EarthTribal Abortions

All of the men
and most of the women
I have known
whose most important life-affirming value
is not to be for Earth’s climate health
and is to be adamantly against abortion
of healthy individual fetal life,

Are not motivated by love
of all polycultural
EarthTribe interdependent life’s
organic networking systems
of humane-divine development.

More rigid anti-abortion positions
ironically emerge from confusing
complex interplay
between AnthroSupremacist
LeftBrain monocultural thinking

Supported by white patriarchal
monotheistically hierarchical
RightBrain repressed anxious feelings
that nonstraight
nonwhite folks
have always been less empowered
and inevitably more dimly enlightened
about healthy
divinely inspired
ethical values for health-wealthy life.

Those who have blind faith
in AnthroSupremacist righteous values
but less actual experience
of integrity’s personal blessings

Whose lot in less loved and valued life
is to survive win/lose cosmic ecopolitical realities
rather than win/win EarthTribe anticipations
to holy and holistically thrive

Have less healing experience
emerging consistently
from healthy fetal emergence
and from mentally healthy wombed experience
into light of EarthTribe’s co-empathic
universal commitment
to wealth-share

Rather than continuing
mindlessly aborting Earth’s green/blue health
as a living
organic system
of divinely humane
compassionate providence

More like a polycultural garden
of healthy polypathic loving Elders
than a hotbed of climatic
mutually abortive hate.


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