Healthy Caring

Too many times sadly
too seldom gladly
I must learn to trust
Earth’s future more

Both Father Sun’s timeless
rounds of enlightenment
and Mother Earth’s
codependent rhythms
regenerating empowerment

And this trusting more
implies unlearning
letting go of trauma’s lessons
in surviving hale and hearty
RightWing distrust

Unenlightened AnthroElitism
within our CommonEnglish languaged voice
and without other physically iconic sounds
and sights
and smells
and tastes

Feelings that matter more
than mere white privileged noise
for self-regenerative thrival
much more healthy
than mere pathic
narcissistic survival

If we would
rediscover sacred Beauty

CoInvested in integrity’s historic
pre-historic win/win revival
and future multiculturing
nonverbal nonviolent
communication potential.


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