In PostMillennial Hypostasies

Once upon a time
Earth was formed
by Yang light radiance
and Yin moonlight flow of tidal grace.

From Her Eastern hemisphere tidal waves
and deep ocean rivers,
prevailing winds and rains
clouds and electromagnetic waves,
fire and wind storms
flowed with YangSun rise
toward western evening’s sacred Elder dusk.

Western hemisphere’s turtle back
flowed appositional with YangSun,
prevailing with and without FullMoon’s yin-centering tides.

Once upon post-millennial time
of expanding co-operative Gaia Theories,
creolizing psychology’s ecopolitics of healthcare-giving
and receiving WinWin love,
we noticed our nondual Turtle Hemispheres,
LeftYang industrial sunlight revolutions
with RightYin sustaining GrandMother sacred moonlight evolutions,
Industrial Revolution days
predicting non-renewable energy descent into nightmare nights
but also yin-renewable energy ascension
into and for and of
climates and landscapes and mindstates and dreamscapes
of 4D ecopolitical reversion therapy,
rooted in ecological flow systems
of tidal waves
and oceanic rivers,
prevailing winds and rains
and root systems of nutrition,
clouds and ionic/ironic dipolar thermodynamic balance,
revolutionary fire and wind pollution storms
merging with anthro-hubris denial,
our Yang-dominant shit don’t stink,
flowing west to east again west,
north to south reweaving north,
left to right creolizing rest
in bilateral trust secular/sacred regained.


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