Nuclear Family Issues

Might we be having trouble fusing nuclear energy,
as opposed to the more troubling nuclear fission’s anti-energy,
because nuclear fusion is just normal everyday Business As Usual
cooperation of thermodynamically fusing nuclei?

Oh, I see,
like it’s easier to notice you’re having another nice healthy day
after you experience the divisive holacaustic implosive alternative?

Yes dear.
Like visiting my lovely mother
and not your dreaded mother-in-law.


ReCreating HerStory

Before human languaged time and cultural memory,
SunGod radiated EarthGoddess Gaia
“Let’s partner to plant a globally abundant society.”

“Not a bad-god idea!” smiled Earth reflectively,
synergetically and photosynthetically,
regeneratively speaking.

“Yes, and
an ultimately GREAT mutual-mentoring redemptive concept,
ruled YangSun,
listing left of eco-centered home.

“You speak in superlative positive,
my dear brave loyal heroic pal,
were I to measure and logisticate,
meter and proportion,
with my richly nutritious double-negative incubator,
primally harmonious permacultural designed,
I would better practice systemic optimization
where you merely praise your own intent,
just a tad too much.
Endearing though,
your need to rescue me
from shy sub-culture’s under-Her-story,
to shine on your History,
evolving Wisdom and Orthodox boundaries
and normative margins
for Nature’s Prime Systemic Tao Law.”

“Do I hear a soft-slow restraining pause?
An invitation toward co-intelligent restraint?”
asks YangSun, of YinMoon’s dark cycling
relationally coincident bionic octaves,
revolving Earth
revolving Solar Systemic double-binary knots
of enculturing strung History.

“Well, I hope you hear
no invitation toward un-intelligence,
disforming rape of competition
to avoid ego-death’s inevitable evolution,
fissioned lack of rightful true-bullseye bright,
dulled eco-regenerate potential.”

“Oh yes, your double-negative contractions
speak my radiant gravitational erections!”
breathless YangSun optimally exclaims,
all soul, lore-full Tao thrust invested,
smooth-structured rudder seeking midway confidence,
camouflaged resistance to under- and over-comprehensive polysystemic enlightenment.

“You consummate my dark bright light”
swoons YinMoon dipolar without/within polymorphic
married to YangSun’s past with future,
weaving waves,
wefting information’s octaved strings,
cresting in Beloved Co-Prehensile full-color Passion,
Universal spacetime organic orgasmic evolution
of YangSun’s solar-fertile fusing spatial place,
with YinMoon’s lunarcultivating revolution
of place as not not spactime fractal Seasons.

Polynomial Information equivalently caresses
NotNot Polynomial’s not-yet-Time-again,
infinitely bicamerally balancing universed intellect,
by-gone Time’s trajected tense memory
contracting Virginal Dark Bang (0) Dense Vortex,
Paradise revolving balanced risk with opportunity
of Cosmic Vocational Labor Pains.

Looking back at History
with double-knotted strings
of cultural binomial Herstory,
YangSun’s left dominant descendants frequently exclaim,
“It’s all Greek to me!”
reconomizing Her (0) Understoried Mythic Culture
of not yet-already balancing double negativity;
deviant branching creativity,
filling YangSun’s logically irrational spaces
with YinMoon’s nutrient-dreamy Greek myth
paradise places.