Therapeutic Homes

Consider a beehive
and/or an ant nest,
and call it holistically holonic,
egoQueen and eco-proletariat balancing regenerativity,
Beloved cycle-climaxing Community.

Now look at the manual/womanual service sector
as co-responsible co-redemptive CareGivers
and the cooperative-matriarchal Queen
and her fertile multigenerational authoritative function
as perfect CareReceiver,
co-investing in long-term mutual future optimization returns
of healthy regenerativity
continuously slow-growth projected
for long-term CareGiver/Receiver health-wealth ecopolitical abundance, resonance,
recycling resolution.

Now notice,
while we might see bee and ant ecology of CareGiver/Receiver
as creolizing, syncretizing, transubstantiating
mutually co-relational primal relationship,
yet the CareGiver employment sector
in LeftBrain dominant human ecopolitics
has become increasingly competitive WinElite-Receivers
contending with Loser-NonElite CareGivers.

Wealth receivers
and health service providers,
domestic matriarchal nurturing laborers
have turned what was rich creolic mutual nutrition
into a ghetto employment sector
for those who have nothing more valuable to offer
our capitalist-survivalist Either/Or
monoculturing degeneration,
over-feeding CareReceivers into WealthHoarders,
growing ecopolitically revolutionary,
and revolting, boundaries
around shrinking service economy ghetto-dwellers
with full-growing feelings of over-populated futility,
competitive LoseLose terrorizing/terrorist rabidity.
For healthier cooperative ownership and self-governance,
consider a beehive
and/or ant in his/her nature/nurturing creolic nest
of appositional Both/And role identification,
rather than EitherOr Win/Lose
LeftBrain egocentric anthrocentric
CareReceiver un-naturally dominant reification,
predicting further LoseLose degenerative trends
of over-competitional grazing and hazing,
feeding off the proletariat CareGivers
rather than feeding and breeding with.


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