconsciousness, co-empathic trust/distrust—confluence of exegetically etched abundant light between dualdark extremes of either-or LeftBrain dominance. Both interdependent developmental stages of LeftBrain development, and language-empty Elder Right hemispheres together dipolar co-arise Turquoising/UltraViolet climate health balance.

In previous selective readings from Beck and Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics, I had skipped (pp. 30-33) “Genes and Memes: Circuit Riders on the DNA.” No such bad luck this time. What follows is direct quote, with all my handwritten notes inserted in brackets, drawing in the larger ecopolitical-ecological climate health map drawn with Jaynes, and Fuller, and Bateson, and Thomas Kuhn evolutionary influences.

“[W]hat biochemical genes are to the DNA [thermodynamic balance prime relational fractal-function], memes are to our psycho-[eco]cultural ‘DNA.’ Genes are the information [and exforming] units of our physical nature derived from genetic contributions of mom and dad and properties inherited from our species [borrowing phylogenic properties from even older species,

borrowing functional digestive/nutritional health v pathology ecopolitical properties from even older plant species, spaces and places in time both regenerative and decomposing into bilateral past/future cause/effect encoding meme-ories]. Memes are born, Csikszentimihalyi notes, ‘when the human nervous system reacts to [learns from] an experience.’ (Evolving Self, p. 120) They are the information [exformation storage and labels, icons and ionic-bionic function] units in our collective consciousness and transport their [health/pathology sensory climate/chemistry] views across our [ecoconscious co-identified co-empathic] minds [with still-learning bodies].”


Naturally EnSpirited Golden Root-Rule about Ratios of Climatic/Cultural Elixirs: Interior/Exterior WinWin Landscapes

Talk to yourself.
Think and thank about yourselves,
how you have changed into different interests/disinterests over years and decades.
Think about yourselves
at least as generously
as you might best listen and smell and taste,
both digest and nourish,
your own worst Alien Enemy.

What is it that you can see
that you cannot yet perceive
with mutually cooperative compassion?

To live in self-regenerative health,
is to notnot Evil while self-communicating,
to avoid LoseLose metaphysical and physical gaming strategies
through ego-identity self-minimalization,
Empty of FertileTime,
choosing instead to self and other communicate,
observe and be knowingly watched, and co-presently loved,
to hear
and become listened to and known and appreciated as is,
to smell
and sense health
more powerfully than pathology
as positive with negative correlations,
fragrant (0)sum bilateral binomial double-binding frequencies,
taste and become digested by decomposing composts
of fractal-fusing-integrating time,
four seasons of iconic 4DNA/4RNA
Earth-Octave Climate Health Solidarity,
touch yourself
and be touched through all your timeless histories of Elder regenerators.

Talk to yourselves
at least as generously
as you listen most robustly
to past Alien EcoPolitical Climate-Times
belonging rightfully, peacefully, regeneratively, justly
within EarthTribe’s Cooperative-Integrative Spaces,
People and Places and CoRelational Things with names and helpful, rather than condemning, labels,
Frames and Gestalts
and MetaParadigms of Climate ReGenerativity.

Imagine inviting your sacred-secular
polypathic mindbody into this new day
to be filled to overflowing fruition
by Others
sharing your Ego EarthTribe DNA/RNA Interdependent Identity–LeftBrain
with Empty (0) Reverse RightBrain
spiral-octave multiculturally regenerating
4DNA WinWin SacredDynamics,
Primal DiPolar DoubleBinding Dialectal Dimensions;

bicameral ego/economic health v political powering-over pathology,
polypathic ecoconsciousness
talking and listening healthier ecopolitics to yourselves,
as future regenerations.

Our multicultural ecopolitical Golden Rule,
treat yourself,
meet yourself,
watch and listen and sniff yourself,
at least as well
as you would
if you were also your own worst economic and politically-overpowering enemies.


Turquoise Dawn meets Purple Dusk

Earth’s Day issues our collective invitation,

echoing out and back through all incarnation,

enculturing all EarthTribe’s living natural systems,

to celebrate balancing harmony,

confluent peace with fairness,

contented mutual equity,

mindful compassion between

Caesar’s commodified Physical Universe,

also known as branching Yang,

and SuperEco’s graced Metaphysical Universe,

also known as rooted Yin;

both economically and ecologically self-optimizing

Prime Relationship of Tao’s mutually compelling

0-sum Win-Win Group Game Soul Theory.


To optimize Earth Day’s here and now contentment,

minimize suffering silos of stratified separation

from humane nature’s cooperative eco-normic balance

between Purple MetaPhysical paradigms polypathic

and Turquoise Physical 4-dimensional dynamic math polynomic.


With gratitude to G. Perelman, W. Thurston, D. E. Beck, and C. Cowan