Permaculture Design Operetta

This Permaculture Design Operetta
comes out from within you
with universally acclaimed Grand Patriarchal Earth Rights
to sing in reverse harmonic rhythms and blues
with Full-Octave Matriarchal Earther Feminists Wronged,
marginalized in pre-millennial peace-maker roles
postmillennially re-inheriting the Good Society’s climate health revolution.

This divinely grand operetta
is also our ecological musical-comedy
about permacultural feminist cooperative networks
taking over Goddess Gaia’s Earth Worshipers,
baring buddha-breasts of WinWin PositiveFlow ReGenesis.

Tension builds in the First Act
as the Trump one-term administration is about to lose
to Bernie Sanders,
nominated by the postmillennialist 2020 Global EarthTribe EcoParty,
for more perfect revisions,
ominously networking online through a matriarchal WinWin flow-chart
of ecopolitical feminist psychologists
Permaculture Cooperative Network Designers.

These ultimate cooperators
are something of a socio-economic self-empowering on-line cooperative
where time-is-money gifted forward in a mutually owned (0)-sum economy
of regenerative evolution,
a subgroup within the regenerative evolution of our open-systemic WealthWithoutWalls
ecopolitical communication cooperative,
where who knows whom might say both-and what?

Followed reiteratively by a notnot double-binding reverse-hierarchical binary-fractal-octave 4D EcoConscious
unfolding of TaoTime’s speed of dualdark light
revolutionary equivalence
polypathically reminiscent, somehow,
with P = N(NP) bilaterality,
for ecotherapeutically balanced resonant (0)-soul sums
of humane-ego with divine-eco minbody nondual co-arising bicameral dipolarity.

So, Sander’s 2020 ReVision
will be undermined by wiki feminist cooperative lesbian bodhisattva witches?

Well, more understoried than undermined,
more subversive than reversive,
rooted in matriarchal full-octave circle Allies.
Basically all the other marginalized rejects
from the Obama Administration,
except a lot more transgender polypathic leadership.
You now,
for their bicameral co-empathic skills
with cooperative economics and political guilds,
and barn buildings,
and quilt-making,
and how to raise your own goats.
That kind of thing.

Oh, well,
the tension builds, right?

In the Second Act of our transubstantiating diastatic operetta,
we hear a great deal of squabbling about who is more politically correct
by wishing they could have run Sanders against Trump
four years earlier because,
with the first major party nominated woman running instead,
they felt Sander’s more feminist-friendly platform
was more exciting
than actually voting for a white woman
without sharing their idea of a proper feminist ecopolitical agenda
for matriarchal cooperatives
rather than more patriarchal WinLose competitions
between too anemically Yinnish Democrats
and too vastly Yangish Republicans.

Well, yes,
that sounds like a veritable slug fest
in a lusty mud pit.

Oh no, not at all.
These stories all evolve within a more peaceable jungle
of wiki wildness,
if only because of their responsibility for holding open freedom space
across such a diverse polyglot of other marginalized cultures,
recently freed to find each other
and therefore more easily capable of refining their cooperative strategies
due to on-line dialogue and ecopolitical discernment platforms
unfolding both-and WinWin ecological priority sites and chairs and positions
where they could organize all their time
and financially cooperative (0) interest investments
in each bartering other
and their extending EarthTribe intentional matriarchal families.

Trump, and his Cabinet of EcoAliens,
was adding anti-EPA fuel to their corporate fires.
Nor did it help that they were rather too toxically
anti-anybody not white-straight-male,
and, of course, anti-Islamic,
and then there was that purity test
where you couldn’t get back into the US
unless you could prove your lineage back toward the Pilgrims,
and not back to the Africans,
and not back to the Native Americans,
and this all felt rather arbitrary to the Supreme Court
and caused four years of nothing but squabbling
about who was going to take over what,
and how soon,
while, meanwhile,
the climate and landscapes of Earth Goddess Worshipers
continued to unravel.

I can barely sit still
in anticipation of your Third Act.
Will Bernie Sanders sing the final aria
of 2020 cooperative ecopolitical revision?
I’m not sure he is quite large enough to carry that tune.

Not by himself,
but remember,
this operetta is of permacultural design,
which is an inclusive self-governance process
toward nutritional health.
For this we need a full-octave gospel choir
not possible without an on-line nutritional performance platform.

OK, so I think I have the basic plot-line.
Now, how about costuming?

Minimalist, of course.

That sounds interesting!
depending on casting, of course.
We wouldn’t want to be confused
by The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes.


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