Prime Spiral of Climate Health Dynamics

Beck and Cowan, with Graves,
wrote the Spiral Dynamics of memes,
or cognitive-affective enculturation climates
of Left-Right as Yang-Yin spiraling equivalence,
or maybe not,
I’m still not quite sure
how much I am seeing and hearing into their words.

For example, from page 56,
I was going through their evolving octave of historical colors
of humane-divine time,
beginning with
“Beige-a state of nature”
“Purple-[spiritually dynamic] mysterious [sometimes enlightening] and frightening”
“Red-[LeftYang dominant] tough and dangerous like a [WinLose revolutionary] jungle”
“Blue-directed by a higher [healthy regenerative v pathologically degenerative, decompositional ecopolitical as ecological] power”
“Orange-full of viable [optimally WinWin cooperative-integrative] alternatives”
“Green- shared [climate health v pathology] habit[at] of all humanity [within, as all of Earth’s nature-spirit ecosystems without]”
“Yellow-at risk of chaotic [climate health] collapse [into further climate pathologies]”
“Turquoise- a single living [0-sum octave PrimeMetric ecosystemic] entity”
an opportunity for complex multicultural
network evolution development,
where ‘yellow’ paranoid yin-repressed RightBrain depressives
“learn how to be [pathology of anger/fear] free
but also [regenerative-health] principled
seek[ing] the [bicameral turquoise Tao] order
beneath [and deeply within, and above, both out and in, midway,
inbetween, wu wei] Earth’s apparent [cosmological dualdark notnot co-gravitational] chaos.

Maybe there is something in the water
I take with my inhaled herbal medicines
producing such rich resonance of healthy fragrance
with spiraling ecopolitically developing multicultural color strings of remembering
co-empathic trust’s evolution
through regenerate humane/divine enculturation
emerging Ego/Eco nurturing timelessly co-present ecoconsciousness
of Tao-Tipping Points of nutritional v toxic climate experiential times.


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