The AntiDenialist

Let us refer to nihilism,
she sniffed,
while pompously looking down her nose
as coterminous with totalitarian
and fascist nostrils,
breathing terrors
both inside paranoid
and outside victimizing
all but mutually maligning bullies,
who never bother to listen to each other anyway.

With that as our historical background
we might notice,
although everyone is victimized by nihilism:

1. Some victims vote for empowering denialist nihilists anyway,
believing we have not nominated any healthier choices.
When everybody sucks,
the LoseLose question becomes who sucks up least
from my intended egocentric direction?

2. Poor and marginalized people,
non-bully species and natural systems,
like rivers and forests,
matriarchs and their vulnerable hurt children,
people with color and without Elite Patriarchal credentials
historical empowerment
cultural over-investment
are those first
deepest hurt by antiEarth de-nihilism,
while more plutocratic middle class conservatives
are also victims of self and other denial,
yet more likely to vote for it
along with those wealthy enough
to stay on the bully side
of universal WinLose self-nihilism
of this potentially humanely global
democratic WinWin species.

It does not seem too difficult
to me,
she sniffed again,
to recognize that love and integrity
have become more regenerative empowerment
through mutual solidarity of purpose,
nor to feel this in my phylogenic bones,
nor to play WinWin integrity
rather than eco-denial WinLose Solitaire.

My righteous opposite of LoseLose nihilism–
more wealth of health enculturing

And then she threw back her head
wrapped her shawl more tightly around her phylogenic bones
and stalked out of the classroom,
without so much as asking for a question.

I didn’t know whether to believe what she said
or what she did
or both,


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