Listening for FireStorms

Always respect this combination of fire and wind,
she tentatively said,
after having listened for healthy and pathological winds
regenerating and degenerating,
investing in and divesting of,
yeasty flames of fertile dopamine.

They, like you,
co-arise of and from the landscapes
in which we have been raised,
co-dependent on therapeutically fueled,
nurtured information
available up to this spacetime (0)-soul NOW.

We often find fire and wind co-mentors
fully diastatic purposed
to absorb ever-new nutritional information
moving toward and through everyone within shared ecopolitical landscape,
to gust and flame beyond whatever has become LeftBrain languaged,
deduced from cool and heated winds,
feelings of trust and mistrusted smoke,
and distrust of de-nihilistic holocaust
ego/eco-burning mirrors.

emerging from both formed soil
and full-spiral flowing rivers and matriarchal tributaries of purest waters,
surfing oceans incubating under FireGod’s radiant heat,
Yang ebbing to Yintegrative flow back
and forth Right, again,
Up and Down with Grandmother Moon’s Fullness
and Newly Pregnant Emptiness;

We remain confident about our ecotherapy
but may never have actively listened
to others’ gusty YangFire
and well-watered fertile YinYin
Ecological Nutrition/Starvation Tipping Point PermaCulturing Stories.

Instead, having only watched these Win and Lose firestorm stories
as distantly, second-hand acclimated
by an oil-engorged HotFlames Are Best media
or by listening only to LeftBrain’s ego-centric posturing
to keep Earth’s frightening windswept fires at bay.

When organic soil and water nutritional regeneration systems
sense firestorm gains emerging WinWin our mutual way,
immediately through long-term future regenerations,
we find increased polypathic strong rivers of warm-embracing
oceans of dopamine, WinWin
Yang/Yin reweaving regenerative reiterative positive-virally inductive seductive emotion,
and potential WinLose firestorm disinvestment,
decrease restrains cognitive-affective thought/feeling
Left-Languaged/Right-Nutritionally-Ecologically-MatriarchalFlow Interdependent-Integrity
MultiEnculturing Healthy Political Soils
with WealthyFlow of Cooperative-Economic Rivers,
Matriarchal (0) Sourced Root-Nutritional Eco-Bio
BiLateral YangForm
with YinFlow ReGenerative-Embryonic Fertile Systems,
as bilaterally exegeted by RightBrain’s maturing degrees
of dissonant-loss aversion,
to sustain optimal progressive nutritional dopamine-rich therapeutic health increases
in the ventral fractal-octave striatum-normed
and pre-developing through ecologically sustainable
full-nutritional DNA-scripted spirals
of resonant maturity
and decompositional WinWin regenerative information
remains Earth’s well watered,
Fire’s well-warm winding
regenerativeYang/anti-degenerating YinYin
WinWin exformationing CoReGeneration Story.

On our competing ecopolitical landscape’s natural dynamic surface,
antagonistic, competing appositional interests
of individuals
and their nested maternal embryonic nutritional-tree family experiences
and memories
create CoEnlightenment difficulties
for which the natural regenerative climate formation
of egalitarian-cooperative ecopolitical societies,
through and with and of ecotherapeutic discernment
WinDominantElite-Win-Not(NotElite) Evolutionary Positive/Positive ReGenerative-Optimization,
rather than Mutually Assured Destruction,
Gaming Frames
appear to offer a positive polypathic resolution
for internal and external firestorms of dopamine stable-climates of health.

To form WinLeft-WinRight dopamine-drenched and flowing societies
draws on EliteEgo/Not(NotEgo) WinLeft/WinRight accord
above and beneath warring firestorm corporate competitive disinvestment from Earth’s LoseHealth to LoseWealth suboptimizing human ego short-term defend-current-losses,
despite assured long-term pathologically catastrophic absence of feasible returns from further investment in this direction.

WinLose competitive ecopolitics draws down on shared EliteLeft/NotEliteRight desires
for WinWin dopamine health and warm-nurtured safety
through cooperative appositionally-resonant association,
rather than competitive oppositionally-dissonant disassociation.

Across all our natural/spiritual senses,
all harmonic-peaceful dopamine states
are instituted to pursue a health as cooperative wealth good
that is our current optimizing, yet still maturing and expanding,
definition of WinWin Commons EcoLogical-EcoPolitical Balance.

To retain this founding dopamine-regenerative purpose,
our general bicameral Elite/NotElite will
must direct our flows and forces nondually,
co-arisingly Left with Right.

This is what our positive and negative differences have in appositionally-fused common
and this ecopolitical bicamerality undergirds robust Earth-bonds,
bilateral double-binds of LoveLeft is HealthRight Dopamine
as HateLeft is PathologicallyActive TerrorRight–Negative Absence, Divestment away from ReGenerative WinWin Optimization
as measured in bicamerally regenerating diastolic-flow dopamine levels.

It is these short-through-long timeless RightBrain IntegrityFlow ReGenerative WinWin outcomes
co-arising our basis for polypathic bicameral YangLeft/YinRight
ego/eco-therapeutic governance.

Always respect this combination of deductive fire and inductive wind,
while still tentatively held together.


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