Politically Therapeutic Empathy

To paraphrase George Lakoff, and maybe Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi,
and maybe Julian Jaynes,
and possibly Gregory Bateson,
and Laura Brown,
and then there was…

Nurturing empathy is the only doorway through healthy effective
LeftBrain Deductive and RightBrain Inductive
nondual co-arising communication,
whether the message pattern is WinLose debate,
Either This EgoYangElite Or That EcoYin-NotNotElite
or WinWin dialogue,
Both This EgoYangPatriarchal AntiPathic-Deductive Competition And That EcoYinMatriarchal Empathic-Inductive-IntegralNurturing CoOperation,

Or some hybrid of WinLose LeftBrain Dominant
and WinWin RightBrain Yin struggling appositionally with,
but preferably not struggling oppositionally against WinLose suboptimization strategies,
short of co-empathic WinWin relational outcomes.

These two, W/L and W/W,
X/Y and Y/Y,
U/C and A/G,
regenerative discernment evolutions
emerge co-empathically trusting outcomes,
U.S. democratic Original Intent,
Friends of Extended Family are empathically trusted as Friends to regenerationally-fertilely thrive toward Earth’s humane enlightenment,
and not at all the less enlightened and more pathological-patriarchalElitist,
NonElite Allies [not Western White Straight Strict Males] of my Extended HealthySafe Family are antipathically untrusted and unempathized as our probably competing against us to survive Enemies.

Mutual empathy is our constitutionally protected,
key toward regenerative communication
as mutual antipathy degenerates,
so too does active dysfunctional and unhealthy distrust,
motivating further Win/Lose survivalist Elite EcoPolitical assumptions.

Follow the light,
in ecological language,
also means
follow our most fertile-cooperative owned and facilitated
economic and political healthywealth.


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