I Am Not His Property

I wake up with a great startle.

My Obama EarthTribe CoOperative WinWin GlobalVillage Dream
was merely my hibernation.
I dreamed we share richly valued properties from healthy-wealthy African Elders,
but awake, once again,
only to painfully remember
I am now merely His property.

I have become enslaved by His addictions to LeftBrain supremacy,
entitlement to compete,
not for Win/Lose survival,
but, now, more ultimately and climatically,
for His self-aggrandizing scent
of Western White StraightMale entitlement,
naked privilege to commodify others,
to colonize us domesticated quasi-Loser Also Rans,
by raising barbed wire electric fences,
fueled with depleting oil and coal and formerly healthy soil and souls
and air and water,
now recombining toward His Perfect Storm,
His hate-producing Plantation.

Not everyone needs cotton,
but every mindbody can reproduce and consume hate.
Hate sells and commodifies potential African/EurAsian RightBrain Elder love-health properties,
cooperatively owned and held and shared and transacted
WinLeft-WinRight MindBodies.

I hate waking up this way,
mere property of Him,
when I can still remember my dream.
We share cooperative-integral-multicultural properties
of BlackElders,
nurturing brown-skinned Earth Mammas
singing rich contralto Exodus
and ReGenesis WinWin full-harmonic anthems.

We shall overcome,
with love of these same shared Elder properties,
what He would capture and enslave as hate like Him,
as EgoConserving-Autonomous empty Hubris,
absence of integrity,
confusing this dawn of and for conserving Earth’s climates of gratitude
for shared multiculturing Elder health-wealth properties,
dissembling active hope with WinLose supremacist strategies
for further beheading powers to own me
through His self-addicted
LeftBrain EgoSupremacy
on this new cooperative dawn of Yang/Yin integrity
with LeftDeductive/RightInductive conserve-progress reproductivity,
reweaving not so much hate about His needs
treating me as His mere commodity,
to free Him and me to love how we both cooperatively share
our AfricanElder EarthMother healthwealth fertile properties.

God bless his StraightWhite Master shrinking heart.
He’s doing his LeftBrain UberYang best
to keep all His self-condemning ego-conserving slaves apart
for fear we could remember
this cooperative on and off-line potential
to sing our songs
and dance our marches
of circling love
so AfricanMatriarchal Peaceful,
rich fertile Yintegrating Flow of karmic eco-redeeming grace.

No one shrinking heart of fear-mangled RightBrain RePression
could build sufficient firewalls of confusion and fake news
fast enough to contain this viral tsunami of love’s peaceful
healthy Left-Right balancing ReGenerative Wealth ReSolution.

This Plantation,
unlike His other privately-held corporations,
is cooperatively owned and administered
by all us former slaves of colonialism,
stretching our LeftHealth/RightWealth grappling dawn
of Let My People Go
through WinWin mutual responsibility
of self-governing
self-helping cooperativity
as sung through centuries
by BlackMatriarchal EarthLovers.




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