I’m reading The Evolving Self:
A Psychology for the Third Millennium,
by Czikszentmihalyi,
and How the West [sadly] Came To Rule:
The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism,
Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisanciogla
at the same time.

Czikszentmihalyi (C) wears academic labels of Positive Psychology,
interested in why and when and where our psyche’s do cooperatively flow best,
and when differentiated ego-identities are more likely to get in the way
of mental happiness optimization,
a co-empathic nondual bliss zone.

Anievas and Niscanciogla (A&N), well, it’s complicated,
but Anievas wears a political scientist label,
and is interested in why and when and where differentiated economic and political forces are more competitively successful,
winning in the militaristic and racist international volumes of violent comparative history.
This ecopolitical story unfolds unevenly empowered by resilience of ecosystemic balance
between healthy land and workers
and multicultural consumer-producer harmony,
at least on the more matriarchal home front of transgenerational nurturance,
WinWin familial and/or tribal, and/or feudal ecopolitics.

Here, international power relations grow up
to become the proud military-capital invested parents
of their prodigal children,
racial-cultural elites playing WinLose survivalist evolution
against internal-flow health of non-elite bioregions.
It remains unclear whether these Western Winners might have chosen to optimize more inclusive WinWin flow
by leading with cooperative ecopolitical empathic trust strategies;
just as this is often unclear within our day-to-day family feuds,
or even the LeftYang-RightYintegral battles
written across each human heart.

I start wondering if C’s co-arising forces of ego-differentiation and Self-with-Other harmonic flow opulence could,
on a wider, more geopolitical, scale,
be dynamically equivalent to A&N’s uneven ecopolitical health maturation
and integral flow of wealth,
ebbing and flowing international trends toward capital-rich nutrients.

If so, then these same appositional duo-dynamos are at work in Yang force
with Yin flow,
Left MindBody dominance with RightBrain elder-sacred economic recession,
and yet within this larger stage
the personal integrity possibilities of Left-Right geopolitical mindbody ecobalance remains.
At least imaginatively;
rather like a Thought Experiment of spectrum-relativity.

Each geopolitical phylogenic development process
begins baptized in a nurturing health-wealth matriotic economy
because this is true for each of us as ego-identified.
We might stand within historical reason
beginning with Elder RightBrain’s temporal-only center,
more autonomic and bilaterally-bicamerally intuitive.
RightBrain intuition could be an important source for Positive Psychology’s healthy nutritional flow patterns and rhythms
toward Self/Other integrity,
co-empathic trust as ecopolitically cooperative wealth.

In this time of urgent need to improve climate health,
rather than adding further pathological Yang LeftDominant competitions,
evolution’s phylogenic development invites healing through Yin-integrative flow,
reconnecting paradigmatic networks,
revolving our ego-eco deep learning YangEgo ebb
to more fully sustain
Yin’s eco-climate flow.

Another approach,
also ending in whatever “eco” means to you,
whether home or Rome or Earth or even the worship of capital itself,
is to notice that history is itself Yang Dominant,
as Yin-RightBrain speaks only the dialects of integrity’s relationship.
The search for Yang/Yin balance is, in this sense,
a search for ecopolitical domestic Left/Right justice with peace flow harmony,
deeply learned and held by the daily non-event miracles
of nonhistory’s matriotically integral evolutions
of sustained climate health
continuing to struggle with monocultural
LeftBrain militaristic and competing capitalistic history of WinLose wrongs,
of climate pathology.

This does not say,
nor imply,
that gender climates
and racial climates
and military climates
and economic climates
are all the same difference.
Nor does this suggest one is more important than the other.
That would be a YangDominant process of differentiation.

Needed now, for multicultural polypathic deep learning,
is Yin’s integral DNA/RNA solidarities
of double-binding (0)sum temporal-evolution-incarnating fractals
framing eternity signs of octave torus
matriotic integral and patriotic external refining eco-harmonics,
regeneratively guiding climate health
away from climate pathologies,
both psychological and geopolitical.




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