Pronoia Happiness Finals

Brezsny in quotes:

“Bestow a blessing on a person you’ve considered to be beneath you
or alien to you.”

Donald, may your future communications involve both deeper listening
and comprehensively ecological learning
about our cooperative potential as individually evolving parents,
and as group, or even international, health administrators,
facilitators of and for highest and best economic security
as an interdependent EarthTribal species.

“Who and what will you pray for as you’re making love?”

What: For this to never end
Who: for whom we are becoming together
in this eternal momentary flow of time’s becoming.

“May you get what you want and still want it”

May you get some polypathic logic you want
enough to ecologically sustain becoming at home within it.

“When the spell is broken,
you will be able to tap into resources you’ve been cut off from.
When the spell is broken,
you will finally notice the big, beautiful secrets
that have been lying in plain sight.
What is that spell?
Can you break it yourself?”

This spelling problem of replacing ‘live’ with ‘evil’,
echoes egocentric fear
paranoid fantasies about death as loss of regenerative potential for Earth,
without equivalent gain.

This would be a violation of the first Golden Rule of Cooperative Synergetic Open Systemic Thermodynamics:
If Ego’s +1-Up = EcoLogic’s notnot in (0)-fractal squared potential,
then RightBrain’s notnot Empty (0)
will always regenerate further +1 Interdependent
BiLateral ConVexing Systemic Formations.

“Eckhart Tolle says this: ‘The most powerful starting point for any endeavor is not the question What do I want?, but What does Life (God, Consciousness, [time’s ecological regenerativity]) want [invite] from me?
How do I serve the whole?'”

More cooperatively organic planning and inclusive multicultural design,
with less cognitive-affective dissonant outcomes
due to irrational loss and suffering.

“What is the one feeling you want to feel more than any other
in the next three years?”

Abundant bliss-flow of buddha-logic, CoRedeemer-logic, Tao-logic, EcoLogical ReGenerative Time of Earth’s Becoming CoOperatively Invested Balance.

“Give examples to illustrate the differences between dumb, trivial pleasure
and smart, life-exalting pleasure.”

Hypnotizing passive entertainments v WinWin cooperative play and performance exchanges. Less dramatic relief held by others; more group sing alongs.

“Arguments with God is the only organization on the planet that specializes in the art of debating with the Creator. Our trained Prayer Warriors are standing by, ready to deliver the protests and complaints that you want to convey…. Write your first draft here.”

Hey! White Patriarchal God!
Why not come out of your transgenderal people of all Earth colors
Matriarchal Goddess Closet?

“A dissident wing of the Beauty and Truth Lab (the “Uproaries”) defines happiness as
‘the state of mind that results from cultivating interesting, useful problems.’
See if you can make that definition work for you.”

Most Captivating Capital Problem: How to persuade ecopolitically empowered leaders,
including media administrators,
to invest LeftBrain dominance, premillennial,
inviting Right/Left
Matriarchy/Patriarchy equivalence,
as Yin cooperative power-with others inside is to Yangcompetitive power-over others outside,
when TaoTime balances co-arising investments as
PolyNomial Power of Communication = NotNot PolyPathic Flow of Imagination.

“‘I can’t exactly walk on the water,’ says Russ Crim, ‘but it looks like I can because I know where the rocks are hiding
just beneath the surface of the water.’
Translate this approach into a charismatic trick that you will perform.

Together, we take a second, redemptive, reweaving look
at opportunities,
to deep learn how to predict how they also include appositional risks
of over-investment,
where we have ecologically under-invested in potential nutritional abundance.
Aim for midway wu-wei accuracy with uncovering and unfolding Tipping Points of geo-, bio-, and ecosystemic regeneration of time-in-nutritional-balance ourselves.

“Do something that you will remember with pride and passion until the end of your days. Report your results here.”

Successfully defending, even cooperatively singing and dancing, the writing of my/our PhD dissertation in Political Philosophy,
entitled Our PermaCulture Designers’ Opera,
written in libretto.

“Tell about the moment you finally realized who exactly you are–
or imagine the time you’ll do so in the future.”

In this eternal moment
I am transubstantiating this transgenderal manifestation
of time’s enculturing ecological regenesis;
so my budda-sattvaness is also our eco-sattva,
now in a bit of an ecopolitical mess.

“‘Each person is a story that the Soul of the World wants to tell to itself,’
says Michael Meade.
What does the Soul of the World want to say through you?”

We are our multiculturally ecological developing world,
cooperating at and into our best Golden Rule outcome performances
within a Permaculture Designing Opera
of collective pro-creation nutritional stories,
where deeper is also richer and more erotic/agapic yummy.

Evolution is about the WinWin regeneration of Earth;
not a theory of relativistic survival and denial and repression
of those best able to struggle against stressed-out
egocentric WinLose organic devolution.


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