Earth’s Messiah Vocation

George Lakoff, in The Political Mind (2008),
speaks to permacultural tension within democratic governance;
between conservative competitions for sufficiently orthodox authority
and progressive movements for more cooperatively integrative empathy.

This purpose of mind,
or human consciousness,
is to evolve further humane integrity of Earth’s-consciousness;
to become more ecologically informed
about climate pathologies,
internal and external,
even global;
to draw together LeftBrain’s authoritative conserving of deductions
with RightBrain’s progressive co-empathic trust in Earth,
in our polypathic need for each multicultural Other,
even for something as politically basic
as having,
refining a well-integrated
and conservatively-responsible
sense of ego-identity.

We have no politically authoritative YangEgo
if there is not first an economically progressive
co-empathic Yintegral
with nutritionally health-balancing ecopolitical thermodynamics.

Conserving the health of Earth and of AnthroEgos
is our nondual authoritative LeftYang
and co-empathic RightYin
co-arising Climate Health vocation,
as a species,
as members, inheritors and progenitors,
of extended DNA/RNA Solidarity families,
as individual polypathic ego/eco-conscious self-regenerative identities,
avatars of sacred co-intelligent Left/Right PermaCultural Design.

While I try to err on the side of staying positive,
or don’t publish,
I want to veer in that other negative-oppositional direction,
but out of a “here’s what has been helpful for me” place of solidarity,
and not that other conservative-condemning voice of
“you folks have serious climate issues.”

In dealing with my daughter’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder
I have come to see and hear ODD as an indiscriminate form of bullying.
Bullying is normally reserved for strategic targets,
but ODD is a more chronic and democratically inclusive form,
often rooted in early experiences of feeling nutrition-deprived of nurturing.
Regardless, for me,
ODD has become bullying on chronically paranoid steroids,
anger about, and fear of, everybody,
sights and sounds,
the word “no.”

In this sense, ODD and bullying are forms of Climate Healing Denial.
And, that is how I hear national U.S. political and economic leaders
who deny the overwhelming multicultural evidence
that climate change is a climate pathological trend,
which our most conservative spiritual and religious
and moral
and atheistic
and any form of belief in system development at all
agree moves us in the opposite, degenerative, trend
of nature-spirit’s nondual regenerative healing needs
right now.

Not in ten minutes,
when ego is more distracted,
but right now,
and in 10 minutes,
and 10 days,
and 10 months,
and 10 years,
and 100 years.

When our Ego’s go off into a paranoid ODD,
despairing of Climate Health Progress,
inside or outside or usually both,
it’s time to reframe our deep ecology education
about our polypathic healing vocation
through balancing our LeftEgo and RightEco consciousnesses;
psychologically, sure.
But, also Conservative/Progressive
EarthHealth ecopolitically;

Neither natural ecosystems
nor sacred spiritual faith experiences
can continue evolving in a healthy regenerative directions
during a crisis of struggling-against despair dissonance
toward chronically monoculturing paranoid climate pathologies
of abjectly nihilistic despair;
chaotic entropic outcomes.

Both Earth’s environment (eco)
and self spiritual identity (ego)
assume and require basic Climate Health
toward regenerative integrity, complexity, to continue evolving together.

As we have orthodoxically and DNA/RNA authoritatively received,
so can we co-invite each other to empathically, and integratively
and polypathically,
and multiculturally,
and ego/eco-consciously
give future healthy-wealthy regenerators
of all Earth’s Conserving-Yang/Progressing-Yintegrating Synergetic Tribes.


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