What’s It All About?

I did not expect
to sing
“What’s It All About,
with as much embarrassing 60s passion
as I did
in my urgent
pre-traumatic midlife
self-critical 30s.

I thought,
by now,
I would resiliently remain swimming,
singing while dancing,
swirling in abundant win/win
economic ecologies
of polyculturing deep meaning
and wide wisdom abundance

And not so much stomping
and storming
to merely win/lose survive
each anthro-supremacist competition
against MotherEarth

RightBrain disenabling
openly defying golden ecopolitical health
systemic win/win optimization rules

Because of LeftBrain supremacist confusion
about what MeWe bicameral balance
is all about
EarthTribe secular LeftBrain health
is RightBrain divinely endowed wealth

Panentheistically felt
indigenously green cooperative
ecotherapeutic wisdom

CoInvested communion,
Earth healing
bipartisan resilience

What loving
democratic health
is all about


Dancing through Poetic Treasons

like evolution and poetry,
dynamic verbs,
functioning with co-arising root systems,
nouns for action and reaction,
co-arising preaction Ego-faith perpetuating
reiterative dipolar seasonal-temporal eco-health
regenerative prime relational
DNA-RealTime = RNA-LoveNowCoArising function.

Systems are dynamic ecoverbs,
to function systematically is why “system”
ecosystemologically includes biosystemologic,
polyculturally transregenerated
as fractal-balancing ecological health-systemic,
you know, ionic and iconic dynamic transcripts
of mythic-logical 4D WinWin CoOperative Teleology,
like RNA-Elders,
confluent with us DNA-wanna-play-nice
with Gaia’s Earth Rights of Birth-thru-Death-thru-ReBirth
Optimal ReGenerative CoArising Passage
through Great Transitional Events and Moments,
as well as BusinessAsUsual Evolutionary
slow-growth CoOperativeEconomics.

Culture likes each liveNOW,
both before taken over by anger
and after co-prehending fear of dualdark past
notnot regeneration
kosmic codex health regenerative prime-fractal-formed
Fullerian-bicameral-knotted mindbody
nature becoming nurture-being
ecoself-perpetuating bilateral Time
positive/negative feedback-fold dipolar loop hypothesis,
ongoing through Time’s bilateral co-gravitational
nutrient string
back and forth toward (0) ecoEarthTribe-centric
dialogical political and economic EcoCreation PolyStoried,
global cooperative health and safety language,
ego-nouns for ecobiosystemic balancing verbs,
long for
exegete Yin’s RightLeft Balancing Exegenesis,
revolution thru great transitions,
as Wisdom muses thru great literature.

As is love, synonymous with synergy, Fullerian-fractal.
Loves, with their hates, are lives
are dynamic Ego-discontinuous verbal ecosystems,
with their own lovely and angry and fearful births and deaths,
their own childhoods,
and adolescent full-bodied spring,
and sometimes mature autumnal wisdom
follows diastolic-dialectic ecologosing younger adulthood
of bicameral polyenculturation,
spreading viral love verbs
far and wide,
now going cooperative networked on-line.

Love functions synergetic-integral-unitarian dynamically,
what beloved longs for
as does belonging recall,
for longing is only able to see
the reverse face of love already nouned,
already known, remembered, labeled,
reconnecting belonging
with exegeting
regenerating viral-vital-vive-live with notnot-live systems of degeneration
dynamites of cooperatively regenerate synergy,
integral integrity absorbing competition’s age of LeftDominant suffering,
unitarian universality of ecovalue
nutrient enriched polycultural guilds of ecotruths,
viral ecocomprehension,
bicamerally balancing ecofunction of life as love renouned.

like evolution of language,
draws in and out dynamic verbs,
functioning with co-arising ecoRNAroot systems,
nouns for action and reaction,
preaction and self-implicating embryo
children of Ancient SunGod-ReGenerative Productive Branch-Yang-Worshipers
thereby feeding all those YinYin
notnot double-temporal bound
fornicating feminist RightBrain dominant
forests of eco-neural-fractal root evolutionary-thru-revolutionary
ecosystemic cooperative economic
as political compost-fertile dynamite.

Or, perhaps that was Wisdom Literature.
I reiteratively interchange those paradigms.
I wonder why I am not alone in that,
in here,
as also there,
as now
is also notnot yet politically begun economically,
where my bicameral Left mind ends up
is where our Right-Balanced bilateral BodyElders began,
eco square-rooted
in binomial balanced ego/eco Earth’s RealTime Prime
nutrient value ReGenerating CoArising Integral-Unitarian
Health-Integrity Synergetic Commons,
Polycultural Outcome Integrity.

AnthroMythos creation-story-re-ligions EarthTribal Iconic Logos,
Gaia Goddess of EcoJustice, Rain, Water, Earth, Regenerate Fertility, etc.
we do our poli-economic hoky-poky,
as we turn our Earth-nest around,
upside down,
where BlueHeaven still moon lights GreenEarth
in full double-negative temporal-bilateral fractals
of energetic frequency and healthy compost-function.

like Wisdom Literature,
great nutritional ecotherapeutic reading for insomniacs,
but be careful of which nutrient-choices you make,
whether reading or writing
some are healthier than others.
Polycultural diversity is usually our self-optimizing choice,
more permaculturally tested and researched for full-octave balancing harmony,
full-color witnessed and time regenerated,
loved and metasystemically synergized
as nature rhymes with nurture
and reason rhymes with season
and Bucky rhymes with Lucky
Plan ZeroCentric B/A Resonance.

Revolutionary Dynamics,
like evolution as ego/ecosystemic bilateral balance
of mythic poetic Timing,
logos-muse of CoPresent Diastatic Now,
stepping firmly
in our dance following past and hunting future Earth-nativity.



Playing Queen of Hearts WinWin

Conceived in manic sorrow,
proclaiming her self-left-as-righteous Hollowness,
the less assertive Queen of Hearts:

I’m good between either of these two black kings
and those two black jacks behind,
either one,
no matter to me

Between a spade for digging soul enrichment
or a clubbing tool to force what’s mine
or should be ’cause it could be,
it’s all the same to me,
but I have no use for diamonds
or other hearts,
unless of course you decide to play PolyPathic hearts and diamonds with me,
and Sister
then we might form a primal tributary
through temporal primacy,
you see,
or not,
which also matters notnot to me,
to us, really

You see,
my dear Win-Lose player,
I do not consider Yeah? or NoWay?
notnot both-and
with the same economic WinWin equivalencies
as do you,
yet still it is my voice you hear
in Egoyou as ecoconscious co-arising empathy.

My Queenly Heart co-empathic powers
speak through our mutually-deaf right ear
of primal strategic order,
fractal syntax dreams and shapes,
rhythms and nature’s pattern of light and dark
and seasons suggesting reasons
for health reverses decay,
bicameral reds and black
equivalently polycultured
synergetically stacked
Player-self/other cooperative optimizing
WinWin politically seasonal reasoned choices
for which and where to both fold and unfold,
so as not to refold

This Queen of Hearts
prefers two black kings NotNot
on top
with two black jacks, AngerPast with FutureFear
more positively negative
to push my sacred eco-behind
to make lovely nutritional pies and charts and designs
while Earth’s sun still shines climatically
LeftSunEgo/RightEarthEco NotNot-centered

(and, frankly, diastatically equivalent pre/post-climatic opti-sustained,
but don’t let on
’cause people confuse my Ecos-energy with QueenDiamond’s Eros-lust for wealth
far beyond what could ever be good for her own health,
but if you tell her I said that
I will politically and economically deny right/left pathological imbalance
on-bilateral-systemic-memorynetwork as WorldWinWin-line)

Diastatic Queen of Hearts EcoMessianic
bicameral voices nibbling through
my recessive Right ear to hear
bicameral eyes to see
nutritional embryonic regenerativity.

Queen of Hearts
teaches Gaia-As-Self-Care lessons
for life as love
by first divesting
of all that competitive overinvesting
in Left-brain dominant-dissonant
bicameral quasidomesticity.

The King of EarthClubbing Win-Lose Games,
don’ want you to know
he’s got his biggest Deepest-SpaceClub Transitionally aiming
to shoot way past your stressing,
over-clubbed past and over-spading fading future Ego,
arrows landing in WinWin ecotherapy landscapes,
filled with polycultural decks of (0)Mega card manna,
each one steering toward WinWin Polytaire.


Bucky’s Wealth of Information

Universal information,
like forms of multisystemic diversity,
is composed of fractal syntax,
primally illustrated by noticing RNA,
then DNA,
binomially re-cognizing bilateral temporal memory
as formative id-entity.

Polynomial is to in-form-ionization
as polycultural outcomes are to universal

Not-Not Poynomial unitarianism
is both entropic and synergetic-fractal Time bilateral.

Not-Polynomial is neutronic-entropic.

While Double-Negative-Binding Polynomial ex-form-bionization
re-connects double-transparently gravitational ergodic
with ionic/bionic balancing primal syntropic relationship.

Neutronic bipolar information exerts, exforms, exhumes, exhales
a bicameral balancing influence
within our neural systems,
seeking Left-Right dual-transparent-equivalent confluence,
deductive with inductive,
masculine with feminist.

In absence of this abundant neutral Win-Win
neural system normativity,
Ego-Left deductive
remains in diverse stages
of critical-event cognitive/affective/uneffective dissonance,
which can lead to autistic chronic dissonant patterns
of harmonic chaos
between Left’s deductive sensory receptors
and Right’s inductive Elder-RNA Zero-Commons Centric
fractal syntaxed memory storage
and eco-identity patterns,
seasonal as reasonal rhythms
of permacultural optimization regenesis
and co-operative development of Whole Earth organics.

Why do we fear,
self-immunizing subsistence,
mutual resistance?

Why do we love
eco-centric co-arising surrender,
tending spacetime’s brilliantly fractal-syntactic
synaptic burning bushes of divine humane genius,
natural-spiritual pilot lights,
unveiling polypathic intuition of abundant consciousness?

This HereNow Transmillennial ReGeneration
Be-Longing Co-Redeemers as Co-Operative Global Commune,
with economic Zero-Sum Commons values,
engage positive Zero-Centric ecopsychological practice,
humor’s common sense of permacultural
self-perpetuating redesign
of double-knotting naughty negatives
to produce reproductive positives,
reconnecting what could not not become,
both more and less than already is co-relational.

Co-Revolutionary Boddhisatva Mentors:
breathe in with out
our polynomially double-binding universal fractals
of EcoLogic,
tri-metric seasonal spacetimes of logical redevelopment
unfolding outstretched universal uniting breathe
of time with eco-depth,
re-creation through double-negation
of Winter’s bilateral-temporal discontenting
reverse facing regenerative eco-open analogical systems.

What did we think could not be co-incidental
about rhythms of dissonance
and epicentering patterns
of ecology’s Zero-Balancing
as P=NNP
as Yang=YinYin,
Win-Win co-operative economics?

Nondual co-arising revolution,
building ecological and economic cooperative networks
for positive ecopsychological
polycultural investment,
to cool our post-climatic brow
trending toward flat-line deadly endo/ectosymbiotic trends
of devolving
decomposing competition
between AllEarth’s Health
and HumanNatured Wealth.


Powers of Light

Time’s light is revolving power.

Time’s here with now balance
evolves bicameral conscious capacity
to perceive dual-Manifest Destinies
of Passion leaking Death,
predicting our future Beloved Community
identity as ComPassioning Peace.

as Light/Dark Exterior Landscaped ecology
with Life/Death Interior Landscaped economy
with Love/Fear AnthroLanguaged BiCameral Landscape Revolution.

Time’s cosmically ergodic passion
hunts with Love’s co-operative weapons
through all the “wrong” places
to evolve polycultured spaces.

Time is superlatively present eco-normics.
SuperTime grows SuperEco Con-science,
defining cosmic ergodic subjects
with universally bionic
prime relational objective
of folding and unfolding TimeCon-Scienceness.

Time emerges through solar systemically,
global self-organizing integrity of nature,
synergy of polypathic interior landscaped paradigms,
energy of poly-enculturing massive systems,
spatial rhythms,
temporal patterns,
prime functional relationship diastasis
SuperEco Time’s Teleological Memory.

SuperTime’s omnipotence is not all power over events
and all that stupid stuff everybody but my Ego feels invested in,
has capacity to imagine and wish and hope for;
but Time is all power of synergetic integrity
currently incarnate in this SpaceTime,
this HereNow moment/memory.

Our Earth’s polycultural omnipotence karmically unfolds,
comprehensively evolves from YangStimulus through YinResponsiveness,
SuperEco’s CoPassionate omnipresence,
ubiquity of Time,
optimally inclusive,
bicamerally mindful co-intelligent Passion Story,
both active YangHunter and YinHunted,
flexibly ego-purging through eco-lighting love
of our co-relational hunt for permacultured wisdom.

Ego grows difficult to extract from flow of PresentTime,
prehensile focus and reflection within this HereNow Presence
of Eternally Holistic Time.

Ego awareness shrinks within my cranial carrying neurally-wired body
to swell toward diastatic comprehensive consciousness,
co-prehensile mutual gravitation,
letting go of each now-eldering seasoned past event
to flow toward our future regenerational hope,
coherently balancing peaceful hiatus,
Basic Attendance of this budding bicameral mind,
a floating boundary channel
dividing each season of tipping point exclamations
with bipolarizing dissonance,
confidently decomposing with permaculture’s Midway rudder
Time’s distancing Memory of Space.

Ego/Eco harmonic health-as-wealth beloved place,
newly transparent “dark” co-matter/time’s science sentience
evolving Heaven’s Paradise
as (0)Religional Bang of Time’s Space.

Time’s diastatic enlightenment brings revolutionary compassionate power.


EarthTribe’s Beloved Community

Martin Luther King, Jr.,  and many before him,

and since, often preferred Beloved Community to speak of a time and place

and people and all our cousin species

that others might refer to as heaven, or paradise.


This Beloved Community knows our mutually shared hope for our future,

and our future generations,

but also faiths an interdependent present,

our cooperatively regenerating potential right now,

in this moment,

positively and contingently connected to all future moments,

EarthTribe’s Eternally Generating Moment.


This Beloved Community holds together tensions along the way:

diversity and interdependence,

complementarity and mutual subsidiarity,

Yang-productive energy and Yin-gravitational synergy,

compassionate orthopraxis and polysystemic mindful intent,

deliberately informed solutions and wildly eratic irresolution,

form and function,

immunity boundaries and community thresholds,

active peace and non-violent love,

economics incarnating ecologics,

faith and gratitude for purgation,

diastasis and stasis,

EarthTribe Prime Identity and EarthSelf individuation,

RNA encultured cells and DNA encultured minds,

polycultural development and permacultural design,

positive information and negative noise,

nutrition and thirst,

meaning and purpose,

belonging and longing.


Our Beloved Community evolving at hand.

Physical laws becoming icons of metaphysical principles,

thermodynamic balance as

greatest effect with least loss,

as Yang with Yin.


Metaphysical principles stalk liminal relationships

lurking within our positive teleology assumption,

that past meaning intersects future’s purpose

within present prehensile presence,


emerging from past chaos and despair, noise and decay,

why we live between entropy and synergy,

regenerative systems evolving toward Omega Point,

revolving back toward RNA’s Commons Culture of Original Intent.


Human spirit emerges icons from Earth’s nature.

Earth and solar spacetime Universe our Mentors,

and Progenitors,

incarnating Time’s remembering cultural intelligence,

an RNA-latticed synergetic string

from Original Intent

Taoing forward, upward, onward,

relentlessly reweaving integrative love as

positive teleological intention.


Our Beloved Community gardens Earth

communicating active peace through nurturing mentorship.

Distinguishing mentor from teaching with words

the way Mentor practices and multisystemically intends.

Teachers talk as Mentors walk.

Non-violent communication evolves inclusive skills,

teaching capacity to articulate empathy,

growing compassionate mindfulness of, through, and for each EarthSelf Other.

Active peace emerges slow re-ligioning Mentor,

Exterior-Yang EarthTribe Identity conjoins Interior-Yin EcoSelf

balancing synergetic Tao




syncing with

Beloved Community lost.


Our Beloved Community sustains diverse living systems,


evolves universally inclusive co-intelligence

growing rebirth,

regenesis of natural information string principles

of thermodynamic and magnetic polar balance;

rehinging images of heaven’s gate closed,

recreating karmic devolution

spiraling too hot and fast into eco-dislogical hell.


Universal intelligence,

bipolar Tribal re-comprehension

evaporates as entropy if it were true that

nature’s systems are closed,

and binomial spacetime dynamics do not imply reverse temporal density,

explicating natural systems known through implicating metaphysical minds,

Prime-Rational (0)-sum RNA-fractal,

regenerative tetrahedral,

Fullerian bosonic QBit core,

where positive function Vertex intersects negatively dissonant Vortex,

born again in each moment’s phenomenal form.


Today’s Beloved Community replaces coincidence with creative intention;

an intersection of time and space,

of Yin and Yang,

of Eastern karma meets Western grace prediction,

heuristic potential turning oppositional dissonance

into appositional teachers,

held together to predict mutual salvation,

tomorrow’s global community.

Prophets understand time as only flowing forward.

Sages comprehend spacetime,

four equally balanced dimensions,

three spaciated-temporal,

and one prime-temporal polarity,

balancing radiant Yang

and gravitational Yin,

longing and belonging,

balanced Left and Right hemispheres

of exterior landscape deduction

and interior landscape induction.


Our Beloved Community has no poverty vacuum.

Where there is poverty

there is not Beloved Community

as poverty starves human integrity,

a regenerative natural systemic designer species.

Poverty witnesses


insufficient nutrients to produce flowering human natured systems.

Mentor Earth lavishly waters Her grace-flowers.

Depriving Herself of a season of flowers

threatens our interdependent species,

threatens our capacity to sustain rich polycultural future generations.

Threatening polycultures is antithetical to permacultural designers.

Grace and karma float emergent issues, opportunities, risks,

not coincidences,

mentoring fertile outcomes while punishing stinginess,

tragic loss of buoyancy,




pointing us back,

reconnecting us toward polysystemic regenerative design,

our basic compassionately mindful orthopraxis.


Each Beloved Community day



each vista,

each situation



unfolds within our bicamerally bound storybook.

Our felt, seen, touched, tasted, heard, smelled messages

absorb nutrients

organized to feed future bicameral minds,

to recognize experience as confluent or dissonant

with past experience

within DNA’s exegetical messaging patterns.


Evolving sensory message reception

reads each moment’s page in my reculturing storybook.

Memory transliterates messages

between now

and our DNA/RNA’s string,

restricting prehensile neural response,

positively binding,

revolving longing for light of further growth,


elongating toward sustained life’s Positive Teleology,

more fully understood in contrast to our Cognitive Dissonance,

regenerating strings

singing and dancing, often stumbling,

our Beloved Communication Community.