What’s It All About?

I did not expect
to sing
“What’s It All About,
with as much embarrassing 60s passion
as I did
in my urgent
pre-traumatic midlife
self-critical 30s.

I thought,
by now,
I would resiliently remain swimming,
singing while dancing,
swirling in abundant win/win
economic ecologies
of polyculturing deep meaning
and wide wisdom abundance

And not so much stomping
and storming
to merely win/lose survive
each anthro-supremacist competition
against MotherEarth

RightBrain disenabling
openly defying golden ecopolitical health
systemic win/win optimization rules

Because of LeftBrain supremacist confusion
about what MeWe bicameral balance
is all about
EarthTribe secular LeftBrain health
is RightBrain divinely endowed wealth

Panentheistically felt
indigenously green cooperative
ecotherapeutic wisdom

CoInvested communion,
Earth healing
bipartisan resilience

What loving
democratic health
is all about


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