Capital Congestion

Green currency
currently has a capital city way
of ungreening pastures,
dying waters,
spoiling mother lands,
decapitating valleys of red-flowing death,
fears of divested breath,
war-torn unvictory gardens,
childhood dreams of peace
and nightmares
of capital-infested war machines,
goose-stepping soldiers
bearing automated black and white rifles,
either death or life,
you or me,
mutually ungreen

While cooperative
deep qualitative
memories of Earth, pre-capitalized,
and healthy ego wealth
playing ecological green win/win
nurtures greener theological pastures,
and cooperative self-government of grace
restoring living ecosystemic waters
of justice,

MotherEarth flows uncapitalized nutrients
dark and light
wane and waxing childhood lucid dreams
no greener than just right.


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