All American Mentors

A happy healthy and wealth-integrated Right Brain
grows maturely silent as a calm winter night,
content to allow LeftBrain to ego-chatter away
debating further cooperative plans
for Earth’s and RightBrain’s and,
most immediately satisfying and nutritious,
EgoSelf’s better beloved belonging day.

In an evolutionary historical sense,
we are each and all,
Western and Eastern hemispheres,
Northern and Southern hemispheres,
RightBrain embedded in Matriotic Earth’s flowing regenerative warm womb,
before being exposed to the deductive spring of LeftBrain bicameral emergence,
bringing new-born evidence of Earth’s truth as beauty,
submitted by light of Father Sun’s co-empathic radiant trust
in what is MidWay warm,
not too Yangish zealously condemning hot,
and not too Yin-recessively disenfranchised cold.

This integratively cooperative and nurturing economy
of RightBrain’s heart chakra,
listens to deep ecologically learn, recall, remember
LeftBrain’s polypathic ecopolitical capital investment chakra,
with both wise opportunities
and overly reductive-deductive risks.

Yintegral Wisdom
RightBrain deep flowing
Yang’s polypathic bicameral imagination
toward spacetimeless capital-invested (0)-sum belonging,
void of any cogniive-affective remaining dissonance,
resistance to Yang/Yin cooperative ecopolitical contentment
within this silence
of a warm winter night’s co-redemptive womb,
becoming evolution’s further revolution
of polypathic bliss,
multiculturally invested
in bicamerally co-arising nonduality
of ecological ecopolitics
through winter’s contenting hibernation,
calm before more 2020 convergence storms
of laughter,
remembering how foolish LeftBrain has been
to not see RightBrain’s invisible health as wealth.


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