Medicine and Sickness

Medicine and sickness satisfy each other.
MotherEarth is medicine.
Where do you find yourself?
Zen Master Yunmen
China, 800s

Therapy and trauma require each other.
Ecological Earth is nature-spirit therapy.
Where and how
and when
and what
and why
and whom do you traumatize
with small-ego identifying Self?

You cannot resolve dissonance
with traumatic thinking and feeling
and competitive Win-Lose policy making
and economic exchanges
causing natural-spiritual anti-cooperative problems.

You can solve problems
with therapeutically inclusive planning
and ownership
and mutually grateful consciousness,
cognitive/affective therapies
for Win-Win overpowering Win-Lose past trauma.

At what point does therapeutic integrity
become headed toward traumatic disintegration,
more cognitive-affective dissonance
than coherence,
safe vulnerability,
rather than depressing
this unlabeled suppression
of integrity our bicameral selves,

Medicine for all Earth’s Tribes,
for restoring virgin forests
and pure oceans,
root ego/ecosystems?

Before he was embraced
by his Democratic Party,
Senator Obama
not yet nominated for U.S. CEO
wrote about political compromise
as contrasted with spiritual integrity.
He quotes Benjamin Franklin,

“I would rather have it said,
He lived usefully,
He died rich.”

The difference between living spiritual integrity
and Business As Usual
rich but dying Trumpism,
as Franklin and Obama see
healthy usefulness,
is something too valuable
to be bought and sold-out for;
While Trumpism
has no eyes to discern
this difference between health and wealth,
between loyal integrity of mutual Win-Win cooperation
and hoarding excessive riches
and influence
against future Win-Lose competitions.

Antagonistic plutocrats,
including zealous evangelical supremacists
filled with religiosity of doctrines and words
and empty of spirituality
informed by personal experience and consciousness,
measure integrity
by buying and selling their compromised competition values,
while a truly integrated democratic disciple of integrity
of healthy usefulness,
uses cooperatively healthy v. pathologically competitive
to measure different Tipping Points
between positive and negative values,
like hoarding,
and other monoculturing supremacist
negative tendencies.

If I were an Obama Foundation,
I would gather private and public foundations
and community organizer Allies,
to support indigenously owned openings
of cooperative MotherEarth Cafes,
where homeless and malnourished and criminalized
and victimized
and ostracized
would gather in PeaceCircles
to read our poetry,
to dance our cooperative rhythms and cycles,
to single our gospel anthems
to feed on and breathe and absorb organic nurture
of and for Audacious Hope,
to learn to play smarter ecopolitical Win-Win games
of healthy integrity.

MotherEarth Cafes across these Uniting States
hosting local Democratic Parties
for their open microphone meetings,
setting Town Meeting Agendas,
PermaCulturing Designs for ReStoring Peace and Justice,
in cooperation with Republican Committees
and Libertarian Committees
and Green Committees
and Rainbow Committees
and Feminist Committees
and OrganicGardening Committees
and any integrative cooperative ecopolitical party
who bothers to show up
sharing this belief
in healthy usefulness
for measuring authentically wealthy values
and pathologically disintegrative disvalues.

To contain anything
is to exclude something,
Whether we speak of our interdependent Universes
or our therapeutic medicines,
and Not (Not ZeroSum).

Therapy and trauma invite and engage each other.
Ecological Earth is nature-spirit therapy.
Where and how do you continue traumatic
degeneration stories?
And why?

Red and TrueBlue Family

Red and Blue Estrangered Families

Dear Siblings Three,

I was reading a story
in which some siblings became estranged
after their parents died,
while others moved toward greater solidarity.

This is a variation on a diaspora story.
But, here growing physical distance
is seen more as a geographic effect
than a political cause
of growing estrangement on one side,
and solidarity on the other.

Emigration out toward others of like faith systems
and re-immigration of siblings back toward each other,
circling our tribal wagons,
for now it is our turn
for that Great Transition
into mere grandparent mortality,
to go out toward this night better informed together
than estranged alone.

I thought of how true this is for me,
with my three siblings;
an older brother Mike
an sister Connie
from whom I feel estranged,
and a younger sister Kerry
whose mind and heart,
spirit and nature,
have always been
and yet still become
as one.

If I used speed dial
on my smart phone,
Kerry would be first on my contacts list.
My husband would be a distant second.

By contrast,
if Mike or Connie ever called,
my screen would only show
Michigan or Texas
because I have never put them in my contacts list.

That is how I define estranged
as contrasted with

Why we are as we are
we have never discussed.
And I wonder if I will regret this
should any one of you fade back into MotherEarth
before I do.

I suppose this sibling divide
may have to do with competing faith systems
rather than exploring cooperative,
and mutually appreciative,
multiculturing faith systems.

But I have no idea whether Connie or Mike would agree
with this hypothesis of prime cause,
or might include this
in a larger bag of history and enculturation
I have not thought of,
or perhaps have not yet learned to see.

when I was compiling a list of Republicans I know
well enough to ask who they voted for
in our most recent Presidential selection,
and how are we feeling now
about those choices,
two of the four people I could imagine asking,
and yet not without some fear and trepidation,
are my own estranged Mike and Connie.

This leaves me wondering
how we will grow healthier as Earth’s
#1 consumer of fossil-based dwindling energy
and #1 producer of global climate pathologies, per capita,
if we don’t even talk about this
as families estranged from each other’s faith systems
yet sharing one national,
and preferably civil,

Faith systems, if they are about good faith,
should produce our own lives of growing integrity
and faith in healthy futures
for our children and grandchildren.

So it is, I am asking
Mike and Connie, but also Kerry,

Who did you vote for President last year,
or who would you have voted for,
in case you didn’t bother?
And how are you thinking/feeling
about that preference now,
approaching one year later?

I’ll start,
and invite each of you to respond in kind,
rather than writing in response to my story,
or to each other’s.
We can get to compare and contrast later,
as a second stage in a national dialogue,
if we each survive this familial first.

I would have voted for Hillary
if I had found the new polling place
before it so rudely closed,
right after I finally wrestled Ivy into bed.

During both the Obama and Clinton administrations,
Hillary was the primary architect,
or at least one of just two or three,
of diverse attempts to actually pass what would ideally have become
universal health care legislation
through a typically constipated bicameral Congress.

It also seemed to me that she extends her economic
and political investments
in health care
and receiving
to environmental health care
and receiving
and ecological opportunities
to explore WinWin bicameral solutions
for both Republican conservators
in defense of humane physical,
and mental,
and spiritual health;
and Democratic libertines of equal health and thrival opportunities
of and for all species.

I erroneously thought the Republican candidate
was unlikely to win
because he ran against all of the above,
so at least the large majority of women voters,
traditionally strong on family and community health care issues,
would find Donald to be anathema,
both ecologically
and sacredly.

So, how I am feeling now,
as a Blue Connecticut State resident,
is angry,
and terrified
that what was Presidential campaign promised
continues to be my nightmares of cosmological disaster and threat,
and therefore compelled to do everything I can
to facilitate all of us
learning as much from this economic and ecological and political mistake
as possible,
as quickly as possible,
seeking 2020 critical certainty
before 2020 reaches its ultimate November selection.

We are a two BlueState,
two RedState family,
although Michigan is more ambiguous,
I doubt Mike’s Michigan Republican experience
is peculiarly ambiguous.

If we can talk about this
in a mutually appreciative way,
with gratitude for this opportunity
which can only last through all four lifelines,
perhaps we can help set a more harmonic bicameral tone
for and with our other increasingly estranged States,
and families.


Sacred Numbers

Numbers, numerals,
like words,
combinations of letters,
mean something,
sometimes more secular,
sometimes more sacred ecological.

Numerals and letters share sacred iconic human-intelligence root systems
within a bicameral ecology of mind-body nonduality,
both RightBrain matriarchal empowering flow of integrity (Czikszentmihalyi)
and LeftBrain patriarchal Yang deductive empowered language
of ecological-bilateral numerals (B. Fuller).

like rhythms and fractal-holonic patterns,
show up in nature,
as natural primal relationships
with the revolutions of seasonal eco-development time.

We have Century Plants
blossoming only once in 100 years.
Where did they learn their metric-memory skills,
RNA-rooted intelligence?

We have histories of locusts
swarming every 25 years.
How many generations is that
in locust co-intelligence?

We have Old Faithful.
How do these bio-ecosystems know when it is time to show up,
and when it is time for Business As Usual,
not show off?

When is it time for numeric revolutionary performances,
and more aptic time for normal evolutions
of everyday,
fertile enhealthing
ecological seasons?

Bicamerally-bilaterally structured humans
have 1,000 year millenniums,
boundary periods of ecological discernment,
sacred-secular nondual potentials increased
for Left-Right balance development,
scientifically conservative yet also spiritually progressive,
for healthier conversations between our Yang Patriarchal languaged LeftBrains
and our Yin-Matriarchal-Integral
relational rhythmed
ecological patterned,
sacred-iconic nurturing RightBrain.

These revolutionary recycling events
feel more sacred
then humdrum secular
not 100th year,
not 25th year,
not one thousandth year,
and yet there is a building up prophetic era
emerging from secular medians
toward sacred climax,
just as there is a sacred afterglow of memory
reweaving these repurposing miracles
of life’s iconic mysteries.

What if LeftBrain has developed iconic political powers of language
speaking of, and longing for,
regenerative conservation of ecologically healthy meaning,
naturally effective,
cooperative communicating;
while RightBrain,
older on the phylogenic ladder of DNA revolution
of what had been RNA monotheistic root systemic
health-wealth normative evolutionary symmetries of cooperative health?
Matriarchal reverse-hierarchical extending family trees,
singing and dancing
marching and flying and swimming
diastatically climaxing for and with economic-ecologic
iconic seasonal re-integrity,
wealth ionic-contenting health,
karmic flow of right-timed bliss,
erotic through agapic sacred grace
of regenerate health-wealth co-arising
Left-Right nonduality,
ego/eco-political empowering attitudes of polypathic trust,
(0) soul, sum, core millennial balancing.

A great deal has been LeftBrain written
about the iconic historical evolution of numerals.
Perhaps a great deal more has been felt
about the RightBrain embryonic ElderMatriarchal womb,
virginal bilateral emptiness
of polypathic-estrogenetic zero (0),
and the LeftBrain Yang convex-vertical
prominant testoster-oned one (1).

But, both seem to ecologically deliver themselves
in PositiveRegenerative and NegativeDegenerative spectral multicultural varieties,
balancing at the DoubleNegative tipping points of equivalence,
Left-Right cognitive confluence,
rather than cognitive-affective ecologically more secular climates
of everyday Business As Usual competitive political dissonance.

What might it mean to have 2020 bicameral ecopolitically balanced ReVolutioning Vision?
To bicamerally hear,
to multicultural civil eco-service rights and wrongs taste,
to matriarch-cooperative network
economic slow diastatic-fertile growth of ecological-flow feel,
ecopolitically co-arising nondual post-millennial mindbodies
of Left-Right ego/eco-balancing consciousness?

It’s 2017.
A lot of permaculturally nutritious ecopolitical designs could emerge
before the upcoming
revolutionary Roaring 2020s.

Interesting about early 2017 new not-so-Presidential Executive Orders
to immediately dismantle,
by means of neglect to feed and water,
our imperfect frames for national access to health care
and national, even international, access to global climate health,
to the full extent now lawful.

How could this be any post-millennial climate health afterglow at all?
I wonder in bicameral dismay.
As we incarnate 2020 Vision
among Washington’s pay for public services rendered,
would it not be our health and safety collective duty
to defend regenerative health and happiness,
safety and prosperity,
freedom from unhealthy exploitation of Earth’s resources
and freedom toward healthy development
of regenerative climate bio and ecotherapies?

What could our democratic unity of ecopolitical states
of healthy and secure mind and body nondually mean,
if not to cooperatively pursue healthy biological
and ecological

So these Executive Orders
appear uncivil nonservice,
intrinsically anti-health and happiness AntiConstitutional to me,
for any civil servant of health and safety
anathema of plutocratic anthrocentric hubris,
both politically and economically untenable
for our shared healthy futures,
and future health regenerations.

Are these early indicators that anti-regenerative supremacy
has become a self-impeaching
excommunicating offense
against basic first premises of a fearlessly trusting democracy,
freedom of and for health and safety
of fertile cooperative 2020 integrity
of ecotherapeutic character,
WinWin politically cooperative
defensively secure development
of growing climate health-progressive trends,
ecological-economic nondual opportunities
to reduce high-risk competitive climates of dehumanizing
nature-spirit anti-ecological pathology.

Numbers, numerals,
like words, composed of iconic letters and declarative constitutions,
mean something secularLeft-sacredRight nondual
rising 2020 ReVolution.


Permaculture Design Operetta

This Permaculture Design Operetta
comes out from within you
with universally acclaimed Grand Patriarchal Earth Rights
to sing in reverse harmonic rhythms and blues
with Full-Octave Matriarchal Earther Feminists Wronged,
marginalized in pre-millennial peace-maker roles
postmillennially re-inheriting the Good Society’s climate health revolution.

This divinely grand operetta
is also our ecological musical-comedy
about permacultural feminist cooperative networks
taking over Goddess Gaia’s Earth Worshipers,
baring buddha-breasts of WinWin PositiveFlow ReGenesis.

Tension builds in the First Act
as the Trump one-term administration is about to lose
to Bernie Sanders,
nominated by the postmillennialist 2020 Global EarthTribe EcoParty,
for more perfect revisions,
ominously networking online through a matriarchal WinWin flow-chart
of ecopolitical feminist psychologists
Permaculture Cooperative Network Designers.

These ultimate cooperators
are something of a socio-economic self-empowering on-line cooperative
where time-is-money gifted forward in a mutually owned (0)-sum economy
of regenerative evolution,
a subgroup within the regenerative evolution of our open-systemic WealthWithoutWalls
ecopolitical communication cooperative,
where who knows whom might say both-and what?

Followed reiteratively by a notnot double-binding reverse-hierarchical binary-fractal-octave 4D EcoConscious
unfolding of TaoTime’s speed of dualdark light
revolutionary equivalence
polypathically reminiscent, somehow,
with P = N(NP) bilaterality,
for ecotherapeutically balanced resonant (0)-soul sums
of humane-ego with divine-eco minbody nondual co-arising bicameral dipolarity.

So, Sander’s 2020 ReVision
will be undermined by wiki feminist cooperative lesbian bodhisattva witches?

Well, more understoried than undermined,
more subversive than reversive,
rooted in matriarchal full-octave circle Allies.
Basically all the other marginalized rejects
from the Obama Administration,
except a lot more transgender polypathic leadership.
You now,
for their bicameral co-empathic skills
with cooperative economics and political guilds,
and barn buildings,
and quilt-making,
and how to raise your own goats.
That kind of thing.

Oh, well,
the tension builds, right?

In the Second Act of our transubstantiating diastatic operetta,
we hear a great deal of squabbling about who is more politically correct
by wishing they could have run Sanders against Trump
four years earlier because,
with the first major party nominated woman running instead,
they felt Sander’s more feminist-friendly platform
was more exciting
than actually voting for a white woman
without sharing their idea of a proper feminist ecopolitical agenda
for matriarchal cooperatives
rather than more patriarchal WinLose competitions
between too anemically Yinnish Democrats
and too vastly Yangish Republicans.

Well, yes,
that sounds like a veritable slug fest
in a lusty mud pit.

Oh no, not at all.
These stories all evolve within a more peaceable jungle
of wiki wildness,
if only because of their responsibility for holding open freedom space
across such a diverse polyglot of other marginalized cultures,
recently freed to find each other
and therefore more easily capable of refining their cooperative strategies
due to on-line dialogue and ecopolitical discernment platforms
unfolding both-and WinWin ecological priority sites and chairs and positions
where they could organize all their time
and financially cooperative (0) interest investments
in each bartering other
and their extending EarthTribe intentional matriarchal families.

Trump, and his Cabinet of EcoAliens,
was adding anti-EPA fuel to their corporate fires.
Nor did it help that they were rather too toxically
anti-anybody not white-straight-male,
and, of course, anti-Islamic,
and then there was that purity test
where you couldn’t get back into the US
unless you could prove your lineage back toward the Pilgrims,
and not back to the Africans,
and not back to the Native Americans,
and this all felt rather arbitrary to the Supreme Court
and caused four years of nothing but squabbling
about who was going to take over what,
and how soon,
while, meanwhile,
the climate and landscapes of Earth Goddess Worshipers
continued to unravel.

I can barely sit still
in anticipation of your Third Act.
Will Bernie Sanders sing the final aria
of 2020 cooperative ecopolitical revision?
I’m not sure he is quite large enough to carry that tune.

Not by himself,
but remember,
this operetta is of permacultural design,
which is an inclusive self-governance process
toward nutritional health.
For this we need a full-octave gospel choir
not possible without an on-line nutritional performance platform.

OK, so I think I have the basic plot-line.
Now, how about costuming?

Minimalist, of course.

That sounds interesting!
depending on casting, of course.
We wouldn’t want to be confused
by The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes.


2020 Polypathic EarthRights Party

Tell us what everybody most needs to know about the 2020 Global EarthRights Party.

Well speaking for myself,
and I guess probably my extended family
of diverse relatives and friends and neighbors,
certainly including the polar bears and turtles
and frogs and trees at-risk,
although I hesitate to put my words in others’ mouths,
or root systems,
I believe our cooperativey held central platform
supports regenerative health,
so we are all against further degenerative climate pathologies.

some of us seem to be LeftBrain better about defining these pathologies
we are all against
than we are RightBrain adept with optimally flowing refinements
of regenerative healthy wealth,
which we are all for.

That said,
I believe we might also agree,
whatever regenerative health is,
and most locally incarnating economic and political good,
this same healthy norms of polypathic value/disvalue
is characteristic of all living organic constitutions
balancing freedoms to recreate cooperative abundance
with freedoms from further degeneratingly dissonant competitions
of and for I must win so you must lose egocentrism,
most either/or assuredly,
but also downgrading co-arising anthrocentrism ourselves
as anything less than humanely-divine Left/Right bicamerally balanced
internal ecopolitical parties
playing WinWin ecological-biological health games.

The very idea that we could, together,
further advance cooperative ecopolitical regenerative capacities
of organic ego/eco-perpetuation
through competitive nationalistic
or even egocentric Win now to Lose even more climate health later
seems patently worthy of poetic satire
and fabulously obvious as politically incorrect
within the 2020 EarthRights Rainbow Party.

For someone who feels so hesitant to speak and sing and dance for others,
you certainly do invest a healthy amount of redundant back and forth
in your response to what was my first,
and now must become my last, question.
we’re out of time and space.

My point exactly.
Degenerating absence of sufficient ecopolitically cooperative time and space
is a LeftBrain dominant illusion of dissonance
within EarthTribe’s polypathic regeneratively co-arising
Elder RightBrain eco-flow of timing.

Maybe one more quick question,
hopefully with a quick response.
Who is not already in this 2020 EarthRights Party?

Well, it’s not yet 2020,
so one quick answer is everyone.
On the other hand,
everyone who actively intends to fill-in our polypathic regenerative health
as a wealth-network cooperative,
gifting ourselves forward between now and 2020,
is further introducing our WinWin evolutionary gaming prototype
of regenerative bilaterally balancing Ego/Earth time itself.

Are you suggesting that I could be a 2020 Party member
without even realizing it yet?

but, because of our inherently regenerative healthy constitutions,
we seem to become explicit DNA EarthRights Party members
as soon as we realize
we are already programmed to play this thermodynamically resonant Party Game,
but just not very well Right with LeftBrain balanced yet,
settling for ecologies,
within and without,
of WinLose relativity
when we could, together, enjoy exclusively WinWin DNA/RNA Solidarity ecopolitics,
also constitutionally regenerative within,
as prime (0) spacetime fusion polypathic principality,
and endo/ecto bilateral-capitally co-invested,
and when political landscape nutritional balance within,
resonantly digesting LeftBrain justice with RightBrain interdependent peace,
reflects our economic climate investments/divestments without.

When do you expect this prototype to fully unfold
toward peak regenerative performance,
if you will.
And please avoid anything too graphic;
this is a family show, keep in mind.

In 2020, if you will.

I guess I should have seen that climax coming.

Sounds more like you are already there
in your growing polypathic imagination,
looking for dormant nutrients and seeds
in this year’s harvested ecopolitical pathologies
of climate despair
and resistance to EarthTribe’s health loss and suffering.
It just gets easier to EarthRights play and party WinWin
with bicamerally fusing flowing ego/eco-consciousness.

Tell me something.
With the microphones and cameras off,
who do you think is the best Avatar
for EarthRights Party successful outcomes?

I think all Avatars are equally successful in the end
because in WinWin games,
no one optimally wins
until every breathing player wins
our abundantly integrative potential
for regenerative polypathic health.


Life’s Compelling Quarter

“I moved through the Quarter
as if through a stage-set to an opera
which, having finished its run,
might be struck at any moment.”
John Wray, Canaan’s Tongue

I move through this post-selection Quarter
as if a Fat Lady on an opera stage
which I must Final Curtain
through this eternally regenerating song.

I sing with all PermaCulturing Bodhisattvas
and CoMessiahs,
all EcoTherapists and Public Health Advocates,
all Ecologically Evolutionary Political Scientists,
all Cooperative Nutritional Scientists and Artists
recommitting ecopolitical acts
co-arising ecoconscious cooperative consciences
strong rooted in rational co-empathic trust in truth
as beautifully regenerative futures
could not become from merely ugly degenerative pasts,
climates and landscapes of health struggling with pathology,
and too often struggling against ecological balance
shining through our new dawn,
our new Full-Quartered Octave Day,
for cooperatively global peace corporations
and interdependently nutritional Earth Rights
and Wrongs of past Climate Pathologies.

Fellow ecotherapeutic researchers,
feelers of Earth’s cooperative kindness
and competing digestive unkindnesses,
unveil this opera’s climate change mask of academic neutrality,
to speak your Full Yang/Yin Informed Flow, MultiPathically Well-Formed,
our premillennial truth has included climate/landscape pathologies
of LeftBrain cognitive-affective enculturation,
both dominant yet dissonant
with Earth’s compelling WinWin regenerative nutritional trends
through DNA/RNA EarthRights nurturing solidarity.

We, together, cross this final LeftBrain Dominating Quarter,
to reweave historic geometric networks
of organically self-perpetuating ecopolitical systems,
to CoArise this cooperative EarthTribe CoOpera Research Network,
mandala fractal dynamos transubstantiating maya,
appositional health devouring oppositional antipathic dispolarities,
mass conversions of WinLose hysterics and terrorists and nihilists
co-passionately singing and dancing
Beloved MultiCultural Communicating Communities.

We move through this Final First 2020 ReVision Quarter
co-arising our WinWin EarthTribe ReGeneration Game
played with freedoms equilaterally eco-balancing platforms,
nutritional principles,
and health policies
of Elders past, and for full-optimizing futures,
incarnating Earth’s Climate Health Party.

I ask if this Quarter is an EcoPolitical Party
or a self-with-other EarthOpera Loving Game?

We answer both-and! yet again,
again reweaving
this public and private health and safety hunt and gather
to give away nutritional game
suitable for WinWin families
and especially children
still wise enough to play as ecotherapy
on landscapes where the sun is always rising
and setting
on every belonging one in-between.

I ask if this CoOperative Party Game of 2020 Climate ReVision
might feel more impending or compelling.

We answer
If one, then also the other.
If neither, then both, co-arising together.