Beautiful BottomFeeders

The down side of monotheistic patriarchalism
is EitherNature/OrSpirit fundamentalism
LeftBrain’s tendency to ignore
polyculturally cooperative wealth optimization.

The weakness of climate pathology risks
is also the stength
of green ecotherapeutic climate opportunities.

Problems of pathological mental disease
are also potential integrities
of more healthyLeft-wealthyRight
cooperative choices,
Yang with Yin co-acclimations,
creolizations more
and missionary colonizing less,
transubstantiations of EarthTribe growing
while unsubstantiated fake badnews recedes,
breathing climate karma in and up
while bleeding graced love out and down,

Win/Lose ecopolitical analysis in
Win/Win positive psychological resolutions out.

Problems of ecopolitical retributive WinLose injustice
reweave WinWin ego-restorative
just-right for here/now solutions.

Past history in
Future multiculturing her/history
bilaterally out.

The problem with perpetuating the solo view from the top
is living and loving
a multiculturing cooperative bath
on Gaia’s beautiful non-violent bottom.

Another problem with monotheistic patriarchalism
is why would we then prefer two nostrils
for breathing polycultural matriarchalism
back out
when one,
twice as big and fat,
might work better.

The problem of not listening to matriarchal green voices
is not seeing patriarchal red monoculturists
as the predators
they would like us to pray
as prey
wanting climate co-governing deliverance
for all,
including those bratty,
sometimes ratty,
great grandkids.


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