Cooperative Political Powers

Power to condemn others, and oneself,

is weaker than power to help others, as oneself.


Power to destroy others, and oneself,

is lesser than power to regenerate others, and oneself,



Powers of fear and anger management,

with terrifying consequences and pathological climate outcomes,

are absorbed by more resonant powers of active love

incarnating integrity.


Power to compete and win exclusive victories

is anemic when contrasted with polypathic powers to cooperate


as politically,

as ecologically smarter,

as psychologically healthier,

as empathically balancing trust with anti-ecological mistrust,

as socially astute,

as culturally polypathic,

as peacefully,

as justly,

as gracefully,

as karmically,

as cosmically,

as zero-zentrically organically incarnated.


Regenerative powers begin within still small,


enthymematic communication’s co-empathic voices

of bicamerally embryonic (0) sum appositional-cooperative balance.


A fundamental ecological problem for fascism,

and totalitarian governance strategies

supporting egocentric monoculturalism,

whether of oneself,

or one’s anthro-supremacist enculturing nation within an interdependent international planetary DNA/RNA Solidarity network,

or to build another Global Empire instead of regenerative self-governing solidarity within the entire world,

or any other portion of EarthTribe in between these ways we choose to slice

our primary home-identity pie,

our enduring ecopolitical issue is fascism’s single-minded fascination with strength of power

solely through internally united force,

as if one could optimize YangLandscapes without equivalent interdependent YinClimate-healthflow.

Both internal psychological

and external ecopolitical climates

of fascist fear/anger mongering,

managing through condemnation,

motivated by climates of fear,

collective nationalistic paranoia,

are blind to these far greater polypathic powers of multiculturally inclusive flow.


Our optimally facile, yin-flexible, ebbing and flowing, anti-Yang fascist, strength

emerges from our internally embryonic Yang/Yin co-empathic bilateral trust,

our basic mutual regard,

our intent toward regenerative health for all

by avoiding lesser WinLose suboptimizing compromises,

by constantly embracing full-flowing polypathic powers

of integrative inclusion, Ego/EcoLogical MultiCulturing WinWin MindBodies,

BiCamerally DNA-fractal (0)-sum polypathically sensory-neural programmed

regenerative evolution of human-time’s climate

and internal/external landscapes of  political health

as ecological wealth

for long-term future generations,

as for today,

each hour,

each moment,

each life,

each (0)-zen nanosecond of  bicameral ego/ecoconscious enthymematic rememory.


Political leaders whose primary appeal is their experience with anger and fear management,

corporate surgery,

and/or pharmaceutical escapism culturally covering WinWin opportunities for ecotherapy,

and WinLose economic strategic assumptions about the diverse strengths and weaknesses of truly humane evolution,

are elected by populations invested in settling for public policies and procedures intended to reduce pathological fears

through cultural denial of distinctions between healthy  cooperative empathic-trust exchanges

and further pathological climate change,

masking as EcoPolitical Business as Fascist-Survivalist WinLose Usual.


Thereby missing opportunities to more heroically and victoriously,

and, oh yes, regeneratively

sing and dance and proclaim and march toward Earth’s healthier external climates,

and internal landscapes

of truly ecologically balanced ecopolitical wealth optimizing futures

for all us ego/ecoconscious bicameral-balancing polypaths,

as for our EarthTribe Elders,

as toward our postmillennial ReGenerators of Earth’s ReCreation,

and not so much fascist-survivalist xenophobic marching

in anger and fear management politically bicamerally imbalanced circles and squares.


Certainly Earth’s evolutionary intelligence must be smarter

than a mere Trump Card,

favoring further WinLose pathologies,

when WinWin Permacultural Cooperative EcoPolitics

is waiting to become reborn

reweaving regenerativity’s multicultural potential

as our more integrated ego/ecoconscious polypathic trusting selves.


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