Sacred Stewardship

is taking cooperative care of what you don’t own,
giving and receiving care
of what you could not rightfully own.

I could not exclusively own a symbiotic relationship,
a robust string of reiterative emerging communication,
a resonant relationship,
harmonic integrity.

I would most resiliently own nothing
without profound solidarity
lived in economic and politically empowering sanctuary,
free of colonizing intent
through capital-driven reductionism.

With a more ecofeminist cooperative stewardship
arises an ancient,
yet renewing, emerging win/win
bicameral co-passion,

Not about which transcendent spirits are up
and which beastly alien natures are down;

Not either divine
or human,

Not sacred
or reduced to mere mundane secularity,

Not mindfully transcendent
or mindlessly immanent,

Not supreme ecosystemic interdependence
or severely disassociated,

Ecooperative stewardship
is about curious egos within
giving and receiving care
with and from courageous eco-life systems
interdependently cooperative,
more than hidden and competitive,
without prior resonant win/win association.

both/and cooperative
more than either/or competitive,
bicamerally re-associates
Left with Right bicameral thoughts with feelings
of warm care received from EarthWombed heritage
returned for Earth’s active compassion given
as received,

as mutually successful,

as also humane,

as profoundly communioned EarthNature,

Ego rights received
as eco-responsibilities cooperatively given

Eco-empathically co-relationed,
theologically co-passioned.


Mixed Taxed and UnTaxed Blessings

Those of us
who have had guilty pleasures
of owning valuable property,
like a car
and rental property
and office equipment

Office buildings,
solar inverters,
and nuclear holocaust delivery systems
but not MBA degrees
or intellectual property
or more privately owned emotional properties,

Those of us
who know the mixed blessings
of owning organic and mechanical fragments
of climate pathologized,
yet still breathing, planet Earth,
especially if taxable property,
have heard about depreciation of values
over their natural/mechanical life/utility time.

We might recall
depreciation of property value
decelerates gradually over time,
barring any unfortunate head-on accidents,
flying and melting and fragmenting damage,
accelerating astronomical crises
eliminating long-term realistic health-wealth values.
Depreciated suddenly to total loss of asset value,
now a global junk-dealer liability.

just as depreciation decelerates over time,
appreciation accelerates resilience
with time’s enduring health/wealth cooperative life-experience,

Organic systems accelerate robust cooperative integrity
over a deep learning nutritious multiculturing life-time
of Win/Win

Growing in good-humored co-investment priorities
for story telling and listening
to Win/Win co-opportunities

Rather than continuing historic depreciated taking
and Win/Lose epic slow-losing ego/economic depressions,

Anti-systemic pathologies,
realistic predictions of global chaos.

Retributive injustice depreciations
slowly fade toward entropic disorganization
just the restorative opposite
of appreciative Win/Win compassion

Explicitly conscious
of living interdependently between and within
autonomously natural depreciative law
and polypathic open-systemic/spiritual
yang/yin multicultural
left/right psychological
self/other empowering
deep and wide learning order.


Song of Sorrow

“There is a sorrow on the air
I taste
but cannot name.”
Nickole Brown

We are a conspiring sour in the air,
a wonder through perspiring space and time,
I taste
but cannot name
and fear to swallow.

We work and flirt with homelessness
for extended family Earthlings,
street people
nestless birds
forestless bears
airless eagles
sightless patriots.

My health goal is not,
as is, perhaps, your wealth homing instinct,
to end homelessness
but to re-begin paradise,
to renew robustly loving global nests
deaths for natural spiritual causes.

Which invites cooperating ownership of sour smells
supporting personal and political authority
to raise responsible robust future history
real-time regenerators
playing WinWin eco/theological games

Cooperatively loving challenged smells of climate opportunity
and awesome weathered sights
of future Earthless risk
of competing homelessness
where cooperative governors dwell
within social sanctuary development
we cannot name
so fear to swallow.


Home Shopping

I am house shopping
with the required Buyer’s Agent,
also a fairly tolerant friend of mine.

She likes to drive
although not gifted with any sense of direction,
until we hurriedly arrive,
then she beelines into the ubiquitously requisite lock box
as if by smell.

I visit current occupants,
the trees first and foremost,
then bushes
occasionally, to my grateful surprise,
an entire garden,
or even just one vegetable,
a tomato plant,
a humble gang of shaded herbs.

I ask them how it is here
in their home.
I like to taste their soil
for signs of pregnancy
but who knows what contaminants
might fester here.
And my real estate agent,
although a friend,
finds it unseemly
for me to put my mouth around
what I probably won’t buy.

She, too soon,
coaxes me away from my greet and meets
with shade-givers
and grasses,
the edible and ornamental neighbors
of the “big house,”
to explore the darkness of plumbing
and electrical systems,
attics and basements,
kitchens and bathrooms…

Her list of boring things to look at
and too often smell
in a bad way
feels endless
in comparison to too brief introductions
speaking with,
listening for,
hoping and faithing and loving with
any signs of life
among these large majority of property historians,
cooperative care-givers and receivers.

it becomes our time to aimlessly wander around
in search of yet another lock box
on our life For Sale list.

I say goodbye to the trees
and shrubs,
my occasional edible
and more popular ornamental hosts,
far too soon
to ever learn
if they would choose me
or not
to become with them.

I feel like I do
on election nights
when winners and losers are announced
by statistical projection
before votes are actually counted
from all us co-investors;
and long before registered voters
have listened to trees
still standing in our yards,
on our farms,
in our fertile forests,
to learn their quieter discernment
of which candidates produce more healthy cooperative outcomes
and which more toxic competitions
within these diversities
of Earth’s wealthy nature.


I Am Not His Property

I wake up with a great startle.

My Obama EarthTribe CoOperative WinWin GlobalVillage Dream
was merely my hibernation.
I dreamed we share richly valued properties from healthy-wealthy African Elders,
but awake, once again,
only to painfully remember
I am now merely His property.

I have become enslaved by His addictions to LeftBrain supremacy,
entitlement to compete,
not for Win/Lose survival,
but, now, more ultimately and climatically,
for His self-aggrandizing scent
of Western White StraightMale entitlement,
naked privilege to commodify others,
to colonize us domesticated quasi-Loser Also Rans,
by raising barbed wire electric fences,
fueled with depleting oil and coal and formerly healthy soil and souls
and air and water,
now recombining toward His Perfect Storm,
His hate-producing Plantation.

Not everyone needs cotton,
but every mindbody can reproduce and consume hate.
Hate sells and commodifies potential African/EurAsian RightBrain Elder love-health properties,
cooperatively owned and held and shared and transacted
WinLeft-WinRight MindBodies.

I hate waking up this way,
mere property of Him,
when I can still remember my dream.
We share cooperative-integral-multicultural properties
of BlackElders,
nurturing brown-skinned Earth Mammas
singing rich contralto Exodus
and ReGenesis WinWin full-harmonic anthems.

We shall overcome,
with love of these same shared Elder properties,
what He would capture and enslave as hate like Him,
as EgoConserving-Autonomous empty Hubris,
absence of integrity,
confusing this dawn of and for conserving Earth’s climates of gratitude
for shared multiculturing Elder health-wealth properties,
dissembling active hope with WinLose supremacist strategies
for further beheading powers to own me
through His self-addicted
LeftBrain EgoSupremacy
on this new cooperative dawn of Yang/Yin integrity
with LeftDeductive/RightInductive conserve-progress reproductivity,
reweaving not so much hate about His needs
treating me as His mere commodity,
to free Him and me to love how we both cooperatively share
our AfricanElder EarthMother healthwealth fertile properties.

God bless his StraightWhite Master shrinking heart.
He’s doing his LeftBrain UberYang best
to keep all His self-condemning ego-conserving slaves apart
for fear we could remember
this cooperative on and off-line potential
to sing our songs
and dance our marches
of circling love
so AfricanMatriarchal Peaceful,
rich fertile Yintegrating Flow of karmic eco-redeeming grace.

No one shrinking heart of fear-mangled RightBrain RePression
could build sufficient firewalls of confusion and fake news
fast enough to contain this viral tsunami of love’s peaceful
healthy Left-Right balancing ReGenerative Wealth ReSolution.

This Plantation,
unlike His other privately-held corporations,
is cooperatively owned and administered
by all us former slaves of colonialism,
stretching our LeftHealth/RightWealth grappling dawn
of Let My People Go
through WinWin mutual responsibility
of self-governing
self-helping cooperativity
as sung through centuries
by BlackMatriarchal EarthLovers.




Wisdom’s Home

Wisdom can be rationally and exegetically discerned,
because we process information through the same multisystemic RNA,
nutritionally regenerative root
and sequential development system.

Natural system wisdom is also sacred,
because it is omnipresently synergetic.

Wisdom evolves toward transcendence,
transitional dance,
because human bicamerally processing nature
requires transactional economic cooperative intent
as our (0)-soul Positive Proof exegetical assumption.

Wisdom resonates and resolves multisystemically,
liturgical in Universal Law rhythms, patterns,
sounds and sights and smells,
tastes and feelings of gravity
toward nutritional liturgy
and away from toxic intent,
away from negative-live dissonant practices,
away from sub-optimizing monocultures
of entropic chaos.

Wisdom comprehends Ego’s relationship with land,
sea and sky,
Earth and Earth’s speciating Tribes, people;
wisdom understands my relationship with Other natural systems
not as “ownership”
but as a marriage contract,
between human natures and local ecosystems.

A local ecosystem marriage
with a humanely contracted portion of Mother Earth
and Her products descended from generations past,
evolved onto this place at this time;
This sacred marriage double-binds my agreement
to care for Her as She has cared for all EarthTribes.

Mutually cooperative ownership is,
more wisely,
a sacred Partnership Contract,
a marriage rite
opening Ego’s future home life toward redemptive liturgies,
with diurnal solar and monthly lunar,
perennial seasonal completion
of rings around our mutually branching tree of life;
until Ego’s body returns into,
becomes entirely absorbed within,
this Partner-EcoHome.

Wisdom belongs passionately discerned
through ecojustice of peace marriage.




While Earth is a global ecosystem composed of many tribal species, forms, ecological functions, frequencies, Earth is also one holistically cooperative, self-regenerative economy.

Our cultural beliefs about “economics” evolved from agrarian and survival instinct origins, when our original economic intent was understood as parasitic dwelling within a benignly harmonious, more or less, four-seasoned, sometimes less, cooperative Host, played by ecosystems of residency.

Value, exchanged and traded and bartered for value was an extension of natural systemic stimulus-response, cause-effect, gratefully given and gratefully received, more or less, as the basic nutrient value assumption.

Completed exchanges were decomposing history with all economic parties interdependently involved, some more directly, some less, anticipating regenerative intent, a win-win healthy economic norm of cooperative orthopraxis.

Real property was never something that could be purchased or sold because it could not be owned. This would be equivalent to believing the parasites “owned” the Host.

As shared stewardship gave way to defensive Mine!!! positions, our eco-cultural paradigm of usually benign Host with usually benign and mutually subsidiary parasites gave way to food chain empires of predators v. prey.

Competitive economic shortages were born of anthropocentric perceptions of, and concerns about, insufficient nutrients and shelter for all tomorrow, and next winter.