Baby Boomers and Bummers

Most Baby Boomers started out hoping to leave life
having continued our Great ReGenerativity,
our progressively recycling becoming through economic extraction,
boundless growth of optimal Win-Wealth is also Win-Health.

We are the last generation
hoping to autonomously leave more than we have taken in.
To give back,
to pay forward investment in Earth’s cooperative health and safety insurance,

In this early post-millennial era,
we have a great transitional cultural dissonance
between those who continue believing it is merely realistic,
rationally nihilistic,
to give up on this hopelessly disconnected non-renewable dream,
already not accessible to our post-millennial consciousness
of internal and external climate pathologies.
And, on the other hand,
there remain those of relentless active faith
that we are here at this time,
invested in this transitional moment,
increasingly WinWin
continuously short- and long-term evolving time
to learn from Father Sun and His revolving voice of Wind
to balance healthy continuous consumption
with wealthy production of renewables;
that life is for continuous cooperative reinvestment
and not time for ignoring WinLose waste,
sub-optimization of energy’s continuous potential resources.

As we turn from seeking regenerative continuity
for the span of one humane natural generation,
toward the span of one humane-divine Earth’s life span,
old territorial WinLose issues,
flying under banners of nationalistic patriotism,
fade into the waste stream of survival of the bullyist,
more continuously renewed by a new Earth Tribal cooperative ownership,
a self-with-other WinWin identity nurturing caregiving and receiving,
regenerative health as all things not degeneratively hoarding wealth
of nations,
of individual egos,
as this new Left with Right double-binding ego/ecoconsciousness
evolves renewably and continuously accessible.


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