Medicinal Round

There once was a ruler with crown
so heavy it caused him to frown
when he gave it away
some folks say to this day
it grew lighter while revolving around.

There once were most men with dementia
so heavy it caused them hornetia
when they co-operated away
women say to this day
they grew brighter while playing relentia.

There once was a species competitive
so heavy it paused their co-operative,
when ego turned round
then eco rewound
and Earth grew collaterally revolutative.

There once was a Julian Jaynes,
he noticed our bicameral brains
our Left sends petitions
to Right’s primal conditions
so confluent brains think in trains.

There once was a Buckminster Fuller
who found dominant economics quite duller
than intelligent co-operations
for networking our nations
to grow optimal Tipping Point rudders.

There once was a speaker of Tao
who noticed nature’s patterns of Time,
he said that our space
carries time’s memory of place
a polynomial formation of spacetime.

There once was a Gregori Perelman
who listened to Group Theory’s binomial span
he stuck in a zero
and out plopped a hero
for mythically logical pan-economical fans.

There once was a Clay Math dissonance
searching polynomial informance
it took a long time
to hear monomial’s rhyme
Left’s polynomial evolves Right’s binomial confluence.

There once was a mathematician named Euler
who thought of time’s space as co-ruler
prime relational function
forms places with gumption
convex over concave zeroistic geologic of Fuller.

We once were all rulers with crowns
so heavy they competitively frowned
when we gave them away
spacetime’s polycultural way
grew enlightenment co-operating a round.


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