Appropriately Polite Company

It seems maniacal,
Black Rabbit Hole easy
kinda sleazy
to sexualize every thought

And, yet,
all too easy
to desexualize
to decontextualize
multisensory feelings
deep and widely organic
roots from ancient EarthMother wisdom

Sometimes polycultural transparency above
conjoining multicultural vulnerability below
give peak orgasmic conversational sway

To passion’s Left/Right co-balancing day
of protruding Yang verbal dominance
seducing Yintegrity’s river-valleyed
eagerly inviting pre-verbal
pregnant wombs of co-invested
cooperative win/win interests
in peak and valley neurosystemic
indigenous traditions,
spiritedly natural

Seldom known to partisan politics
and weaponized capitalistic
colonizing rapacious prominence
of patriarchal nationalistic populism

As if, somehow,
matriarchal EarthTribe integrity
of deeply thought/felt hearts
with womanist
deep valley ecopolitical minds
were less morally appropriate
than indecent ecocidal exposure.


In and Out CoPassions

I could know no Self
without an Other

We could have no Child
without an EarthMother

No Ego
without an Earth-bound EcoSystem

I could understand no male
linear formation dominantly prominent
without a co-responding female circling
inflowing/outgrowing concomitance

I could not know severance bipolar
of either/or discursive logic
without feeling round wombed dipolar
environmental both/and nurtiuring
seasonally developing

I could not form
positive 1
if not for inflowing/outgoing
not not 0.


Briding Her Groom

We witnessed a wedding
of Groomed BridePassion,
Yanged Yintegrity

Groomed co-enlightened strengths
in cooperative economic space
with Bridal co-empowering flow
through sacred inter-generational time

Throughout each organically wedded network
explodes summer’s green emphatic climax,
wet triumphal passions

Yet also witnessing Earth’s impending
imploding winter dormancies,
EarthMother’s cold
dystopian Anthropocene.

We witness

Not this day,
but before
and after,
We wait
in darkening valleys of cooperative silence,
surrounded in this sacred place
by green-blue mountains
screaming grooms embriding restless slumber
to give a new rebirth
of organically permaculturing ecstasy
co-intelligent compassion

All this green
and transubstantiating sky-blue ecstasy
of deeply poetic license,
romantic licentiousness,
exotic pansexual deliciousness

Not groomed as a secondary backdrop
for this late summer’s labored wedding
of co-invested GroomNature
and BrideSpirit

Here and Now
a primal foreground
conjoining Earth’s Wholy Open
green systemic communion

wu-wei balance
after foreground
reverse foretelling
paradox fortuning
fortressing this reconceiving
of EarthTribe’s wedded passions

Politically powerful
economically nutritional
socially nurturing ecological
transensory bicameral
brided-groom intelligence

About what co-passions remain sacredly possible

Including, of course,
green cooperative healthy values,
but also finding win/win opportunities
in diseased and wounded disvalues
as uneased Yang grooms,
midst this trembling mountainous Anthropocene,
rewed Yintegral brides

ecofeminist wisdom
surrounded by capitalized health risks
yet also restorative justice opportunities
green as Vermont’s swelling
summer climax of fertile blessings
doing Us cooperatively
our AnthropoScenic selves

Witnessing this co-passion play,
our naturally enspirited
EarthTribal Matrimony.


Business As Demonically Usual

Business As Usual
LeftBrain dominance
is fully over-invested
in the highly suspect theory

That Patriarchal/Capitalist monocultural
monotheistic intent
is fundamental to gospel
good news creation stories
and messianic anthro/divine nondualistic narratives

In which Spiritual StraightMen protagonists
and dualistically outrank
unnatural wicked EarthFeminists.


Dancing Questions

I have a lot of questions
he repeated
and danced
and slowly swung
on our creaky screened porch swing.

in fiery ginger godliness,
mind centering omnipotence

He is so far ahead
of answers,
I feel embarrassed
to share them.

But, in not sharing
I become lost in caring
what you might think of me,
feel about we
without sufficient daring.

He swings anal retentive
in a whole new light
of previously unrepresented delight.

Ah! that could not be my question.
A hypothesis, perhaps
meriting further research;
new questings.

It feels important to me
this questing
for high and deep best male alert
dessert thick
and creamy,
dreamy wave of carnal delight,
absence of fright
or fight
in last and long dark nights
on seas of swings
just f…..g right.

I want to squeeze
these pulsing questings
out of this maleness
female mess
so quickly
complexly asked
and chaos given

of clothes
but not masquerades
of closet questions
questing answers
not yet hard
and widely embraced
invited graced q…r notions

Of motions
and emotions
just right
and left
bilaterally in-between
bicameral lusts
and binomial leisure
to swing all theories continuous
polymetric ways

Of in
and out
and rebellious shout
for Earth’s most carnal freedom
of re-connecting
polycultural con-scientific re-ligioning
questions about straight and narrow
meets wide and deep

Why 1
slides so sexily
into 0
shaped chakras
of natural
spiritual co-empathic pole
and hole energy
like nuts
and bolts
and male
and female bi-polarities.

So many questions,
he gloriously proclaims
in majestic awe
meets lusty wonder

As his bicameral feet
gently invite
our graced swing
to sweep and seep
with co-gravitating
revolving Earth
back to Spring
and forth to Fall

One late summer morning
on our screened porch swing.


Cultural Blindness

In psychology and communications theory
We notice experiences of cognitive/affective dissonance–

What an anthropologist might note
as a cultural legacy of cognitive blindness–
epically unfortunate events

And a health therapist
might not notice as a pathological orthodoxy
preventing mere health objects of history
from acting and voting
in our own greatest subjective wealth of multicultures
promoting IdentityHealth resiliently-responsible self-interests.

Like voting for DonaldJohn
if you are in the bottom 99%
of the Not Trumpian Orthodox Healthy and Attractive SuperElite
Or, you are in the 1%
but Not Trumpian StraightWhite EgoCentric Myopic PrivilegedMale.

Orthodox feelings
favoring affective matriarchal change
and cooperative integrity re-acclimations of GoodFaith Circles
and healing revolutions
for restoring natural/spiritual FireCircle justice

Compel multicultural objectives
to continue cooperatively unfolding
and ecologically incarnating
our own greatest
and deepest
and widest theological polypathic health
of eco-polyphonic graced integrity

OutDoor CoPresence
Integrating both PositiveIntegrity development
effecting and affecting NegativeBlindMendacity
inside screaming voice abatement
co-arising dipolar appositional 2020Vision
Prime ZeroZone
Ego/EcoRevolutionary Relationship.




ReCreating HerStory

Before human languaged time and cultural memory,
SunGod radiated EarthGoddess Gaia
“Let’s partner to plant a globally abundant society.”

“Not a bad-god idea!” smiled Earth reflectively,
synergetically and photosynthetically,
regeneratively speaking.

“Yes, and
an ultimately GREAT mutual-mentoring redemptive concept,
ruled YangSun,
listing left of eco-centered home.

“You speak in superlative positive,
my dear brave loyal heroic pal,
were I to measure and logisticate,
meter and proportion,
with my richly nutritious double-negative incubator,
primally harmonious permacultural designed,
I would better practice systemic optimization
where you merely praise your own intent,
just a tad too much.
Endearing though,
your need to rescue me
from shy sub-culture’s under-Her-story,
to shine on your History,
evolving Wisdom and Orthodox boundaries
and normative margins
for Nature’s Prime Systemic Tao Law.”

“Do I hear a soft-slow restraining pause?
An invitation toward co-intelligent restraint?”
asks YangSun, of YinMoon’s dark cycling
relationally coincident bionic octaves,
revolving Earth
revolving Solar Systemic double-binary knots
of enculturing strung History.

“Well, I hope you hear
no invitation toward un-intelligence,
disforming rape of competition
to avoid ego-death’s inevitable evolution,
fissioned lack of rightful true-bullseye bright,
dulled eco-regenerate potential.”

“Oh yes, your double-negative contractions
speak my radiant gravitational erections!”
breathless YangSun optimally exclaims,
all soul, lore-full Tao thrust invested,
smooth-structured rudder seeking midway confidence,
camouflaged resistance to under- and over-comprehensive polysystemic enlightenment.

“You consummate my dark bright light”
swoons YinMoon dipolar without/within polymorphic
married to YangSun’s past with future,
weaving waves,
wefting information’s octaved strings,
cresting in Beloved Co-Prehensile full-color Passion,
Universal spacetime organic orgasmic evolution
of YangSun’s solar-fertile fusing spatial place,
with YinMoon’s lunarcultivating revolution
of place as not not spactime fractal Seasons.

Polynomial Information equivalently caresses
NotNot Polynomial’s not-yet-Time-again,
infinitely bicamerally balancing universed intellect,
by-gone Time’s trajected tense memory
contracting Virginal Dark Bang (0) Dense Vortex,
Paradise revolving balanced risk with opportunity
of Cosmic Vocational Labor Pains.

Looking back at History
with double-knotted strings
of cultural binomial Herstory,
YangSun’s left dominant descendants frequently exclaim,
“It’s all Greek to me!”
reconomizing Her (0) Understoried Mythic Culture
of not yet-already balancing double negativity;
deviant branching creativity,
filling YangSun’s logically irrational spaces
with YinMoon’s nutrient-dreamy Greek myth
paradise places.



Yin Then Yang Then Back Again

Life concaved inside

Convexing beauty

Harmonious in as out




Bigenderive mindfulness




Graced Ecoyeast regenerating




Diametric binomial meta-versed


Peaceful stasis

Faithful diastolic succulence

Positive purposed Original Intent


Gratitude for Other

Hope for  EcoOther balancing identity

Faith in Other as confluent NotEcoSelf,

sparks Love for Self as EarthTribing.


Original graced incarnating within

Robust compassioned love without

Mindful polycultured compost

of PermaCulturing Design.


ReGenerating = copredicating prehensile predicament

Globally Coincident Comprehensiving