Positive Political Psychology

I question my own interplay of psychology and political science.

Does this too facilely root analogy within ecology of climate health v pathology?


Intersections of sociology and psychology are at least academically commonplace.

I have a friend with a doctorate in something called social-psychology.

And, conjoining sociology with political power and its appositional marginalization reviews long too-familiar, uncomfortable, political and social pathology territory.


Most of us have experience of both elite and non-elite ecopolitical childhood memories;

elite as compared to younger children, on one hand, and non-elite compared to adults, on the other, more politically advantaged, side of our deep learning power-psychology spectrum.


From the more toxic disempowerment of non-elite embryonic experience, longing for the power-advantages of full-maturation, we can all empathize with life on the margins of a power-culture.

Living within these boundary-margins brings higher risks of political disinvestment, from others and from within;

including financial and sensory-nutritional disadvantages,

higher risks of  co-arising disempowerment,

of active mistrust

internally rooted in chronic paranoia about the ultimate prospect of dying, and egocentric death.


However, the direct attribution of political power to nutritional powers of healthy fertility,

now increasingly known as positive evolutionary psychology,

or even positive-deviant revolutionary psychology,

is seldom explored as Positive Interior Political Psychology meets Positive/Negative Exterior Political Psychology,

where Positive is populated by a culture’s politically and economically empowered elite

while Negative climate-trending populations become increasingly at risk.

Non-elite status darkens and fades into vaporous margins of oblivion

as our ecopolitical cognitive-affective dissonance perdures,

cancerously producing paranoia co-arising within as non-competitive and value-less without.


When I awaken in the morning, sometimes I feel vaguely paranoid,

mistrusting of this day’s potential for politically healthy relationships and  more economic nutrition than economically toxic dissipating outcomes.

At the end of this day will I feel more like I have been struggling against environments inhabited by viral scorpions,

or struggling with how to contain and sustain my non-paranoid sense of healthy ecological-ecopolitically cooperative-dominant elitism that feels and smells and tastes of co-empathic trust?


This cooperative v competitive, helpful v condemning, twist in resonantly positive, non-dissonant, psychology is about positive politically mutual-empowering elitism.

Positive political elite powers are always and everywhere in regeneratively evolving nature,

as contrasted to degeneratively devolving political natures and economic-nutritional/dissonant feelings, empathies fixated on antipathies.

More paranoid WinLose models of psychological, and ecological, and democratically integrative evolution, induce a competitive LeftBrain dominant frame of paranoia about death and suffering and loss and egocentric attachments,

including political powering-over norms and strategies to defend egocentric powers against time’s inevitable insufficiency to conclude on the winning side of life’s equation,

rather than RightBrain power-with WinWin nurturing norms of Earth’s optimally regenerative nature.


Earth evinces a history of anthro-enculturation through revolving perennial time

with secondary three-dimensional spatial attributions of language and geometrics

accessible to both our LeftBrain Yang political-psychology power-over egocentrism

and to RightBrain’s Yin economic-nutritional power flow-with co-arising DNA/RNA harmonic extending-selves.


Do I wake up to a political enculturation day seeking advantages over others

or co-investment abundance with others?

Psychological and political elites do our best to choose the democratically healthier abundance for multiculturally polypathic all

by letting go of paranoid baggage of WinLose ecopolitical advantage.


Both the psychological and political problems of LeftBrain competitive dominance trace back to two source-roots.

In science, regenerative WinWin evolutionary trends favoring cooperative organic norms have been presumed less powerful than WinLose survivalist norms under high-stressed environmental imbalance conditions.

What is ecologically normative cooperation has been psychologically and economically and politically usurped by a model of evolution that assumes ecological health is rooted in the dominance of power-over competitions.

Were this the actual historical case, then we have no way of explaining how natural ecosystems could evolve into self-regenerative biosystems of memory and increasing communication relational integrity;

organic systems of intelligent interdependent-sustainability.


The other root source goes back to the origins of religions as co-empathic trust in sacred powers. Human nature has revealed divine powers as both helpful, benign, and as condemning, vengeful, jealous.

The gods and goddesses of love fuel further fertile cooperative empathic trust in Earth’s regenerative future.

The demons and unkind gods and unfertile goddesses of condemnation, too often re-enacted by tough-love parents, and monoculturally xenophobic politicians, and WinLose economists and financial investment/disinvestment assumptions, provoke further cognitive-affective dissonance about our politically non-elite ego identities within,

and further terrorist supremacy theologies rather than regeneratively cooperative elite teleologies;

meanings and purposes for humane healthy relationships and transactions,

whether psychologically within

or politically without.


As many have said, but few have synergetically structured, as did Bucky Fuller,

it is easier to become psychologically healthy when we live in an ecopolitically regenerative culture,

but it is also easier to perceive a cooperatively regenerative ecopolitics of co-arising trust

when one starts each day of childhood through adult life

with positive evolutionary psychological assumptions that we are each here significantly to help each other by most resonantly and fully communicating who we are meant to become with full integrity of a helpful-healthy functional family,

within an extended family doing our Golden Rule optimizing best to achieve regenerative ecological balance

in both our interior psychological and exterior political EarthTribe landscapes and climates.


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