AntiClimatic Cabinetry

Community organizers
and multiculturing regenerators
and organic whole food farmers
all agree
we tend to end up
back to where historically empowered nutritional voices started.

Look at all these old white men
in their predominantly red meat patriarchal ties.

Is this a cabinet
made of polyculturing organic containers
for regenerate multicultural growth?

Or a funeral
for the not too soon departing
all WhiteHouse?


Making Hay

Make hay while the sun shines.

I grew up as a closeted polypathic nature-mystic
on a marginal, at best, family farm
in Michigan.

This farm was my embryonic home,
an extension of my vastly loved and nurturing Mother,
more than my workahoic homophobic Father,
who most emphatically did create a patriarchal god in his own image.
His farm was for slave labor.
Her farm was a garden for growing healthy wealth.

I loved Mom’s Multi-ReGenerational Family Farm
like an extension of my ego’s mind and body.

And, like a turtle without a shell,
when I first headed off to Ann Arbor’s University
I brought my happy and healthy ego with me,
eager to begin my new adventure story,
yet I emotionally stumbled,
felt naked and exposed and depressed,
for lack of my embryonic habitus,
my eco-center,
my home,
my interdependently embracing love of sacred spaces
and their seasons of regeneration and degeneration,
growing still and fading without ego me

I was homesick,
but not for Nurturing Nanny
and Fearsome Father
or even Perfect Princess Sister, whom I cherished,
whom I could talk and listen to as whim might invite,
and, although somewhat more of a sore detachment from our farmhouse interior spaces,
my disorienting alienation from Ann Arbor
was as a too-urban outside place
just as my recreating resident embrace
favored my dorm and classroom youth-learning multicultural race
against more oppressive monoculturing times.

To this day,
despite a six week backpacking hike
along California’s Pacific Coast Trail,
plundered by surreal vistas and fragrance and light and unspeakable beauty,
when I imagine a meadow, a field, a woodland,
a pond,
a barn,
an unpaved road,
a gravel drive,
a herd of cattle,
a pen of pigs,
a coop of chickens,
a litter of kittens with eyes still sealed shut,
I recall iconic scenes from this sacred originating home,
my eco-memory
calling my doubly-bound ego-enculturing self
back home
to where we permaculturally began together,
making hay while the sun did shine.


Public Prurient Interests

Last evening I noticed another disconcerting Trump headline.
This felt and smelled more like a deadline
for disintegration
than a lifeline,
a bootstrap, if you will,
toward integrity of health and regenerative safety,
which I thought was front and center
in our US Constitution
which I remember him swearing to protect
right before he reassured all of us
he is here to listen to everyone;
Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians and Greens,
and whatever other ecopolitical party affiliations
he might be able to discover
and learn from
on his new Presidential executive ordering journey
into twitterland.

the headline was about White House Rumblings
of an assault on the legalized and medicalized marijuana industry.

My first reaction
Why would a federal administration
that has just finished reassuring all fifty States
that where students poop and pee in school should,
by right, rest solely at the state level to regulate,
almost in the next inordinate breath,
also send out this alarming message to all fifty States
that it has become a new federal health and regenerative,
integrative, long-term through short-term, safety assurance issue
that my kids should prefer the alcoholic beverage industry
over the THC industry.

I’m still wrapping my brain around how that could possibly be defended,
sold and also bought,
as a consistent reading of
“listening to everyone”
about their constitutionally protected federal rights
to health and regenerative safety,
to well-integrated,
sane public policy.

I believe it was a congressman,
and not a “prurient interest” judge,
who said he could not define pornography,
but he knew it when he saw it.

This Administration, to date,
has brought us not only our first twitteringly Naked Disintegrative President,
but now his fascist federalist tendencies
begin to look more like jacking off in public,
like pursuing his personal prurient exhibitionist fear-mongering agenda
instead of paying even lip service
to his true mandate,
the health and regenerative safety Original Intent
of not only the U.S. Constitution,
but also the Bible he laid his right dominant hand on,
and the economic and political act of active listening
to a healthy-wealthy regenerative multicultural society
of humane citizenry
doing our best to follow our Golden Rule intentions
to at least do no alcoholic-buzzed harm,
cause no further dis-integrity,
and, whenever and wherever possible,
to follow a path of regenerative health,
and multiculturing prosperity.

As for DT2 himself,
I suspect he would improve his governing outcomes
by easing off the alcohol
and investing more in some reefer madness,
preferably while among a large,
extended family, picnic,
a multiculturing,
multi-generational banquet.

But, DT2 aside,
this White House has already become the home of nakedly prurient interests,
rather than federal and state health and integrative safety policies
and procedures,
regenerative planning and design,
rather than degenerative reacting and assault and wall-building.

Prurient–marked by arousing
unwholesome (unhealthy, unsafe, unredemptive, non-therapeutic)
investment in desire.

With pornographic performance,
we speak of a whole lot of immodest sexual desire,
but with the current Executive Branch of ecopolitically competitive,
rape and pillage, performance,
we speak of a whole lot of immodest fear and war-mongering desire.
The rampant raging desire
to play WinLose games
of naked competition for elitist supremacy
on a WinWin Constitutional and Biblical and planetary climate stage.

The key operative governance, administrative, executive skills,
word here is “unwholesome” v “wholesome.”
Certainly we aren’t intending to legislate what is
“marked by arousing, sometimes even immodestly so,
but still wholesome investments in regenerative desire.”
Wholesome is about regenerative multiculturing natural evolutionary,
sacred nurturing revolutionary,
healthy choices,
even as these will inevitably lead, sometimes,
on our best days,
toward dopamine ecstasies.

This, to me,
and for my extending multi-generational,
multi-cultural family,
sounds more like a mandate to co-invest
in health and safety industries,
with or without THC,
rather than investing further in the prurient, vaguely alcoholic,
unwholesomeness of Nakedly Elitist AllWhite Houses.


Key EarthHistory Concepts

Key CapitalistYang/CreolistYin BiCameral Concepts

I find a fuzzy irony in this morning’s early search for a new journal notebook, having filled my last from what had been, five years ago, an inconceivably high pile of empty and near-empty notebooks, set-aside for these diurnal reflections on last night’s RightBrain decompositions.

Having determined I have none left, all now filled from inside their front covers all the way back through both sides of their rough grey cardboard back covers, and yet not even entirely comfortable with retiring sixty-five, I began looking through my Oppositional Defiant Disordered and Fetal Alcohol Syndroming and Cerebral Palsied 15-years-old mulatta’s book bins, filled with reminders of choices rooted in seeing her as maybe emotionally 5, yet with all those young adolescent pheromones to confuse her about who she truly might become, looking yet again for her one yet-empty notebook.

She carries this empty-lined notebook with her everywhere she goes, including bed, as if she were the most intent and intense journal-writer there ever was. And she rather too vigorously rifles through it’s battered dog-eared pages, front to back, back to front, it doesn’t matter. Here, she appears to be reading her journal, and yet finding only blank pages about where she has been, and where she is mulatta going.

Ironic, isn’t it, that my life is filled with riches of chock-full WinWin regenerative diastasis, evolutioning symbiosis, ego/eco-sacred prime relational transubstantiation, both secular and sacred integrity of purpose, and rich deep ecological meaning, and yet her life is so frighteningly filled with one empty notebook, I am currently trying to find, to fill with my life, and hide from her constant search for this same one perpetually well-read empty (0)-Source notebook.
The theory of everything ecopolitical described in this paper is a conjecture that starts with a firm conviction that energy, Yangspace and Yin-bilateral time are the only prime relationships in the universe. That means that the universe is really nothing more than energy fluctuating in warped space-time creating all four fractal-forces; the electromagnetic LINE, COSINE, LTR, dopamine-guanine +,+/(+,-)0-primal-fertile force, the strong Yang +,+ WinWin force, the weak Win-Yangforce and Lose-Yin co-gravity.

When we say “the universe” that’s what we’re talking about. Even the quantum particles that seem so real to us are actually just our bi-nomial perception of energy WW-LeftBrain and WL-BiLateral-Appositional Right fluctuations and at the deepest level of reality the primary function of Yang physical form is YinYin/WinWin dipolar co-arising pregenerative-gravitational.

It is interesting to read Edouard Glissant’s “Creolization and the Making of the Americas” (2008, Creolization Quarterly) immediately after finishing Alexander Anievas’ and Kerem Nisancioglu’s “How the West Came to Rule” (2015).

You might think these two historical views of ecopolitical evolution would either have nothing to say to each other, to talk past each other’s from above/from within perspectives, or to rather vigorously argue about which is the victor in the end, WinWin
cooperative regenerative intent and constitutional purpose, Original Content’s purpose and meaning, or Capitalist Elite/NonElite Win/Lose. With NonElite creolized-enslaved also rans, before the West was supremacist, fully economic-colonialized, empowered through piracy, predative WinLose survivalist supremacy over the more WinWin PatriarchalLeft/MatriarchalRight-embryonic nurturing NonElite NonWest.

Yet, I did not find either of these to be the case. For me, reading about post-EliteRoyalist creolizing multiculturing WinWins on cooperatively expanding archipelagos of ecopolitical EarthCommons Left-Right growing commonsense of bicameral ownership and ecosystemic-economic bilaterally nutritional governance, felt like reading the Original Intent of all democratically-optimistic-Positive PolyPathic Systemic Constitutions, while reading through the jaundiced lens of the Elitist-Capitalist-Militarist WinLose-survivalist fear-mongering history of how the Patriarchal LeftBrain Dominance of Western WhiteMale Property and People Owners, felt a little bit like rereading “The Last Hurrah” of what could eventually only monoculturally become LoseLose FinalCurtain for Earth’s future as a living, as opposed to dead, ecosystem.

Glissant negatively defines creolization as not mechanical empire-building autonomy, measured in consumer-growth percentages. Rather, creolization is organic consume/produce symbiosis of WinWin ecopolitical interrelationship, characterized by evolving and revolving EliteLeft-Yang and NonEliteRight-Creolizing-affective integrative multiculturing resonance. Creolizing is Permacultural EcoPolitical Design, with Earth as one cooperatively revolving landscape for producing self-regenerative optimal polycultural climaxing diastatic co-empathic trusting WinWin outcomes.

Glissant moves on from where the “How the West was WinLose-Survivalist Won” toward how this Earth might become WinWin-Regenerativist climate and landscape health sustained. “…the obligation to remake oneself [ecopolitically] every time” is a perpetual revolutionarily diastolic constitutional intent, requiring an interdependent multiculturing capacity of trans-generational nutritional-environmental RightBrain decompositional, bilateral appositional Elite/NonElite re-integration, reweaving internal/external ecopolitical WinWin LeftBrain ego/eco-creolization.

And yet, before we march through too many piles of triumphalistic WinWin regenerative ecopolitical biographies, histories of cultures emerging WinWin systems to also submerge WinLose dysfunctionally unwinding systems, it feels prudent to recall Dr. Jane Anna Gordon’s “tragic mulatta” matriarchal NonElite-suppressed tradition. Primarily brown-skin multiculturally identified, consuming and producing RightBrain inductive chaos and dissonant disorder, tragically culminating in LoseLose suicide, and culminating in LoseLose holocaust of genocide, holonic-caustic claustrophobic ecological-aborting inevitability of Mother Earth’s empty notebooks, LoserMatriarch mulatta, reading LoseLose DoubleBinding (0)-Source PreGenesis; non-biographically self-unmeasuring creole face of Elite Revolutionary CoArising NonDual WestEast How Earth’s Climate Health is WonWon, redundantly like all that stack of journals filling my self/other ego/eco Yang/Yin Left/Right West/East-regenerating WinWin-refractive—WinLose notnot-creole-reflective ecosystemic Fullerian-Eulerian-Bayesian spacetime prime relational (0)-Source PolyPathic Health and WellBeing Theory of Every EcoPolitical CoRevolutionary EcoSystem bookcase.

The next step emerges from the realization that this WinWin ecopolitical cooperative conservation of fractal-thermodynamic regeneracy constrains the YangYin revolution of the universe on all space-time scales.

The resulting Win-regenerative as Lose-degenerative ecopolitical theory provides explanations for dark energy and dark matter as dark-temporally reversed antipathic relationship, particle as Eulerian prime-functional interdependence of spacetime equivalence, as dipolar appositional-systemically functional mass, the quantum frequency characteristics of particles, and the evolution of the universe including its WinWin beginning and possible WinLose survivalist modeled end with bilateral one-dimensional (0)-Sum game theory, supersymmetric polypathic ‘mirror-holonic’ particles, an inflaton-fYang and/or a graviton-fYin equi-valent thermodynamic ecosystemic balance toward fractal-fusing (0)-Core regenerativity [also see Buckminster Fuller, on synergy as creolizing cooperative fractal-climate normative geopolitical DNA-health and RNA-dynamic-strictured wellbeing, including integrative democratization as co-empathic ElitePlanA-NonElitePlanB revolutionary trust].


Politics As Unusual

soars Dr. Jane Anna Gordon,
turns our co-empathic evolving democracy project
into a verbal,
regenerative more,
degenerative less,
occasionally EliteColonizer-Pirates v NonElite-MultiCultural Prey revolutionary,
and even less occasionally Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGenerative.

What could all this Elite and NonElite political evolution and revolution
have to do with your self-optimizing, hopefully more nutritional and healthy than not, WinWin kind of optimistic day?

Well, don’t skip too quickly RightBrain averse to LeftBrain strings of complex labels and epistemological-linguistic ecosystems.

See, you just did it again.

So, pretend we are each bicameral LeftBrain Dominant EgoElites:
Wow, we sure are WinWin co-intelligent deductive/inductive bilaterally intelligent!

AND, we are also each bicameral RightBrain Suppressed EcoPolitical NonElites:
Wow, we sure are feeling nurturing and well-integrated,
and multiculturally-recreative abundant flows of NotThisInductive/NotThatDeductive dopamining hope for WinWin global co-redemptive creole-nutritional timeless relationships of love
and peace
and joy
and beauty
and reiteratively fertile-refractive-reflective-reflexive communication;
hope to cooperatively hunt and gather,
spiral and fractal-fuse,
consume and produce
ecopolitically WinWin Self/Other ReGenerative warm nurturing Optimization.

In short,
this is Eden’s most polypathically polynomially polyculturally possible
Health and Safety, defined as Positive
Bicameral Symbiotic-ReGenerative
(0)-Source Resonant
CoArising NonDual Yang/Yin HealthyWealth,
and this is also PermaCulturing Design
on behalf of both InteriorEgo-Left
and ExteriorEco-Right Hand Dominant EcoSystemic Landscapes
LongTerm SelfPerpetuating WinElite/WinNonElite Creolization
Health and Safety EarthClimates.

Imagine this is our GoldenRule
multiculturing nutritional health trust-expansion
in LeftBrain’s thoughts and languaged consciousness,
creole-confluent with RightBrain NonElite extended Elder family,
with fear-feelings but also healthy nurturing matriarchal cooperative economies of scale
and time
and healthy-wealthy balance,
flowing our future regenerations together,
and thereby degenerating our current pathologically patriarchal-elitist conservative trends
away from struggling with BothAnd-Right WinWin,
and struggling against EitherOr-LeftTooDominant WinLose
reweaving back toward DNA encrypted
nutritional regenerative strings
of (0)-sum Fertile OriginalIntent Information,
(-,-) Convex/ConCave CoRelational NotYangSpace, then also Not(NotYin) Time.
[Yin-squared WinWin = PolyPathicYang-Positive/Positive].

Creolization of Elite/NotElite Ego/EcoPolitical Relations
turns our co-empathic democracy project
into a regenerative Yang,
decomposing WinWin BiLateral Yin,
Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGeneration
of +(1.00)% UniversalYang Win
nondually co-defines dipolar (-,-)0% Sacred Creole-Acclimation Symbiotic Evolution (long-term nutritional ElderRight Brain)
and EcoPolitical Original BiCameral Constitutional Intent
(short-term Health and Safety Conserving LeftBrain EgoDeductiv
is also Inductive WinLeftWinRight-EquiValent Creolization CoOperating ClimateDominance.

Creolization, with Dr. Gordon,
is Sacred Ecology Mutual-Symbiotic DoubleBinding Acclimation, Dr. Bateson,
is NewLeftDeductive-Languaged evolving from ElderRightBrain,
probably more cooperative-matriarchal reverse-hierarchically BothAnd phylogenic-integrative, Dr. Jaynes,
both Exegetical LeftBrain Scientific Creole-Revolutionary
and Continuing BothAnd RightBrain Inductive Evolutionary-ReGenerateFlow, Dr. Kuhn,
and StrictPaternalisticYang-Right Elite-Conservative of ShortTerm Health and EgoSafety
and NurturingMatriarchal Yin-Left NonElite Progressives
LongTerm Creole-NurtureFeelers, Dr. Lakoff.

as ecopolitical mutual acclimation,
bicameral cooperation through co-empathic nondual trust,
polyculturing climax,
Beloved MultiCulturing Gospel CoMessianic Community,
as Alpha/Omega TippingPoints,
postcolonial revolutionary Original Intent
of HealthyWealth optimizing
ecosystemic and humanely economic empowering
bicameral YangLeft/YinRight,
also UniversalEgo/Unitarian-Matriarchal-ReGenerative
EcoLogical Health and Prosperity
BiCameral Constitutions.

All democratic bicameral constitutions
have been Originally Intended
to converge toward WinWin creole-cooperative ecopolitics
by diverging from monoculturing EgoLeftBrain EitherWin-OrLose
Survivalist-Supremacist-Royalist-Entitlement Dominance.

our WinWin RightBrain’s cooperative BothAnd evolutionary experience
co-governing with competitive EitherOr devolutionary decomposition of renouned labels,
selecting only these most nutritious polypathic co-mentors
for next day’s health as cooperative Elite/NonElite wealthing journey.


Adam and Eve

It remains my tightly held Health and WellBeing intention,
for the good of me,
but for everyone, eventually,
to continue to Win now,
although I realize this requires further Loss of and by Others
who may justifiably feel Earth’s survival of the fittest
has boxed them into unfit margins of unnecessarily pathological health and not-so-wellbeing.

Even so,
and here I remain RightBrain disappointed
to the extent I can LeftBrain see your eyes at all,
or even Right and LeftBrain hear you
with my Ego/Eco-Conscious sensory imbalance,
I require your forbearing patience with my trickle down theory,
my Win Wealth Now for your Health-WellBeing Later.

Didn’t your mamma raise any kids who survived?
Take your conservative elitist MeNow-YouLater WinLose attitude,
and try again with some of mamma’s progressive health-nurturing bicameral flow,
Left and RightBrain WinWin confluent,
at least try to remember your ecological balance point of Original Intent
through cooperative struggling with,
and not all your BigMan competitive struggling against,
my Elder healthnetwork root-feeding system,
trickling up toward your BigMan branches.

Nutrients can trickle down to the Earth you wipe your BigMan feet on
only if,
more primordially and embryonically and phylogenically,
and agapically and erotically,
healthywealth trickles up cooperatively
from my richly composted nutrient root system
of polypathic-organic ecopolitical WinWin all the time,
for this generation
as for past
and for future Original Continuing Revolutionary Intent
for and from and of and about and why
and what and when and where and how of
EarthTribe’s Family AppleTree,
and not so much Win BigApple Biceps
ignoring your own truly conservative
Health and WellBeing root systemic death.

Well, excuse me.

For what?

For trying to overpower your trickle up
with my trickle down.

You still don’t get it, honey.
But I see you are trying–
and deep learning effort counts here in Eden’s potential cooperative.

That sounded condescending.

Well, excuse me.

For what?

For trying to trickle up OUR Left-Right ecosystem of consciousness
while you were still WinLose LeftBrain dominantly trickling down
your survivalist wisdom.
But, honestly,
isn’t it about time we turned our survivalist evolution
toward thrivalist WinWin Left-Right EquiValent Revolution
of and for this HealthyWealth Apple Tree,
and our and it’s self-regenerative Earth-forest?

Are you talking about Eden’s need for some ecotherapeutic landscape design,
or are you just bitching about our sometimes struggling and suffering climate?

Adam, dearest,
you are the EitherOr guy,
I am the BothAnd WinWin Eve
of EcoFeminist EcoPolitical Left-Right Balance,
still trickling up.

Yeah, sorry,
I think I lost my trickle down WinLose concentration for a minute.

No problem.
Shit happens.


Genesis of Cooperative Enlightenment

Who died
and made God the Father
the Christian Natural Law Body of Cooperative Redemption?

Well, dear, that was Jesus of Nazareth,
your CoMessianic Avatar of regenerative health trends,

OK, so,
in my heroic ego-narrative,
we are the purest, most right, oldest exegetical unchanging Words of Jesus’ cooperative-organic BodySpirit ourselves,
Spiritual Avatars of God the True Father Conservationists.
My vocation,
and your true Jesus-given MindBody of Christ vocation,
is to integrate
to transubstantiate humane integrity
within Love’s cooperative WinWin potentialities,
multiculturally speaking.

We are the Body of Christ’s most fertile becoming polypathically cooperative, enspirited with co-arising trust, together,
co-redemptively within our organic-cooperative ecotherapeutic Body of Christ’s co-creative Earth regenerativity
of fertile regenetic multiculturing evolution.

Honey, is this supposed to be turning me on?
Because it’s not working.
Too many words.
No rhythm.

On and in and around this disintegrating Body of Christ Place,
we cohabit with those arrived and gone before,
and those to follow our paths toward increasing positive-organic integrity.

Is this where we finally approach climax?

Prior to our Body of Christ presence,
and still to this day,
Earth’s natural-spiritual progressions
through forested
and oceanic
and atmospheric
healthy climates,
both bio- and eco-systemic,
then, more recently, both Western encultured anthrocentric
and nonWestern encultured ecocentric,
would together (Christ’s SpiritMind and NatureBody) consecrate
sacred ecology of our cooperatively integrating health-potential,
Love’s eco and biotherapeutic Body of Christ embers
of embryonic Creation
of CoMessiah understories,
prehistoric through now increasingly both-and
matriarchal her-storic
with His Patriarchal Body of Conserving Purity of Christ’s Original Intent.

We, Conserver Avatars of ReGenerative CoMessiahs,
regardless of class or race or gender or nation,
would not naturally or spiritually choose monopolistic purity of MindBody
over multiculturally organic-regenerating empathy,
but search instead for purest loyalty
to following wherever Christ’s co-empathic integrity
of polypathic-nurturing love
leads toward cooperative self/other regeneration
of healthy bio-eco systems.

Here, only, lies time invested embodying Christ’s Original Intent
more than merely competitively spent,
exhausted in WinLose unredemptive gamesmanship;
exhausting monoculturing climates
of overheated adolescent State-commodified Ego’s
shaded quasi-independent hypocrisy–
as if this part of Christ’s Body would better go it patriotically alone,
playing an internally cancerous
terrorizing and fear-mongering,
condemning and disingenuously pathological game.

We either live and die together as One Body of Earth’s Christ,
or we die by living too de-sacralized
degeneratively apart.

Purest MindBody of Christ could never become full-integrally optimized
as and with merely humane nature;
sacred EarthNature integrates all God the Father’s living systems
until disintegrating into decomposing no-growth,
former-fertile systems.

No coherent
healthy Body of Christ organic system could long lack,
or survive de-valuing, co-empathically trusting integrity.
And, no system,
regardless of how loyal to its own MindBody of Christ virginal chastity of good faith,
could thereby regenerativey thwart co-emerging degenerative potential,
seeds of our own too purely autonomous
AntiBody of Christ degenerating destruction.

Could we have Body of Christ robust forests,
with interdependent holonic nutritional root systems,
without Earth’s therapeutic surfing oceans?
Oceans, without pure yet integral sacred atmosphere?
Holy Spirit of Christ’s HealthyWealthy Climates,
without root systemic cooperative ecopolitical nutrition-systems?

No more could we have humane MindBody of Christ integrative nature
without Earth’s Messiah-CoArising sacred ecology,
birthplace of Christ’s organic-cooperative reason.

Now you’re remembering the best part.
Let’s go for a long walk outside.
Listen to the birds and the wind,
the ocean and the trees,
watch for clouds,
look for stars and moon light.

I see.
Time to clear our Body of Christ neural-sensory palette?

Time to watch for,
and listen to,
other forms and sounds and hues and cries,
liturgies of co-redemptive worship.