Lady Liberty’s Pregnant Opera

A beautiful,
radiantly pregnant,
lady liberty
swings back and forth across this Left to Right predominating stage
of ecopolitical history.

As she recesses toward Left stage climax
she recedes from LeftBrain audience’s co-evolving view
for one ecstatic, yet anticlimatically ambiguous, moment
sweeping a revolutionary change
away from monocultural wardrobe,
to re-emerge in royal blue skirt of virginal regenesis
and full-breasted naked multigenerational torso
laughing with us
at how hilarious this permaculturing bicameral opera
has resolved ultra-violating tensions
and nuclear divisive fears
of nature-spirit fertile fusions.

This pregnant lady sings
in full-octave resonance
with us
as we become HerStoric ReStaged,
degenerating mere audience of hypnotic LeftBrain dominance
to once again regeneratively act our nondual co-arising stage presence,
swings of spiraling ego/eco-consciousness,
as day invites dream
dawning yet another radiance
liturgical dancing evensong.

We’re not even theoretically together
until this humane Lady Liberty sings
co-operatively with us,
globally togathering,
consuming and producing full-octave resonant resolutions,
resolving swinging spirals
Left to Right to regenerate Left again
toward Yin/Yang eco-dominant circles
away from Yang dominating over Yin.

YinRight inductions revolting toward lighter revolving operas,
replacing ecopolitical patriarchal terrorism
with matriarch/patriarch musical-comedy
agapic with erotic,
cooperatively owned economics
with bicamerally co-governing politics,
no longer waiting to conjoin
this creole singing
pregnant virgin’s
eco-laughing operations.


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